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Six, six, six, I need a fix.

Never better, I'm a little bit sick. 0.17894736842105 17.9% [ 17 ]
I hold a grudge and a burden. 0.18947368421053 18.9% [ 18 ]
I hold a tongue and an organ. 0.063157894736842 6.3% [ 6 ]
Bang, bang, bang, I hit and ran. 0.042105263157895 4.2% [ 4 ]
My inner child dead in the drain. 0.23157894736842 23.2% [ 22 ]
I hold the fire and the hunger. 0.14736842105263 14.7% [ 14 ]
I hold the name and the number: 0.052631578947368 5.3% [ 5 ]
six. six. six. 0.094736842105263 9.5% [ 9 ]
Total Votes:[ 95 ]
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Questionable Genius

                On a lighter, less "punch someone in the face" note we're going to go see Snow White and the Huntsman in a couple of hours.
                I figured it would either be that or Brave that all three of us could really enjoy. I let Marissa choose after talking to grandma. I figured she'd choose Snow White, though, because "lyke OMG KRISTEN STEWART".


                Anyway, I don't mind either way. I've wanted to see that movie since it came out.
                Seriously, though, if Kristen Stewart ruins this for me I'm going to throw something at the screen.


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Original Pirate

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Ash and I's way of fighting is so unhealthy.
We just take stabs at each other to make each other feel like crap
instead of resolving the issue.


That really upset me..

I hate this.

strong by myself. but still miss having someone to sleep next to...
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Original Pirate

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        calling to angels gets lonesome
          when you don't believe they exist anyway.

                  this girl's ******** engaged and curious and she likes me.
                  those are not words that mix well together and shouldn't.
                  I do not want to be "that person" and I'm trying not to be,
                  we're friends and that's it right now, even if she flirts.
                  I'm just afraid that being around her will cause me to crumble,
                  I love the attention too much, I could give into it...

                  she's coming over today. I'm ********.
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Super Noob

I need to lose a pound a day.
If I worked on my diet properly earlier I wouldn't feel this pressured.
Now I have to do a speed diet..
pofew's avatar

Questionable Genius

                I'm excited for First Friday tonight.
                I just really hope Raven is there again. I'd like to see him now that I can talk again, hah!

                I think Big John will be there but other than that I have no idea who's going. Maybe Whitney will be there.

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Super Noob

I guess whichever weight I have a bikini body for. Because I want to be able to wear a bikini in Europe because of how hot it will be.
Smaller Skies's avatar

Super Noob

I'm going to tek tek myself. 4laugh
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Thieving Elocutionist

He just left me and I don't know what to do.
I need him.
Smaller Skies's avatar

Super Noob

This is so annoying. I just want my paycheck!
Smaller Skies's avatar

Super Noob

I just want to be done with this.
I have absolutely nothing to look forward to today.
My best friend is supposed to come over tomorrow, but something will come up and then those plans will be ruined.
Summer = A time of depression as everyone else hangs out and has fun and I read about it on Facebook from home either watching my sister or sitting by myself in my room.
Maybe it will get better, but I doubt it.
Fall will have everyone scattered all over, while I'm still stuck here.
I need the funds to leave and never come back.
I can't tolerate my mom or my sister.
I'm never good enough for my mom and my sister is just the world's biggest brat.

Yay for crying my eyes out....
Smaller Skies's avatar

Super Noob

Awe crap.
They're charging me 20 dollars to replace my cheque. :c
Smaller Skies's avatar

Super Noob

So Europe might be way too close...Because of the fact that I still need my paycheck mailed to me, I have to get my passport renewed.
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Questionable Genius

                I've gotten so used to my phone's volume being jacked up and not working most of the time that when it does work it startles me, haha.

What part of "I'm on my period, leave me the ******** alone" does no one get?
It's apparently hard to comprehend.
Didn't think so, it's pretty straight forward. I am on my period, leave me alone. I am moody, in pain, and having the wonderful joy of looking like I massacred a small village in my panties.
I have the wonderful option of being uncomfortable with a pad in my underwear or a tampon inserted into me that is not doing well because of how little blood there is at a particular time of the day. Hahaha, because I couldn't afford to pay for my medication, I've lost my birth control. Losing birth control means skip period for months at a time and then get it again heavier than it's been in a while, but at the same time? Bipolar as hell periods.

I snap a lot easier than I usually would and well yeah... just a lot of unpleasant moments.

So please, leave me alone... I don't want to freak out at you.

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