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Laito 0.12121212121212 12.1% [ 4 ]
Kanato 0.15151515151515 15.2% [ 5 ]
Shuui 0.15151515151515 15.2% [ 5 ]
Ayato 0.12121212121212 12.1% [ 4 ]
Subaru 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 6 ]
Yui 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 3 ]
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Feline Lover

ok so diabolik lovers is scheduled for 12 episodes, each 15 minutes long.
the dvds will be sold as a "limited edition" version or a "normal edition"
limited edition is $59 per vol. and the normal version is $39 per vol.

they start releasing on nov. 27th - information on volumes under read more because its a lot

VOL. 1
normal edition includes -
Episodes 1 & 2
Special Ending song 銀の薔薇-(仮) (Silver Rose) - Ayato ver.
Situation Movie - Ayato ver. [uses dummy head mic specifications]
Creditless opening

limited edition includes-
Episodes 1 & 2
Special ending song - Ayato ver.
Situation Movie - Ayato ver.
creditless opening
bonus tokuten cd with recording of Silver Rose (Ayato ver.) + ost vol. 1
- A specially made booklet
- A picture label
- 2 bromides
- Illustration of Ayato

VOL. 2
normal edition
Episodes 3 & 4
Special ending song Silver Rose - Laito ver.
Situation Movie - Laito ver. [uses dummy head mic specifications]

limited edition includes above +
tokuten cd with recording of Silver Rose (Laito ver.) + mini-drama
- A specially made booklet
- A picture label
- 2 bromides
- Illustration of Laito

VOL. 3
Normal Edition
Episodes 5 & 6
Silver Rose - Kanato ver.
Situation Movie - Kanato ver. [uses dummy head mic]

Limited edition includes above +
tokuten cd - Silver Rose Kanato ver. + mini drama
- Specially made booklet
- Picture label
- 2 bromides
- illustration of kanato

Normal Edition
Episodes 7 & 8
Silver Rose - Subaru ver.
Situation movie - Subaru ver.

LE includes above +
tokuten cd - Silver Rose Subaru ver + ost vol. 2
- Specially made booklet
- Picture label
- 2 bromides
- illustration of Subaru

VOL. 5
Normal Edition
Episodes 9 & 10
Silver Rose - Shuu ver.
Situation Movie - Shuu ver.

LE includes above +
tokuten cd - Silver Rose Shuu ver. + mini drama
- Specially made booklet
- Picture label
- 2 bromides
- illustration of Shuu

VOL. 6
Normal Edition
Episodes 11 & 12
Silver Rose - Reiji ver.
Situation movie - Reiji ver.

LE includes above +
tokuten cd - Silver Rose Reiji ver + mini drama
- Specially made booklet
- Picture label
- 2 bromides
- illustration of Reiji

Translations might be a little iffy but that's mostly i'm not sure what they mean by the picture label and the illustrations might not be exactly of that character - it was kind of confusing as to what the illustration was of so i made an educated guess.
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Tricky Cat

Those limited editions are beautiful... User Image

I'll wait until they show images before deciding if I wanna bother wasting Christmas or birthday money on any of them (I'd only get the first and third one honestly, maybe the sixth... only characters I like).

...Situation movie... wait so... like... the dramas only... ???

I don't know if I should be allowed to view such a thing gonk
Hello Honey Lemon's avatar

Feline Lover

i'm not quite sure what the situation movies are - if they're animated or not?
based on assumption i'd want to say they're probably scenes from each of the boy's routes that got animated but they didn't have time to squeeze into the anime?

sort of like 'deleted scenes' ?? i'm not sure what they are though.
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Wheezing Cat

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Just got home! Putting on episode 3~


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Friendly Knight

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I really LOVE IT! It's like Vampire Knight but even better than Twilight XD. I truly love the characters and the show's theme song as well.

My favorite character is Subaru because of his beautiful eyes is all. *Squeals*
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I was so surprised that the episodes are 15 minutes long!!! eek before I knew it, the episode was over xD I'm looking forward to this anime, since I have a real soft spot for otome games. but so far, I can't pick a favorite. all the characters are so mysterious lol.

