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Need an explanation of what's contained in each section? Look no further. Hit the spoiler tag below.

Welcome & General Information: A brief introduction & history to our thread! Also includes affiliate banners, should you be interested in placing them in your thread or signature.

Thread Rules: Please read these, they are important. Updated when necessary.

Announcements: Important information which is updated often.

Thread Highlights & Anon Sightings: Lists of funny moments in the thread and anon-thank you's for gifts received.

Moderator List: Points of contact who help assist Daemon Striker and thread visitors.

Meet the Thread Mule & Mysterious Anon: Pertinent information regarding the thread mule and our thread's dedicated anonymous gifter.

Games & Prizes: Side activities to entertain visitors.

Holiday Events: Information on in-thread hosted holiday events!

Thread Contributors: People who have donated in some way to the longevity of this thread.

The Whitelist: Recognized regulars and generous contributors. Privileges come with its set of perks and responsibilities.

The Blacklist: People who have severely broken the rules or otherwise disrupted the peace of this thread!

Affiliates: Our proud partner threads! Please visit them!

Advertisements: Links to places with posting deadlines or some other time limit (i.e. achievement threads).

Daemon Striker's Impossible Quest: Just who is Daemon Striker, anyway? The answer to that question and more in this thread! Please support him and his friends/affiliates posted in this thread!

Birthday Notices: Hosted on our mule's journal. A list of all people who have made me aware of their birthdays.

Links: Relevant sibling threads created by Daemon Striker.

Chat Lounge Logs & Thread Store: Shares space with the links post. Archived thread information and our thread store, respectively. The thread store is hosted on the thread mule, Agent Vince. Proceeds go towards prizes for thread games!

Thread Status: Whether or not the thread is open. (The only time this will say "closed" is if I happen to quit Gaia or something...which doesn't seem like anytime soon, so no worries there!)

The Immortal Ones: A Roleplay: A roleplay thread created by yours truly! Come check it out! 3nodding

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                      “Not all those who wander are lost.”

                                                  ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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      Welcome! I decided to open this thread after the success of my RNG thread in the Easter 2k14 event,
      which I began as a result of four anons who randomly gift bombed me during the event. After starting
      that thread, many more anons came and stalked the thread, distributing their goodwill to myself and
      those who became thread regulars during the event. Thanks to their collective efforts, I (personally) was
      able to complete all of my side-quests, which I hadn't imagined would be possible for some time, due to
      how expensive my main quests are. I cannot thank them enough, and I know others had a
      positive experience as well.

      What I really enjoyed most about that thread was the community that seemed to be happening there.
      Some of them expressed interest in continuing to have a place to hang out and chat, so that's mostly
      what this place is. There will be contests and prizes too, of course, but that isn't meant to be the main
      focus of this thread. I just wanted to create a place where people could kick back, relax, make friends,
      and have fun. Hopefully this thread will accomplish that!

      This thread was opened on April 30, 2014! Hopefully it will live to see several many happy anniversaries!!

      And, for anyone that cares, the original thread was opened on April 23, 2014. This new version was created to make the front page
      more organized!

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      Want to be affiliates or link to us in your sig? Choose from one of these
      banner options below!

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          (created & donated by DoublexEdgedxSword!)
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          (created & donated by ADRENALiNE R U S H__x!)
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          [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/chatterbox/daemon-striker-s-chat-lounge/t.91838465/][img]http://i1365.photobucket.com/albums/r744/daemonstriker/Gaiaonline Chat Lounge Thread/2px_zps8321efa2.jpg[/img][/url]

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(Breaking any of these rules will get you blacklisted and ineligible to win any prizes for contests, if any are running.)

arrow Do not post anything that violates Gaia's ToS or the Chatterbox forum rules.

arrow DO NOT STEAL OR COPY ANY PART OF THIS THREAD. I put a lot of work into this. If you need help building a similar thread, however, please feel free to PM me and ask for pointers; I'd be happy to help.

