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The more I admit I feel a bit anxious

The more I go on the less I can face this 0.21794871794872 21.8% [ 17 ]
And those rotten things that live in our shadow 0.14102564102564 14.1% [ 11 ]
We walk on the line of death and the gallows 0.14102564102564 14.1% [ 11 ]
And hope that we clear a path we can follow 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 18 ]
It's the worst damn day. 0.26923076923077 26.9% [ 21 ]
Total Votes:[ 78 ]
Dr Pen0r
I should just stop caring about what I look like, and I should stop trying to change my negative sides.

Because I'll never be perfect. I'll never even be good enough. Not for anyone.
I'll never be good enough.
I'll never be good enough.
I'll never be good enough.
I'll never
be ******** good enough.

I just give up.
I completely ******** give up.
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Shameless Phantom

i want you all to myself, as possessive as that sounds.


i'm so tired, i should have just stayed home we're all on our own laptops
we aren't even talking to each other. i could have stayed home

time for some webcomicssss
this fat a** needs to cook pronto or i'll die
i hope it's not just my imagination
but i'm a dreamer, so it is
move out of the way. where is she? you know. the dreamer. isn't she supposed to be here? show me where she is. dreamer. what do you mean who don't know who she is? everyone does, right? what, the one with the hands. the hands and a pencil that looks like a pen. she writes. she's the kindest one amongst you. blasphemy. huh? that's.. that's her. give her the book. a book, and let her thoughts and ideas spill out onto the pages. she can do anything. she dreams and lives, passes on dreams and makes a virtual life that is lived. an inspiration. why is she trated like that? i'll kill them. but she wouldn't want that. strange world here. dreams and nightmares. life and death. a dreamer's life. a nightmare's death. what's tangible and what can't be helped. what's seen and what's done. that is her. she loves and should not be loved. she draws not a sword and won't be drawn on the canvas. her own story, her own power. why, it won't be realized. the bridge to understanding. she stands in the center. crosses when she feels need be. no one knows or protects or understands but she. a destiny, or a choice. what's imagined and longed for, though the goal is clearly unattainable. she's the dreamer.
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I'm in a really irritable mood today, I'm not to sure why. Anyone who looks at me today though, I am ready to punch. Lol I think I know what's coming up soon, either that or I've been getting crap sleep lately.
i don't know if anyone will see this.
and i know no one knows me, but whateveeer !

but if ANYONE wants a valentines day card this year, PM me!
it'll come late - but i promise that you'll get one.
unless the mail system ******** up.

Not only do you break my heart, you even remove me as a friend on facebook.

I guess it's easy to completely throw me away. I mean, completely.
It's easy to tell me how much you want me, and then not giving a ********, isn't it? It's easy to introduce me to the most important people in your life, and then giving up on me?
Golbez - Thank you. >w<
Ah, sounds like a plan. 4laugh


Yup, I'm ignoring my physic homework.
It's almost too simple to complete.

I'm so used to the difficult AP classes. These normal classes are way too simple. It's weird coming home with just a notebook and a folder (I used to carry my weight in AP / Honor books.). It's weird coming home and saying "I don't have homework. No, mother, I do not have to read 60 pages of History tonight.".

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice break from all the reading and intense exams, but I'm not used to non-honor classes. My mindset is in the college world.

I have two quizzes on Friday, and I'm anxious about it. Not because I don't know the material, but because I'm so used to college tests and quizzes.
I'm too used to over thinking everything to make sure I get all the details on the material.

I'm just a Junior. I shouldn't have to worry about these things. aha.
Rightttt. rofl
i wish i would've seen you
but if i'd seen you, you probably wouldn't have seen me
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx whatever made you wonder

                                      I DON'T KNOW IF YOU KNOW THIS,
                                      BUT EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE DOOR
                                      TO "LOOK AT THE SNOW," IT GETS COLDER DOWN HERE.

                                      IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE UPSTAIRS
                                      WHERE ALL THE HEAT IS, BUT IT REALLY BOTHERS ME.
i will marry the soul that gets me
a 2010 aston martin dbs.
i would. i don't even.
and harry potter techno?
i am so in.

so. i discovered courtney is in a dance crew.
i want to tap that. so bad.
but, of course, i am unapproachable
ball of fat and ugly and ******** me.
B |
awwright, this is a good lunch.
four chicken nuggets, and half a can of tuna 8D
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                      Not only will all eyes be on the leaders of men, but all combat sights as well.
                      - The Book of Cataclysm.

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▦ ▦ ▦ ▦

                      It's apparent that: my needs < your wants.
                      Mom's death didn't change our bond whatsoever.
                      It's all ******** with our emotions with each other, I suppose.
                      Because today, I had to hear an ear-full of my aunt's vents,
                      and now I "******** up your game".
                      Well, [******** your game, Jerry.
                      I thought I could come to you for anything because you're my brother.
                      Nope, you went right back to being you.
                      You're worthless without a fix of something; I don't know what.
                      But hey, let me be the only one caring for my ill pet,
                      and you go back to being a hermit.
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Sparkly Hellraiser

        Keep going, keep going.
        You can do this, you can do this.
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"Betrayed, Disgraced....

I can't believe how out of shape I am.
********, I'm lazy.
I thought I was getting better with walking and such.
I ran up stairs yesterday when one of my classmates went into a seisure..
By the time I got upstairs to tell Mr. Beasley about what was happening, I was out of breath.
I realized now that I need to work my a** off to get back to 220.
That's my goal. To be strong again.

....You have been erased."
I don't like my scars.

Yet I'm trying so hard not to end up at the hospital again.
I'm so tired of getting stitches. It's been 1½ years, and these thoughts are still up in there.

13 stitches the last time.
And I'm so ******** close. I'm on the ******** verge.

I'm not making any sense. I'm just.. I'm just.. not sure what the ******** I should do.

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