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Dirty Little Secrets

Read before you post, please.

Do you have a secret you want to tell, but just can't seem to voice it?
If you would like, you can post it here. If you don't feel comfortable, that's perfectly fine.

Hello, my name is Desiree. You may know me on my first account, Desirface, or my new account, Miss Face. A long time ago, I made a thread called Dirty Little Secrets. It was a simple outlet for me to voice things I hadn't before. I invited other people to do so, but, I'll admit, it was mostly for myself.
That thread can be found here.

Well, what I didn't anticipate was that others would enjoy it so much.
When I started, I was unorganized, unruly, and truly unprepared to run a popular thread.
After a while, I developed a sense of order, rules, and a loyal following.

It is now that I realized how truly amazing the idea of sharing your secrets is.
I was certainly not the first to think of it, I may even be so bold as to say I dirive my genius from Frank (of PostSecret) himself, but I think I did it well.

Why remake it, you may ask? It is simply too much for me and my seven year old computer to handle. I needed help. So, I recreated the thread using a mule, and allowing other users (who frequented my old thread) to uphold order and sanity.

That is where we end up here, my friend. Thank you for reading this, I honestly appreciate it.

I'd like to give special thanks to all my moderators, for helping me maintain a safe and warm environment, and for just being amazing.

My Apostles

Le Marquis de Sade
Smah Pah
C y a n i d e[C a n d y
Kino Mako-chan
Dublin Dreamer
Zombie Knickers


1. Please do not bump, or post anything just for gold.
I made a poll for that.

2. Please do not chat.
This is not a chatting thread, take that somewhere else.

3. You are welcomed to comfort someone in a PM or the hangout thread, but I want no talking in Dirty Little Secrets.
Your posts should all contain a secret.

Basically, DON'T comment on someone's secret. Whether you think you're helping or not.

4. Your writing ability does not matter.
It's your secret, who cares if an elitist a*****e can't read it?

5. DO NOT insult someone's secret. I can't stress this enough. This needs to be a safe, warm, friendly environment.

6. Quote sparcely. Do not quote every single secret you see. We encourage the "tower quote" post. This is where you put multiple quotes in one post; this takes up less space.

While my rules are important, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: Compassion.
If someone is being rude or mean, speak up.
They don't have the right to make our home hostile.

This thread is very important to me, so I would highly appreciate if you didn't abuse it. No flaming, chatting, bumping, advertising. There are seriously a billion other threads to do that in. Leave my thread alone, please.

A bulletin board of sorts.

Date in title indicates newest update.

- New mods also need to add themselves to the mod list.

- New mods need to go through the pms and add any birthdays that aren't on the list, then delete the pms.
I'm too lazy to do it myself.

- Mods have been selected.
Thank you to all who applied.
If you didn't get chosen this time, don't fret.
When I know you better, I'll reconsider you.

- By deleteing the old mods, I'm assuming none of you come on anymore. All you need to do is send me (miss face) a pm saying you still mod. You have priority over new mods.

- Desirface needs new mods!
Alright, so, I've noticed a dramatic decrease in mod activity, and I need fresh meat.
I want mods who are very active, and preferably people who have been around a while and really understand the rules and how to enforce them.
Any and all old mods can reapply and will have preference in placement. Just fill out the following application and PM it to me.
Real Name:


Location (for time zone reasons):

How long you've been a DLSer:

Why I should choose you:

MSN messenger or Yahoo address:

- Happy Anniversary Gaia! I made a hangout thread in the event. It can be located here.

-Valentines Day is coming up !! Whether you have a Valentine or not, feel free to stop by the DLS Kiss Me Valentine's Day Thread. It will be for the Valentine's day event.
Thread provided by Nicole.
Have fun, guys!

-Hey DLSers! Recently, or at least more noticibly, there has been quite a bit of commenting on secrets, which also includes commenting about posters who comment. As you well know, this is against the rules. It seems as if many of you have tried to be considerate of keeping the order of no commenting, but are frequently missing a big part: compassion and tolerence. Is it completely necessary to type a rude comment right back to someone else who has been rude or made a cooment? I understand some people have been hurt by comments (and not just now, but in the past too), but adding your own negative spats to the mix won't help out the situatuon. All that is asked of you is to please, please think about the words you post. Think about if they are meant to affect someone else, and with that, to hurt someone. Stick to that rule of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." And finally, if you are having a real problem with someone in the thread, bring it to a mod's attention or settle it over a PM (and even there you can apply a bit of tolerance!) Thank you,
~Brooke (Fragglerockfrog)

- Happy New Year, DLS (EST)! CHELSEA IS BEOWULF won the contest hosted by Nicole & Ruby Lynn. Thanks to all who participated!