arrow Please be respectful to one another.

arrow Please no inappropriate content in your posts or NSFW images.

arrow THIS IS PRIMARILY A CHAT THREAD, with some giveaways/prize events to make things fun. If you're looking for huge prizes or frequent charitable donations, this is not the right thread. There are plenty of those threads throughout Gaia, and I have some recommendations posted in the links section at the very bottom of this page that you may want to consider. These are threads that I've had experience with personally at some point or another, and they all do a fantastic job.

arrow NO BEGGING or attempts to guilt-trip other users/anons (especially the anons!) to give you gold/items. Additionally, do not disrespect the anons in any form. It will NOT be tolerated.

arrow Please try to avoid bumping. There are plenty of bump contests out there. This place is meant for people to have a place to meet up and have casual conversations.

arrow If you have a contest or something you'd like to advertise, please PM me! I'll be more than happy to add it to my links list if it's appropriate. Please don't use this thread as your advertising train.

arrow Do NOT quote anything on the first page.

arrow NO page stretching!

arrow Let's save the trees!! Try to keep the quote down, please!! Let's keep it to no more than 3-5 quotes, if you can! And when necessary...use spoiler tags!

arrow Please also be considerate of the fact that I have a life outside of Gaia, and I'm running a lot of threads. I may not be able to get to each and every one of you all the time for a brief hello or conversation, though I can promise I am trying my best. Please be understanding if I am unable to get to you every single day, especially during the thread's peak traffic times.

arrow If you need to grab my attention for any reason, please quote me using the code provided in the box below.
[quote="Daemon Striker"][/quote]

arrow Regarding the distribution of gifts—anon-gifting or gifting in general here is okay, but it's not required. If you receive a gift, please thank your gifter, whether it be in this thread or personally (if they're not anonymous)! (Also, as a suggestion, please try to keep your wishlists updated, everyone!! That way anons know what best to get for you, should they desire to, and avoid getting you a duplicate item. Let's be considerate of anons and their wallets!!)

arrow It saddens me to have to add this rule, but this is important. ANONS. While we appreciate your gifts, please use your common sense. DO NOT write mean, nasty messages or send gifts with mean implications. It's cowardly, rude, and unappreciated. If I knew who you were, you would be banned immediately and permanently. This is meant to be a friendly environment, and people do share things from their personal lives here. You are NOT REQUIRED to give gifts, so if you can't do it nicely, then do not do it at all.

arrow On that same note: thread participants. While I won't stop you from posting any real life information you would like to share, know that it is at your own risk. I ask that you please do not post anything that might bring yourself harm in the future, should someone (either intentionally or unintentionally) say something about it that rubs you the wrong way. If there is any non-anonymous user harassing you in-thread or being otherwise consciously and blatantly mean-spirited towards you, please link me to the relevant posts and they will be banned immediately, should they be found guilty of such offensive behavior.

arrow Also, to all anons who gift to me, always know that I appreciate everything VERY much, and there will be times I might not be able to update all your gifts in my quest thread, though I make every effort to do so when the Chat Lounge isn't busy. If something gets lost, I apologize in advance for that, and know it is not at all intentional!

arrow Another rule I hate to add (and rather long one too, sorry), but this is necessary. Some of our anons (from what I gather) have some money to stretch, and they are willing to be generous about it. By no means does this mean everyone in this thread can afford that much. I understand that those anons have unintentionally set the bar high, but I will not tolerate any lack of appreciation for any gift, no matter how big or small. It's the thought that counts, and if the expectation becomes everyone has to be gifted something expensive, then this is not the right thread to be in. Same goes for anons. If the expectation is people need to be thanking you profusely for your gift for many pages, then please don't anon, because then what you really want is recognition, and that defeats the purpose of being anonymous. We joke about trying to figure out secret identities here, but it's all meant to be in good fun. You don't actually have to reveal yourselves unless you truly want to. We do our best to recognize everyone in this thread who has gifted, though we may make mistakes from time to time in collecting them all, especially when the thread moves incredibly quickly. It's great if our thread family grows, but greed/entitlement attitudes will not be tolerated. Gaia Cash spenders and people selling stuff in the billions/trillions are likely to blame for the misconception that everyone can afford to spend that much in gifts, but I request that this not be the assumption here.

