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There'll be no rest for the wicked

There's no song for the choir 0.09375 9.4% [ 6 ]
There's no hope for the weary 0.15625 15.6% [ 10 ]
If you let them win without a fight 0.046875 4.7% [ 3 ]
If one heart can mend another 0.1875 18.8% [ 12 ]
Only then can we begin 0.078125 7.8% [ 5 ]
So won't you hold on a little longer 0.203125 20.3% [ 13 ]
Don't let them get away 0.234375 23.4% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 64 ]
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Magical Senshi

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i don't mean to seem like i'm jumping on the "good job!" bandwagon , but seriously. you're doing a wonderful job, cas. you're holding this place together. don't stretch yourself out too thin, though. the other mods have your back. <3

i hope the weight of having a bad day isn't too heavy. and if it is, i hope it will lighten soon. spoil yourself tonight, cas. you deserve it.

- ems/ meat sprinkle

<3 <3 <3 thank you so much. That means a lot.
you guys are all so sweet and have like reassured me so much thank you.
i got my first paycheck from the new job and I have less bills to pay than I thought.
I'm gonna spoil myself.

Thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3
You have no idea how much that means.
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Magical Senshi

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When you're with someone for almost 3 years, realizing you've been single for over 2 months is so weird.
But like, I've gotten over this pretty quickly.

Now I just gotta stop getting crushes.
i think tonight is optimal "bath date night".


just me, phoenix rising bath bomb, a couple of beers, and steven wilson's hand.cannot.erase.

i love overly-romanticizing self-appointed dates.
that's the best feeling ever, no matter how disillusioned it may appear.
I'm kind of done with my mom today.
She said no to them coming over Friday because she doesn't think I will remember to take out her dog.
And because she doesn't want people staying here when they're gone.
They treat me like a teenager.
She even said "and don't think about letting them come on Saturday, I was a kid once".
I'm not a kid, and I'm not stupid. I could let them come Friday if I really wanted to. They'd both be gone. But I'm not going to do that.

They said they can come over sunday, but that's just because they'll be back that evening.

Thank you mom and dad for trusting me. Really, I'm 21 and I still get 0 respect.
Yes it's your house. It's nothing to do with them not being able to come over when I wanted them to, it's the way you treat me.
I'm not a child, I'm responsible. I have given you no reason not to trust me.

And you say things happen? Yeah, because we're all rebels. We're going to drink and do drugs while my sister is here the entire weekend. That's a /perfect/ idea. How ever could that go wrong?
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Anxious Gekko

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omgggg i had no idea there were so many kinds of stickers in facebook chat
i'm so pleased


full of food. gonna go nap now and
i work all weekend
i keep getting all excited like "yaaaay it's the weekend!" then i remember i signed up for OT both days :<
dat OT money. i just can't say no ugh.
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Shy Senshi

apparently I had a dream last night that I pulled two Diamondback Lions.

..cuz they're not in my inventory. wtf.
I should not be dreaming about Gaia.
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Magical Senshi

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Every day I say "I swear I made that facebook group for serious things what happened"
and then I talk about the stupidest s**t
i got tooooo much. time on my hands
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Obsessive Visionary

So adjusting to the new place would take a little bit of confidence.
The neighbors sound super energetic outside...
... and there's a part of me that wants to meet&greet but...
I'm also wary beyond belief. ;c
i just heard some guy on the street behind me yell "******** awesome! right on! good for her!"

nice to hear someone is getting good news.

that genuinely made me happy.
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Magical Bunny

I am as angry and harsh as the Black Sea.
I am as angry and harsh as the Black Sea.

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