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The more I admit I feel a bit anxious

The more I go on the less I can face this 0.22727272727273 22.7% [ 15 ]
And those rotten things that live in our shadow 0.12121212121212 12.1% [ 8 ]
We walk on the line of death and the gallows 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 11 ]
And hope that we clear a path we can follow 0.24242424242424 24.2% [ 16 ]
It's the worst damn day. 0.24242424242424 24.2% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 66 ]
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my head's killing me.
i hate this.
i almost ran off the road at least four times this morning on my way to school.
i want you here, i want your arms around me.

LIE TO ME by me

lie to me and tell me it's okay.
lie to me and tel me i haven't lost my sanity.
lie to me and tell me that we can afford to live together.
lie to me and tell me i don't have to live in want anymore.
lie to me and tell me this has all been a bad dream.
lie to me, please.

lie to me and tell me he's dead.
lie to me and tell me he suffered.
lie to me and tell me it all never happened.
lie to me and tell me you were the first man i was ever with.
lie to me and tell me he never did that.
lie to me, please.

lie to me and tell me we're all right.
lie to me and tell me i'm pretty.
lie to me and tell me i'm not stupid.
lie to me and tell me i don't have ptsd or depression.
lie to me and tell me i handled it.
lie to me and tell me i'm happy.
lie to me and tell me we're happy.
lie to me, please.

please, dear god, lie to me.
New pages, new start, wutever C:

I don't want to see things that aren't there.
If he's interested in me, he'll let me eventually so why sweat it.
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"Oh, you touch my tra la la


My ding ding dong."

"Frankly Mr. Shankly" from the "Queen is Dead" album by The Smiths is absolutely amazing, I do not know why I love this song so much, I just do.
God I slept horridly last night and now the good feeling is wearing off, and I will be left with the shitty feeling of I slept like s**t last night all day, great, just great.
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    cheers to the new thread o;

    we done with that? cool. anywayz.
    she needs to shut up.
    yea, i did use to have a crush on that guy
    but she's so damn gullible that she honestly thinks i still had a crush on him all the way to now. but seriously, i dont have a crush on him anymore- so when she still points out every little thing he does, its really annoying. razz
    and honestly- i really don't need to be informed every time you hear the name "alan" cool, we get it, you love alan to death but thats just creeper right there =w="
    someone give me the strength not to b***h slap her across the face today <33
I'm pretty happy with life C:
I mean, ******** yeah.
I'm doing promotions for SWPB, MIW, Get Scared, BVB, VE, Awaken the Empire, Bridges Left Burning, MDE, etc.

******** yeah.
Finding beauty in madness has been the greatest liberation for me.
All I want is for my family to be happy with everything, or lack there of, life has to offer us now.
I'm so excited for living in a tiny space, cramped and over priced, with my family.

It feels as though all I live and breathe for now.. is them.
Riley and Jon, I could never put in to words the love I have for you both.
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I woke up to your posts... I have no right to think that you would have continued to give up alcohol even after all of this... I suppose I had just been hoping...
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So, apparently I'm driving up to San Francisco for Spring Break. It's terrible how excited I am. <3 First college Spring Break. Hope it's amazing.
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Don't try to impress me. You're nothing to me now.
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        Debating whether or not to go to class, or stay home and work on this essay.
        I do have tomorrow off, and was planning on staying up late tonight if I could manage it...but I really don't want to spend all of tomorrow working on it, especially since it's due on Thursday.
        I think I will take the time and work on it, instead of going to class.
        I've already read the play we're covering in class, and it's not really going to be useful for any of the essays or exam.
        So home it is.
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          I don't want a new one ):

I always run to someone else, alway.
It's been a habit, but whatever.
I'm buying a plane ticket, I won't take no for an answer now.


you're a spittin' image of blythe.
girl version.
I'd rather not go to CSCE but I have to finish these stupid s**t labs.
Then, I'll get back to my SC Coven and Columbia Coven v.v
I don't find beauty in life anymore.
I find it pathetic, to be honest.

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