arrow If you are not happy with a gift an anon is given you, then I am sorry. All I can suggest is that you please update your wishlist with items you actually want so that they can know what to gift you, and I request that you do not expect an anon to gift anything that's worth in the billions or trillions, as that is unrealistic and unfair to expect of anyone.
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                        -Thanks to all those who participated in the Independence Day Event! If you have not been gifted, please PM me and let me know so I can take care of that right away. That shouldn't have happened.
                        -On that note, please read the updates I've made to the rules. An issue has come to my attention that needed to be addressed. Fifth bullet point and last two bullet points on the list are the updates.
                        -In light of this issue, I have a new poll up. If I'm going to be honest, I hate to do this, but what transpired seems to call for it. If you have a comment, please leave it, and you may do so anonymously (unless you don't mind posting your username). If you cannot vote due to a region lock, please PM me. I am taking this very seriously. The poll is HERE and the question is: should there be a minimum price range for what anonymous gifts (or any gifts being given) should be during in-thread events or even in general. Please do not ask me for my personal opinion on this issue at this time; I do not want to influence any votes. I want to hear honest opinions.
                        -A NEW FEATURE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE THREAD PAGE PRIZES. Please read that section in the games post for more details, and feel free to contact me if there's any confusions, preferably in thread as a quote because I want others to be able to see and/or participate in any discussions regarding this.
                        -Our July Avatar Spotlight is up! Please check out LastDamnedSoul's request! Speaking of which, advertisements were eliminated (since no one was really using them) and things were shifted around so that the Avatar Spotlight has its own post, and is no longer sharing room with the announcements. Hopefully this makes it easier on everyone.

                        -New month means RNG is now open once again to everybody!! Minor updates have been made to the list with recent donations that have come in.
                        -INDEPENDENCE DAY EVENT IS UNDERWAY!! Thanks to all those who have claimed someone already! There are still a few people left who need people willing to gift them. Remember! You have until JULY 3RD to choose someone! (If you don't choose someone by midnight of July 3rd, I will assign someone for you.) Gifts must be distributed on the 4th of July. Whether or not it's done anonymously is up to you!
                        -RESULTS OF LAST MONTH'S POLLS ARE IN!! Majority has voted "yes" to having a roleplay spin-off to this thread, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks as I set that up! As for the guild, people still seem very evenly split on that issue, so that idea will not be happening at this time. That said, I have come up with an alternate solution. If you would like to sign up for the thread announcements alert list, please send a PM to our thread mule, Agent Vince, with the subject "Alert Me!" I will compile a list of people whom I will quote in-thread and alert every time new announcements are posted! Aside from that, please try to keep up with the announcements as best you can, as sometimes there's important and relevant information for you guys in here as far as events go. I try my best not to write useless warble in this section.
                        -Finally, OUR NEW AVATAR SPOTLIGHT IS UP!! Featured for the month of July is TheLastDamnedSoul! No one has reserved a space in our Avatar Spotlight section for August through December of this year so, if you're interested, please read the rules of that section and apply! Thank you!

                        OLDER ANNOUNCEMENTS
                        (Announcements from previous months are archived on the Chat Lounge Logs!)
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                        What this section is: Each month, this section will feature a person's dream avatar, along with a list of items that they still need. If you feel so inclined to help them out, please send them a trade or gift it to them! You are NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE, however. It's only if you want to. Avatars will be featured for the entire duration of the calendar month they are featured in.

