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Today was free comic book day. Did you get your free comics? I did,but there was a limit of 2 comics per person. I picked Sonic and Megaman.
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I got there too late and didn't get the ones I wanted. I ended up picking up random ones with pretty art. Always go early.
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I have school...

And nothing of value was lost emotion_awesome
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nope, I've been stuck at home with a bad fibro fare causing my back to hurt too much to drive,
I never remember when it is and so I miss it every year anyway.
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I got Donald Duck and YJ/GL ones. I got so many kids hooked up Spider-man which is my goal every year to make mini clones of myself. emotion_awesome Get kids hooked on Spider-man then the jetpacks.
No, I forgot all about and they never have anything that interest me anyways (not much to choose from out here).
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Gah I forgot about it. But I worked all day, anyway.
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I did...but they were tiny things...like samplers.

I got a Shonen Jump one and a Sonic one...and some other one.

There was a limit of four but I only saw three that were interesting. I was thinking of picking up Archie but decided against it.

The comic book place had some artists there...I don't know who though... XD I wasn't paying attention...
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I made out pretty well. I bought my week's stuff, and I also managed to pick up one of each of the free things. Mike was also giving away copies of the Mary Jane novel.
Today was free comic book day. Did you get your free comics? I did,but there was a limit of 2 comics per person. I picked Sonic and Megaman.
GOOD CHOICE. emotion_dowant
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what free comics where?
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Yep! I ended up grabbing Atomic Robo and Megaman. Megaman was surprisingly fun and has me wanting to check out more of the series, not to mention the upcoming Red Circle comics from the same writer. Atomic Robo was... eek heart
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x“We will always be brothers. We are bound together.”
xxxxI was too busy watching the Avengers. I regret nothing.

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