I can't wait to show it to my sis, she also is a fan of this type of anime. blaugh
Sakura the Bloody's avatar

Tricky Cat

Sentai Filmworks picked the show up for release, I don't see anything indicating if it'll just be DVD or DVD and Blu-Ray. Do people even just do DVD anymore? sweatdrop Don't mind me, I only really pay attention to licensing stuff when it's shows I like (which isn't many).

I want to freak out all over the place, but then I realize it annoys people and gonk
Hello Honey Lemon's avatar

Feline Lover

it might just be dvd because japan doesnt have a bluray option for the release?
it might have a bluray for the dub.

i'm very conflicted now though because i want the limited edition japanese versions for the art and bonus stuff....
but if i buy the english dub when it comes out it'll let the company that owns DiaLov (Rejet) that American fans like it too and that they should release more things like DiaLov in america.

And Rejet owns my current favorite game, Black Wolves Saga and if I could get that in English I would die happy.
Sakura the Bloody's avatar

Tricky Cat

I kinda wish that Sentai would end up putting the normal edition bonus stuff onto their release of the series, but judging from some other shows they got hold of that I liked that doesn't seem to be a habit of theirs. Extras seem to go only as far as clean opening and ending animations usually.

Oh man a dub... I... I'm not sure what to think of that happening. There's just some things I feel shouldn't be dubbed (and those are usually the ones that end up dubbed rofl ).

You could buy both?
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Generous Giver

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The name's Axel...
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I finally got around to watching the first three episodes and then i dropped it. Honestly though i kind of was liking the scenes with her and Ayato, but the whole little b***h thing was bothering me too much and her zero reaction to that nickname was just shocking to me. But get pissed off when someone pretty much calls you flat chested because that is the biggest and worst insult ever!

******** it, I'll just read about it on the wiki.

...got it memorized?
Hello Honey Lemon's avatar

Feline Lover

american fans get jipped of everything cool that comes with dvd releases.

yeah im not happy about the dub this series is verrrry voice based and when it comes to english voice actors they just arent at the same level of ... i'd want to say like, dedication as japanese vas??

i can honestly not think of a single english voice actor i could want/tolerate in this series. if i got the dvd i would just watch it in japanese w/ subs.

tHATS SO MUCH MONEY THOUGH................................................................. especially since i would want the LE version of the Japanese dvds ??? which are like $60 a vol. not to mention the proxy + shipping fee (which is on average about $25, at least with the one i use)
i've already got so much stuff listed to get from now until december ;;
- 3 cds for Black Wolves Saga
- Diabolik Lovers Limited Edition game
- Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD game
- ALICE=ALICE vol. 3
- Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa vol. 4
- Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD vol. 8 [Subaru]
- Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD vol. 9 [Shuu]
- Ken ga Kimi


there's a couple i might not end up getting simply because i might not have enough money like possibly the LE version of DiaLov.............. i really would like it though the new cover is so pretty sobs
nanieru's avatar

Sweet Glitch


Why did the nickname "Pancake" bother her way more than "b***h-chan" ?!

Lol. I wondered about that too. She didn't even bat an eye at that name.

I didn't really have high expectations for this show and watching it, there wasn't anything unexpected or surprising about it. But just as you said, there was decent intrigue.

I have to say, Kanato creeps me out so much. When I see his face, I'm like crying

If I had to choose a guy based on first impressions, I'd probably choose Shu. But who knows? I don't really have too much of a sense for his character (which may be the reason why he seems the most appealing or at minimum, the least unnerving).

Because in Japanese he is not using that word...But other I can't tell here.

Now, my personal opinion...
I'm a bit disappointed about the 15 minutes length each episode, there are things that even on the manga have not been said.
The art is good and like the way they did coloured the eyes (focus)

The temper of the child is really a rage, she definitely is a b***h-chan, masochist as any girl in anime world and similar to the female character from Brothers Conflict.
(eh? always...) [She has been told to leave and she doesn't, what the...does she want to be lead or have a cordial invitation? scream ]
Like the sadist way of all the vampires all of them are beautiful with the exception of the purple hair kiddo.

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