                        THE RULES FOR APPLICANTS:
                        arrow Click on the spoiler tag below to reveal the application form and send it via PM to the thread mule, Agent Vince!
                        arrow Applicants must have been active at some point in the thread.
                        arrow Applicants must remember to update me whether an item has been received, who it's been received by, or if you bought the item yourself so that I can update the list.
                        arrow Applicants may not beg, attempt to force, and/or guilt trip people in donating items to them. Applicants agree that they understand there is a chance no one will donate any items at all, especially if it's an item that is being sold at a very steep price.
                        arrow Please remember to thank your donators, as a common courtesy.
                        arrow You may submit more than one waiting list entry; HOWEVER, this can only be done AFTER your current dream avatar month has completed. So if you are June's featured avatar, you may not reapply to be on the waiting list until the 1st of July. This is in an attempt to prevent a monopoly over the section by any one user.
                        arrow Entries are on a first come, first serve basis. They will be added to the waiting list in the order they are received.
                        arrow If you are on a waiting list for a later month and you would like to either withdraw or edit your submission, please let me know right away. Especially if you are withdrawing; that way I can bump the next person up higher on the list! Thank you!
                        arrow Further rules will be added and/or amended if/when issues arise that need to be addressed.

                        Application Form: PM Agent Vince with the subject "Avatar Spotlight."

                        [b]Applying for the Month Of:[/b] (Write the month you hope to apply for; if someone else has already applied for that month, your entry will be placed on the waiting list for the next available month.)
                        [b]Dream Avatar Image Code:[/b]
                        [b]List of Items:[/b] (Please strike out any that you already own.)

                        Relevant Link(s):
                        The Waiting List

                        User Image


                        =NONE - Taking a break=
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                              This section is now being completely and totally maintained by my mod crew. Know that they are doing their best, working
                              around the clock to make sure these listings are up-to-date. If you notice something is missing, please feel free to PM them
a kind note with a direct link to the post that was missed.

User Image

(Page links to hilarious conversations/moments I've noticed in the thread.)

ninja Items will be added as they appear! ninja


User Image

We appreciate gifts from anons! Since we cannot thank you privately, since...well...you're anonymous, we thank you here for your stalkerage and gifts!!
Thank you so very much for all that you do, making people's days and wish list dreams come true! You deserve to be recognized!

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Due to the fact that I am involved in so many activities both on and off Gaia in addition to the healthy pace of this thread, I have become in need of assistance to manage the Chat Lounge.

To apply for a position as a moderator, please send a PM to my mule, Agent Vince, with the subject "Mod App," and just simply state your interest in wanting to become a thread moderator, and we'll go from there.

Open Slot(s): 2 (Looking for mods willing to work on thread highlights!)
Filled Position(s): 3

Thread moderators are responsible for greeting newcomers, going back through pages and finding anon sightings for me to post on the front page, and providing answers to any questions regarding thread/game rules, especially when I am offline or going to be away from Gaia for an extended period of time.

If you are in need of assistance and I am not readily available, please contact a mod. Please also use the subject Chat Lounge so that they know what you are writing to them about. Thank you!
xxxxxxUser Image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxUser Image
User Image User ImageUser Image
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User Image
                                          User Image

      As this thread continues to grow, the need for a mule has become apparent. The following are Agent
      Vince's functions in this thread:

      -To trade items that are meant to be placed in the Chat Lounge's RNG Game.
      -To PM any topics related to the Chat Lounge, such as affiliates requests.
      -The distribution of prizes to winners who have won a Chat Lounge game.
      -Receiving gift-boxed items from users who want to dress up the mule.

                  User Image User Image

      PM Subject Lines (brief explanations & for ease of copy-paste!)

      Chat Lounge RNG - Provide a link to the post containing the winning number and what the number is.
      Chat Lounge Affiliate - Affiliates request.
      Chat Lounge Advert - Advertisement requests for links to places like achievement threads, contests with a set deadline, etc.
      Mod App - If you wish to apply for a mod position.

      Trade Subject Lines (brief explanations & for ease of copy-paste!)

