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Oh, this is the beat of my heart

This is gospel for the fallen ones 0.11572052401747 11.6% [ 106 ]
Locked away in permanent slumber 0.072052401746725 7.2% [ 66 ]
Assembling their philosophies 0.054585152838428 5.5% [ 50 ]
From pieces of broken memories 0.097161572052402 9.7% [ 89 ]
If you love me let me go 0.12663755458515 12.7% [ 116 ]
Cause these words are knives and often leave scars 0.12991266375546 13.0% [ 119 ]
And truth be told, I never was yours 0.13646288209607 13.6% [ 125 ]
The fear, the fear of falling apart 0.2674672489083 26.7% [ 245 ]
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Dangerous Lover

This is quite easily my favorite tea. With honey and a bit of cream, it's wonderful. Even just with honey, it is exquisite.
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Eloquent Firestarter

Go out to eat? Or Eat at Home?
I can go out and spend money that I don't have, but be able to enjoy my friend's company and keep the plans that we loosely made.
On the other hand? I can eat at home, make something with the food we have, and save money, eat maybe healthier, but be late and probably chance hanging out with her tonight. Plus, I am to make mom a drink when she gets home. She told me I had to.

So it's just a matter of which I prefer at this point in time.
I suppose....
I don't know.

Part of me doesn't want to go out though. I'd like to make the orange bourbon sours and just sip them all night. However... it is her week off.
Silly debates.

I think Monday I'm going to go to the Butcher's and get some Ox tails and make a stew for everyone : )
That sounds really yummy.
Or maybe that black bean soup and ox tail recipe I found once upon a time.
I just want to cook and present to friends.. but most of my friends don't really have a wide taste with food.... Only carbs or Italian.

Goodness, I'm hungry. I guess doing the zumba dances made me work up an appetite.
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Hygienic Sex Symbol

I'm so terrified.
Thanks for the tip P:

My pants are supposed to come in today.
I hope they come before I go to work.

Hm, I have this feeling I am going to scoop a lot of ice cream today.
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Dangerous Lover

Rains On Friday
I'm so terrified.
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Dapper Hunter

User Image
Ƭħε ρεηɗυℓυϻ sϮιℓℓ sωαʏs ϝѳʀ ʏѳυ,
$υcħ αrε Ϯħε ɗαʀκs ħεrε Ϯѳ sħѳω ʏoυ, cħιℓɗ ιn α cѳʀηεʀ,
Ϝαℓℓεη ϻιʀʀѳʀs, αℓℓ κιηԍɗѳϻ ιn cιηɗεʀs.

Message me. Please message me. Don't let my cynical side win out...
I'm not in the mood to chat with anyone now because he's gotten so bothersome today :/
Now I'm really annoyed.
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Rains On Friday
I'm so terrified.
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I love tea. Can't really say I have a favorite. I guess it depends what mood I'm in, what I'm craving for... etc. But goodness, I couldn't live without tea.

Talking to my beb on the phoneeee.
Can't stop smiling.
Such a beautiful voice.
i'm so pissed off.
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prince - uu
i'm so pissed off.
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Ας πάω να χαθώ στον κόσμο μου, πριν έρθει κάποιος άλλος να με καταστρέψει.
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Hygienic Sex Symbol

It's almost awkward to talk to people in other JROTC units.
Our's is so well known and we've been placing extremely well in National's...
However, none of those schools know how deeply divided our program is.
How much we hate each other.
Our head staff is all varsity drill team or department head members.
Everything runs on a spoils system and it's impossible to get anything less you're liked by the right people.
We all talk about doing something, but we won't.
The instructors don't do anything because "we're cadet ran."
So yesterday, my friend and I printed out posts made by officers in the ROTC page.
I whited out all the names on these posts because they were made by officers and submitted it to my instructor.
I don't know what's going to happen next, but I do know that I might have to possibly quit because of what I've done.
That's three years of work down the drain.
But I couldn't just stand by and let the unit I know and love just grow to hate each other more and more.
But I'm starting to think what I did was pointless and stupid.
The people making these posts are seniors who are going to graduate.
I mean, the current headstaff is exactly like the senior class headstaff so this problem might get worse.
Might not.
And we can't shut the Facebook group for obvious reasons.
Nor do I want it monitored.
And if people find out what I did, I doubt anyone will support me. They'll all kiss up to the headstaff in hopes of getting some position to put on their precious college apps.
I think it's wrong that they all support people who threaten everyone.
If that's what my unit has come to, I'll gladly quit.
some things you say really break my heart.

i don't want to be cruel.
i don't want to be insensitive.

i want to love you.

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