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And everything was beautiful last night

I lost my glasses, looked around. 0.19512195121951 19.5% [ 24 ]
And everything reduced to areas of light 0.048780487804878 4.9% [ 6 ]
And you and I. 0.097560975609756 9.8% [ 12 ]
My eyes might dart, 0.024390243902439 2.4% [ 3 ]
My ears might ring, 0.032520325203252 3.3% [ 4 ]
But it helps to think: 0.056910569105691 5.7% [ 7 ]
We are made out of the same things. 0.35772357723577 35.8% [ 44 ]
The same things. 0.1869918699187 18.7% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 123 ]
Just A Wanderer
and then the science department has a dumb grading scale that made me get an A- in animal behavior, even though a 93 and higher is an A in every other department in my uni rolleyes
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Super Noob

When I finally go on plan g I think I will go to a psychiatrist cause it'll be free. Who knows how long i will take me to gather up the energy for that though. I have lived here for 3 months and I still haven't called about my frickin health care. I hate talking on the phone and never have the energy for it.

I want to see if I get diagnosed with anything other than anxiety and depression. Not to do with mental health but my sister said she thinks I have a low case of assburgers..however you spell it. And curios I looked it up and that's me in a nut sjell. Anyway I want to see if I can maybe get better meds for myself or maybe I just need a higher dose of what I have now. I don't know :/
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Super Noob

I just love the thought of curling into a ball and forgetting about the world and people.
So comfy that though not dealing with anyone ever again and especially myself.
I love sleep.

Speaking of which I have been so tired lately as well.
I don't like it.
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Lucky Star

          I just hope you never get bored or tired of me.
          I don't think I could handle that.
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Demonic Bunny

It's so adorable when a pet takes a habit from you..
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Ruthless Shoujo


we haven't been to the gym in so long
i feel like s**t


I'm...trying to figure out my other gender?
it's either male or non-binary
I also keep floundering between Jake and Morgan...
i feel like i'm too feminine to use the name jake though

i've been trying to write this letter all day i had it all written out in my head but i can't bring myself to do it
i just
i ******** can't.
i can't ******** lose you.

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