      RNG - Item donations specifically for the RNG game; any gold placed in this trade will be taken as a gold prize donation.
      Store - Item donations to be put up for sale by the Chat Lounge mule. Proceeds will go towards gold prizes for the thread.
      Dress Vince - Any gag items you wish to donate to dress up our thread mule! (Cheap items preferred; this is just for fun!)

    User Image
                        The Mysterious Anon a.k.a. "Striker's Angel"!!!!

                                                User Image

        While this thread has seen many anons come and go (while others still lurk! ninja ), one anon has recently
        come forth and offered to dedicate their nonnyness to this thread! whee Come often enough, converse
        regularly, and you may just receive something!

        That being said, please do not indirectly abuse the anon or try to make them feel guilty if you do not get
        anything from them. It is their decision! I am in no way working alongside them, nor do I control who they
        give to; I was just made aware that they will be dedicating themselves to supporting this thread. 3nodding

        As of May 4th, 2014, our wonderfully dedicated anon has decided on a handle! Striker's Angel!! (Not to
        be confused with the anon who refers to themselves as "Striker's Ghost." So if you receive a gift signed
        by this person, know that it is our very own official thread anon fairy!!

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User Image

Random Number Generation (RNG)
This game will run so long as there are items to distribute. As a result, this game may not always be active.
If I ever get around to finishing my main quests, I plan to make this game a more regular event.


arrow Generate a random number from 1 - 1000. (If you use any other numbers, your entry will be considered invalid.)
arrow If you generate the winning number, you win the corresponding prize.
arrow Please PM Agent Vince, the thread mule, with the subject, "Chat Lounge RNG" and provide me the link to the your winning post. If everything checks out, you will receive the item!
arrow If you do not PM Agent Vince and send the link to the winning post, the first person who does will receive the item.
arrow You MAY ONLY WIN ONCE IN A CALENDAR MONTH! This is because I want as many different people to win as possible. (This means if you win an RNG prize in April, you cannot win again until May, etc.)
arrow If you wish to forfeit your prize so that you can try to win a different one, please let me know and I will give the prize to the next eligible RNG!
arrow You may donate items to keep the RNG going, just send a trade to Agent Vince, our thread mule!
arrow Any "winning numbers" drawn before any new items were posted are considered invalid, to avoid possible conflict if multiple people drew the same number in the past.

All prizes on the current list are contributions that came from others. I promised these people that I would put their donations in the RNG,
so that's why they're here and not in my Gaian closet. So if there's a question about the disparity in marketplace values, that's why.

(All rolls from pg. 3090 and onward are valid for the latest list update!)