-I, Nicole, and DJ rXc (Ruby Lynn) have made a DLS New Year's Thread, for the people who are at home for New Year's! It's for chatting, and DLS shall still be used for secrets. [:
Click here! THERE'S A CONTEST WITH IT, TOO. :]]]]
Desiree approved this, also.

-A message from Kino Mako-chan:
Kino Mako-chan
Tis just a little something I put together. I threw the idea out sometime last night, and got quite a few positive responses. Anyway, I ask that you throw up an announcement of sorts on the front page to help spread the word.

If you'd like to get a little more information, look at the newest entry in her journal.

-I caved. There's a guild.
It's NOT a DLS guild. DLS is staying open.
But, all DLSers are welcome to join.
Desirface's Fun Emporium!

- I have indeed returned.
Also, a little something from a good friend.
There's this girl (I don't personally know her) who is asking for help to pay for a series of brain surgeries she needs that she can't afford. She's not asking for actual monetary donations, but rather for people to download this little file that will take hardly a minute to download and can be downloaded once per day per IP to count, and once she get 5 million downloads MegaUpload will pay her $10,000 (it's some rewards program they do).

She's keep a LJ community about the "Project Download" here: http://community.livejournal.com/projectdownload
So you can check it out yourself.

- A Message from Desiree (Miss Face):

Hello DLS.
I'm sorry I've been gone, and I'll be gone for a while longer.
I truly am sorry.
My family is very poor, and we barely get by each month.
My wonderful mother had been paying money we don't have every month for me to have internet, because she knows how important it is to me.
But we just can't afford it anymore.

I don't know why, but it seems whenever I'm away from DLS, something happens.

I only have the information I was told, but what I gather from this whole situation is this;
Some people had their feelings hurt and took it out on people who didn't earn it.

Now, I completely understand how that happens.
I myself often get overwhelmed with emotions and let them flow like an angry rapid onto whomever is unfortunate enough to cross my path.

But what you all need to understand is that we understand.

Each mod was hand picked, by me personally.
There is no mod that wishes you sadness, discomfort or harm.
They only do what I've instructed them to do.

To put it simply, their decisions are my own. If you feel they have done you wrong, or are doing something improperly, it is my fault, and my fault alone.

They have no reason to make anything difficult for you, so if they upset you, it is my own flaw. My own misguidance.

I apologize to anyone who feels DLS is in shambles.

It is my own fault.

I implore all faithful DLSers to reconsider any rash decisions they may have made in a moment of anger, sadness, or plain haste.

This feels odd to say, but we all know it's true;
There is only one true place than can call itself DLS. I have poured my entire heart into this place, and it's shared all of my emotions, good and bad.
I know this is true for so many of you, so I ask, no, I beg, that you will give me one, good moment of thought.
Am I who i say I am? Can you trust me?

These are decisions I can not make for you.
These are your own choices.

I just say this, and I say it humbly.

DLS loves you, as it always has.
We only hope you stay with us.

- Just a heads up update.
I was think of selecting another mod or two, so, everyone who wants to better be on their best behavior. :]
Also, does anyone look at the links?
I'd really like more DLSers in the Hangout, and Nicole would love to make you a post style. ;]

- This doesn't actually have to do directly with DLS, but I want to make sure our DLSers are kept safe. I have seen a lot of post from people that say "Hi everyone =) my main accounts avatar is running in the arenas this week and I really think this ones a winner could you maybe come by and check it out and maybe vote for it? thanks <3 Here is the link" Do not click the link. It is a scam. When you click the link you will see that the url is not Gaia but something else. So yeah, be careful. UPDATE: This also applies for the message "It's not my best photo, but i still look sexy... Rate me if you like". Don't click that either.

- We can delete posts again! Rejoice, DLS!
Now, mods, we need you to be diligent.

- I have cut a few mods out, because I don't see them posting.
If I cut you, and you still wish to be a mod because you're on and I just don't see you, please PM me.

