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The more I admit I feel a bit anxious

The more I go on the less I can face this 0.2125 21.2% [ 17 ]
And those rotten things that live in our shadow 0.15 15.0% [ 12 ]
We walk on the line of death and the gallows 0.1375 13.8% [ 11 ]
And hope that we clear a path we can follow 0.2375 23.8% [ 19 ]
It's the worst damn day. 0.2625 26.2% [ 21 ]
Total Votes:[ 80 ]
[I've been beaten down,
I've been kicked around]

I just don't know.
Life wasn't supposed to be like this.
And I'm tired of your opinions, and my heart not knowing what it wants.
Because if he asked, that's all I'd be able to say.
"I don't know."
Like always.

[I've lost my faith,
In my darkest days.]
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Eloquent Hunter

          xxxxCOUNT BACKWARDS; FIVE , FOUR , THREE , TWO , ONE !!!
          xxxxxxxxxxxi t ' sxxa l m o s txxi m p o s s i b l exxt oxxh o l dxxs t i l lxxi n s i d exxy o u rxxb o n e s

                                              l e t ' sxxl o s exxo u rxxm i n d s
                                              xx████████████████████████xx▪ ▪
                                              xwhen im touching the edge of his skin

                                              I need to go workout. I can't do this anymore.
                                              Eating only when other people are around, all the self hate.
                                              I need to stop. I'm going to lose everything.
                                              Going to be kicked out of school, hated by parents, left in this rut you built for me.
                                              I hate all of it. ******** this.

          ▪ ▪ ⊰ ███████████████████████████████████ xxxxxxxx
          LIKExxOHxxOH ,xxGODxxIxxLIKExxIT xxxxx

          don't steal the post format. that's just lame and talentless of you

        You do that s**t to me all the time.
        And you know how much it drives me crazy.
        I try telling you how much more time we'd save if you just flat out told me.
        I mean, you're going to tell me anyways, you say so yourself.
        Yet you drag that s**t on, like it's a stupid game.
        Come on, now.
        Don't be difficult.
When you tell me that you don't say you miss me because you see me more often... wow...
and you really don't anyways. [sarcasm] I feel so wanted now.[/sarcasm]
-crawls in a hole-
"von, why can't we be friends?"

"cuz you're shitty"
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I wish I was a porcelain doll.
[I've been beaten down,
I've been kicked around]

How did this happen to me?

[I've lost my faith,
In my darkest days.]
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I wonder what you remember of me.
Tomorrow will be an alright day,

I have global and bio, but after that I have pottery and art.

I hated global last year, really truly hated it. I didn't do any work for the second half of the year because my teacher didn't teach and it pissed me off. I always do my work. It was so unlike me.

But this year it's good, I have an awesome teacher, and I'm actually liking the material. I've never been partial to history, but I have to say it's growing on me.

Bio is a lot of fun, but the class itself can be tedious. Evolution is kinda dull, since I know all the things we're going over already. I just can't believe how many kids in our school don't believe in evolution. Just my opinion, but I was shocked that someone could openly say 'that never happened' when there's evidence of it everywhere.

I love pottery, we're doing woodcarving right now. It's so much fun, and we have the whole quarter to finish it.

And, of course, art is the perfect end to the day. [mycrush] is in that class, not to metion all of my other art friends. I really like the project I'm doing right now, it's a pastel of my brother and I at summer camp. Its from 8 and a half years ago.

Then, bus ride home, because I'm trapped between sports seasons and I have to go home after school, for a whole month. But, its okay, because I get to see [mycrush] then, too.
it's hard to keep motivated when you're on the top of the game.
Running to the future portraying global fame,
you better know my name by the time I hit the stage.
Coming live from MTL, it's the place where we roll large L's.
Smoking so much herb I got the whole block covered in smells.
Just don't tell.

I'm here with a plan.
You don't need to understand.
I'm in such an optimistic mood, I'm so happy; Its odd, but I love it heart

        I wasn't.
        It wasn't.
        I just need to keep telling myself to let it go.
        It's really not a big deal,
        because I know that it isn't true.

        deep breaths.
        let it go.
"My butthole hurts."
I wonder what you remember of me.

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