1: Enchanted Strings
2: Facebook Team Jacket
3: Field Creeper
4: Astra-81 Green Blinking Bedroom Eyes
5: Bunnihilation
6: Destroyer of Lunches
7: Cherry Blossom
10: Pink Magical Giftbox
14: Lavender Dander Bunny Ears
17: Jack H2k13 Jack o' Lantern
20: High Bounty Rookie
21: Hermit Cat Cap
22: Visionary Runaway
23: Crystal Flower
24: V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword
25: Seraphique Vest WON by PrincessTeala
30: Highwire Amaryllis
34: MANinthemoon
35: Enchantress's Essence
37: Twilight Sparkling Skin
50: Light Keiko's Curls
52: Vice Admiral's Ocean Blue Coat
54: Untoten Erzfeind
55: Astra: WTF Emote
60: Brave Temperance
65: Philosopher's Cache
69: Angel Imp Plushie
73: Monthly Collectible Letter for July 2012
76: Astra: Thumbs Down Emote
77: Sweat Emote Mask
79: Friendship Pendant
80: SDPlus #259 Johnny Holmes
83: Crimson Sunset
85: Jack's Bat Clip
90: SDPlus #041 Nicolae
91: Rosa Romance
97: Gothic Veil
100: Stellar Wish
103: Navy Blue DASH Set (Includes: Gear, Arm Guards, Boots & Pants!)
105: Astra: Question Emote
108: Philosopher's Cache
109: Benny the Puppy
110: Dark Lady Soldier Sake
117: H2k13 Jack o'Lantern
120: SDPlus #158 Prince Enki
121: Blue Octopus
122: Gramster
125: Astra: Question Emote
130: Woman in Black Poster
133: Heavenly Awesome
137: Gift of the Goddess
141: Duke
148: Astra: Wave Emote
150: Militia Stars Navy
154: Pochette Demonique
158: V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Parasol
163: Brown Bun-Bun Plushie
169: Astra: Wave Emote
200: Navy Blue DASH Set (Includes: Gear, Arm Guards, Boots & Pants!)
205: Earth Day Leaf Hat
212: Easter 2k14 Chick Beanie
229: Kung Fu Panda (white belt)
232: Astra: Lucky Clover
241: For My Bronies
255: Prisoner's Top
266: Rhinestone Flip-Flops
300: Astra: Thumbs Up Emote
303: Lavender Grunny
305: Langer the Dragon
306: Plain Fluff Plushie
309: Music Note (1)
314: Ugly Step Sister
315: Grecian Top Brown with Rose trim
317: Coon Tail
320: White Collar Nurse
322: Celebrity Date
325: Benny the Puppy
333: Little Lucie 3rd Gen
349: Demonic Innocence
370: The Cherubic Queen of Solair
371: SDPlus #052 Rancher Bill
391: Golden Grunny
402: Rhodonite High Elf Set (Includes: Hood, Robe, Tunic, Sash, Bodice, Skirt & Boots!)
404: Odd Easter Egg
411: Blue Octopus
429: G-LOL Bruise Mistress Skirt
435: Easter 2k14 Lovely Fried Egg Earmuffs
440: Galactic Cadet
445: Langer the Dragon
456: Nichigatsu Kendama
485: Tsunami KO Classic Coat
505: Anzen Rider
509: Summer Grass Field
510: Loyal Cardinal
518: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Box of Chocolates
527: Bad Moon
540: Lavender Grunny
546: Oink Hot Chocolate
555: Langer the Dragon Plush
575: Brimstone Blade
589: Heavenly Drapes
600: SDPlus #332 Memphis
601: Bretelles Demonique
602: Easter 2k14 Charming Neckerchief
607: Halloween 2k12 Medium Vampire Potion
616: Old Man Thug
625: Astra: PWNED Emote
630: Astra: Crying Emote
658: Kiki Fleece Hat
696: Blueberry Cookie Queen of Cups
700: Lavender Grunny
702: Pink Sugar Mini Angels
703: Navy Angelic Sash
704: Sprig Scarf
705: Azure Tatsu Helm
706: Poltergeist Preist Talisman (Pin)
707: Spartan Gloves
711: Easter 2k14 Lovely Gruff Beard
748: Easter 2k14 Baa Baa Beard
756: Easter 2k14 Charming Newsboy Cap
801: Jack's 2k7 Headphones
820: Astra: Crying Emote
826: Lunar Countess
830: Angelic Camisole
836: Madagascar Zebra Mask
845: Workshop Flora
849: Easter Bunny's H2k14 Triumph
857: Biancamella 6th Gen
866: Kokeshi Doll
892: Light Monk's Robe
900: Rhodonite High Elf Set (Includes: Hood, Robe, Tunic, Sash, Bodice, Skirt & Boots!)
901: Astra: Crying Emote
902: Note from a Dear Friend
903: Durem Depot Grab Bag
905: Mercury's Moon
906: International Gas Mask (USA)
908: Memetically Speaking
912: Navy Blue DASH Set (Includes: Gear, Arm Guards, Boots & Pants!)
923: Jackster Two-Pointed Hat
933: I Am Adamant
951: Shining Oberon Pantaloons
963: Vengeful Jackalope
995: Raspberry Vanilla Queen of Cups
1000: Checkmate 3rd Gen


User Image

You may win this game more than once!!
Prizes will be distributed so long as there is enough money in the thread bank!