- As many of the mods (and visitors with threads of their own) have noticed, you are no longer able to delete posts other than your own. This is quite an inconvenience seeing as we just hired a bunch of new mods to help delete spam and such. Mods: when a person spams (bumps, advertisements and such) they are to be immediately blocked. This way the people on 2.0 can no longer see it. Also, this will keep them from ever being able to post in the thread again. DLSers: Even though we block the people and we can't see their posts, you will still be able to. If the thread is moving slow and the post stays in view for a long time it will probably be annoying. You can also block them so you can see the posts if you wish.

- I have indeed re-opened, very soon. But everything is still up in the air. Please go here to contribute.
I have skipped mod apprenticing, and added new mods. Hopefully this goes as planned.

- Alright, with all of the complaining, I've decided to close DlS for the time being. It seems people can't hold it together without me babysitting all the goddamn time, so, until I can once again dedicate all of my pathetic life to this stupid, under appreciated, fruit of my mind, it will be closed.
And who knows? I may not reopen.

-Stop complaining about bumps/spam/etc. Yes, we have noticed that there has been a great increase in the number of bumpers. Unfortunately there is not much we can due that. On that subject, mods in an attempt to help decrease the amount of bumps, accounts than bump in the thread are to be automatically blocked.

- New mods have been selected. Go look at page 36 of the Hangout to see. Thank you to all that applied.

- I've made a new Hangout thread. Here.

- The poems are being voted upon in the Hangout Thread. The winner will be announced soon. All poems are considered anonymous.

- A mod that doesn't sign on at least every other day will be removed because of necessity.

- After adding a birthday to the list, delete the PM to save space.

Do you enjoy this thread? Hate not being able to chat?
I've made a thread for people from DLS to hang out and chat, if they wish.
Dirty Little Secrets Hangout Thread.

Need a banner for your thread, guild, etc.?
Yukiaku will make you one for FREE!

Want a post style?
Dublin is making them for DLSers FREE!

Want to contact other DLS'ers? Want other DLS'ers to contact you? Find these details in here:
DLS Phonebook

(Provided by N i co l e)

What started it all
Post Secret

Are you having a crisis, and you just don't think you can take it anymore?
There's hope.
Please, if you ever start having bad thoughts, call 1 (800) SUICIDE (1 800 784 2433)
Anytime, day or night.
Even just to talk.
No matter what's going through your head, there's always hope.

The Silent Ranks
(A guild; link for linked.)
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Ebony the Peacian Vampire - November 12th

3rection Perfection - November 12th

Unforgettable Sound - November 12th

Spasms - November 14th

Xxblood muffinxX - November 14th

x_AASiANBBY- November 16th

Rini Takarai- November 16th

Morganya Rage - November 17th

ZechSupra - November 19th

Pink_Panther_luver13 - November 22nd

Foxy-Kitty-Love - November 22nd

Shadowy-Chan - November 23rd

xTHExENDxISxMEx- November 27th

Axel_X_Demyx - November 28th

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Alyness - December 1st

Lori Loser - December 2nd

annDiiNO xx -December 2nd

Doonatsu - December 3rd

Melty Cheese - December 3rd

VanillaxAngel- December 4th

Professor Science - December 6th

Captain J Decaydance - December 8th

Die Hart - December 10th

Stefaknee - December 11th

Xx[[Malley]]xX - December 11th

The Bohemian - December 11th

Natawee! - December 13th

robotgirlplusworld - December 13th

Child of Horus - December 13th

murder_thine_skittle - December 13th

katt the wolf queen - December 14th

Eyes Half Open - December 16th

Sango-Sama01 - December 17th

shotgun perfection - December 18th

THE_MONSTER_SAYS - December 19th

N!0L - December 21st

StarDustBunny - December 21st

little_mew - December 21st

gabrigirl - December 21st

fishnetsxandxtophats - December 22nd

[.Miseria.Cantare.] - December 23rd

Inaria Meleasare - December 23rd

Darkest Chibi - December 23rd

Kiruanna - December 24th

Cicatrix Manet In Corde - December 24th

h o l l y w o o d_h e l l - December 25th

Keiko180 - December 25th

kika_chan_1991 - December 27th

Kamikaze Mitsukai - December 28th

Trap246 - December 28th

Kioko_Shii - December 29th

Magooalou - December 29th

Simial - December 29th

The Zombie Mistress - December 30th

Belu - December 30th

P.I.R.A.T.E - December 31st

x.Kikyo Chan.x - December 31st

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