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There'll be no rest for the wicked

There's no song for the choir 0.08 8.0% [ 4 ]
There's no hope for the weary 0.16 16.0% [ 8 ]
If you let them win without a fight 0.04 4.0% [ 2 ]
If one heart can mend another 0.16 16.0% [ 8 ]
Only then can we begin 0.08 8.0% [ 4 ]
So won't you hold on a little longer 0.24 24.0% [ 12 ]
Don't let them get away 0.24 24.0% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 50 ]
Sunny Abnormality's avatar

Wheezing Genius

today was easier than expected
kim's sons p much did all the work
i mostly hid and taped my boxes up
i just wonder why the one wouldn't even look at me
i never really tried to talk to him but once, but
i dunno it felt pretty rude
Saint Loon's avatar

Dapper Codger

I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I bet I'll feel even better once I actually... y'know...
buckystars's avatar

subfuse's Wife

Demonic Bunny

I burped and scared my cat.
S'what you get.
For staring at me, Satan. mad

I love my cat. I really do.
But it creeps me the ******** out when she stares like that.

My first son: Dean Patrick.
My first daughter: Raine Elizabeth
My second son: Skyler Matthew [?]
My second daughter: Skylar Noelle
My third son: Declan Roy
My third daughter: [?]

I don't plan on having more than three children so we'll see how it works out.
But I have absolutely no idea what to name a third daughter if we have one.
I like Anastasia, and I also like Kylie. But Dylan isn't a fan of either.
He's not really a fan of Declan either but idc. lol
I am also undecided on whether Matthew is a good name.
eponas's avatar

spicy grandpa's Partner

I won't treat you like you're oh so typical.
Dark Metamorphosis's avatar

Dulcet Bunny

User Image
"'Cuz I can't make you love me
If you don't.
You can't make your heart feel
Something it won't."

An old friend confessed that she has been in love with me for a while. This song instantly came to mind. I still hope we can continue to be friends..
iFern's avatar

Obsessive Lovergirl

I'm so worried about Ciara.

Oh my ******** god.

I hope if this is what she has, she can get a bone marrow transplant and a liver transplant like she'd need.

But it might be hard to find a match..

******** ******** ********. We're about 85% sure this is what it is.

She thinks it's cancer, but it's so much worse. Oh my god.

She had the other test today and they said her results would be back tomorrow or Monday by the latest.

I just hope we find out for sure and it's something not as bad.

But she has every symptom and they're all such rare symptoms to have..

******** ******** ******** ******** ******** ********

I don't want this to happen to her, she's such a good person.

This isn't ******** fair.
Sunny Abnormality's avatar

Wheezing Genius

i haven't the foggiest what i'd name a daughter
but given the opportunity i believe i will name a son liam
i've wanted to for years
liam clark is just such a cool name!!
which is one huge reason i seriously consider not changing my name if i ever get married;;
not that i... really want to
i can see myself having kids, but not getting married
wonder what that says about me

Partying Phantom

I've been stoned all day, this s**t is ridiculous.
bleh i'm nervous
i really hope i don't have to redo all that work
La Cantarella's avatar

High-functioning Lunatic

I just...
I want someone to try to make sense of this song he sent me.
I understand some of it, but...
It eats at me.
I just wish I knew what he meant.
But I'll never know, will I?

Don't cry, now.
I don't ant to let my eyes mist over.
I can't take it.
Prince Lazy's avatar

Timid Poster

It's not like I'm thinking about you or anything.

Nothing I do today seems to make anyone happy.
After I went back to my room, and laid in bed where it was warm my mom came in and yelled at me.
One, for being in bed although I wasn't asleep, two, for not noticing the second it happens that my cat ran out of water in her dish.
Well, I'm sorry that I couldn't handle being nice or decent today so I tried to isolate myself and that didn't make anyone happy.
I'm sorry that I didn't magically know the second it happened that she ran out of water.
But...I'm not trying to make anyone mad today. Not my intention.
And being my last day of my period, everything makes me want to cry. Or everything makes me moody.
And...unfortunately, I can't exactly crawl back into bed and disappear.
My mom won't let me, as much as I'd like to.
Why can't I just crawl into my warm bed, under the covers, and disappear from the world?
For just a short while?
I'd be doing everyone a favor.
Well, anyway. I guess I'm awake now.
My mom offered to go up to the mall to go get the creationary game.
To be honest, the mall closes in like. An hour.
And I doubt Target is open that late.
I suggested we go tomorrow, since I'm most likely not seeing Trevor.
So, ah. Well. I guess tomorrow I'll go to the mall and then...maybe to Savannah's.
If I don't have a serious issue with Ian or anything tomorrow.
I'm already fine with him at the moment, we get along alright right now.
So that's a start.
But I did see Trevor online when I got online (from steam telling me he was playing a game).
But when I think of earlier...perhaps it's best that I get off of steam.
Because he had enough of me and left.
And I'm not planning on approaching him first and harassing him out of the blue.
So maybe it's okay.
I won't be playing any games, so I'll just fade into the background and stuff.
Maybe. Perhaps. I hope.

Fine, maybe I was thinking about you just a little against my will.
mad solar's avatar

Timid Smoker

so matt completely avoided me in the halls, which i guess i expected either way.
even if we weren't in this weird kinda "broken up" situation, i don't fit in with his crowd.
he did sit with me in math class though, which was kinda nice.
this semester is going to suck a**, but at least i'll have him for one period.

i'm worried he's embarrassed to be with me though, to be honest.
he knows he likes me. he adores all my great qualities. he has so much fun with me.
but he's this super super superrr gorgeous, kind and intelligent jock.
i feel like when he's with his friends and looks at me, all he sees is a slut or a junkie.
because when we're alone i really feel like he cares. but it's like as soon as we're at school i'm a bother.
i mean it sucks, and hurts. like jeez, yesterday i cried so hard over it.
but i'm not telling him that. i'm just trying to be understanding.

today in class though, he kept wanting me to head butt him.
i don't know why i do that, i think it's from austin. whenever i like someone i head butt them gently after kissing.
but matt really liked it i guess, he thought it was cute. so he'd lean over and initiate a head butt.
then like in the middle of class while the teacher was doing an intro to the course,
he started rambling about how one day he likes me so much, then the next he gets really confused.
i just kinda nodded and told him it was okay.

i hate this, because i really adore the guy. i would be with him in a heart beat if he wanted.
i mean after my huge cry yesterday, i've really calmed down. because there was just so much built up.
and it does hurt you know, like how i truly believe he doesn't feel like i'm good enough for him on social standards.
but i really just refuse to let that get to me. i mean i've never fit in, and really. it's not a priority.
and even though it hurt at first, i'm not going to allow myself to feel like a loser just over some guy.

i'm so tempted to ask him to come over tomorrow, because i want to kiss him so badly.
but i'm just going to give him space i guess. i just don't want to chase after him anymore.
i totally like him. but we're at different paces with this and i can't force him to feel something he can't.

i need to show him he can feel comfortable with me.
that i'm actually a really good person, and i'm understanding.
Dirty Little s**t I Can't Say To Her Face
It's not J's fault you're the most paranoid piece of impatient s**t out there. Quit telling me she's a bad person.

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