First poster on every 100th page gets 50 million in gold!!
First poster on every 500th page gets 100 million in gold!!
First poster on every 1,000th page gets 200 million in gold!!
First poster on every 5,000th page gets 300 million in gold!!
First poster on every 10,000th page gets 400 million in gold!!

*For pages where it seems like you would win 2 page prizes (like 500 or 2,000, for example)
the winning poster will get the greater gold amount; the page prizes do not get combined!

**NEW FEATURE (7/5/14): "Up The Ante"!!**
If a page winner does not want his/her prize, they may choose to forfeit. The prize will then go to the next eligible poster on that page.
If we reach the end of the page and no one has claimed the page prize, then the next page prize winner is eligible to get their winnings + the previous amount.
Or, they (along with others) can continue to pass and gradually increase the gold prize until someone is ready to claim it (or until we've hit the thread bank cap).

User Image

These games are sponsored by patrons of this thread. Games will be removed if the patron no longer has prizes to distribute!


User Image

You could win game tickets which can be used to obtain prizes from Gaia's Prize & Joy store!! Interested? Here's how you play!

arrow Roll one 20-sided dice OR generate random numbers from 1-20.
arrow Winning numbers are 7 and 13. Prize is 100 tickets.
arrow Please quote him each time you roll, so he can keep track.
arrow You may re-roll every five (5) minutes!
arrow You may NOT delete your post if you don't get a winning number. Fredy-san will be counting the number of posts on each page!!

Currently only 3 2 winners will receive 100 tickets each, first come, first served.


User Image

The rules of the game are simple! The first five (5) people to quote THIS POST with a picture of a couple gets 100mil!

1st winner: Fredy-san
2nd Winner: Haji Demon

User Image

These are game(s) that were previously run and are no longer running in the thread.

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Fashionable Gaian

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  • Trader 100
User Image

Thanks for a successful Independence Day Event, you guys!!
Stay tuned for our next event for some pretty awesome prizes, coming up in September!!

User Image

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Fashionable Gaian

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  • Entrepreneur 150
  • Trader 100
User Image
(A list of people who have donated items and/or gold towards RNG game and/or thread prizes! Thank you!)

August 2014
Striker's Angel - 1bil!! WHOAAA!! eek Thanks so much for always looking out for the people of this thread, anon!! 3nodding

July 2014
Fated Reaper - A bunch of items for the RNG list & 10mil for our quest bank!! Thank you so much! (And for your additional donation of 1bil and several items for an upcoming holiday event!! You're the best!!)
Senzon28 - 500mil for the thread bank! AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!
Sneaky Anon - 1bil mythrill coin for the thread prize bank!! eek Whoaaa!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Elementis_Dragon - 5bil!! eek Say WHAT?? emotion_jawdrop YOU ARE AMAZING!! Thanks so much for contributing to the thread prize bank!!

June 2014
Haji Demon - Dark Omen. Thanks, Haj!!!! We'll be putting that into the RNG!
Striker's Angel Anon - 50mil for the thread!! Thank you so much you are so very awesome!! biggrin
NTalk - 1,400,000g, 2 Langer the Dragons, and 12 Time & Space items. xd Thank you!!
Scritches - HOLY BELUGA WHALE!!!! 20mil + 10 items. Your super cool prizes will be going into our RNG list as the trade was labeled! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Cat-Astrophy Mule - 6mil and 3 items for the thread RNG! THANK YOU!!
Mizumi Kantoa - Thanks to DoublexEdgedxSword's suggestion, she has donated 2mil + 2 items to our thread that will be going to the RNG! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Maxlin - Donated 4 prizes for our RNG game! Thank you!!!!

May 2014
Plasmavore - An AMAZING 1 billion towards page/thread prizes!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I know the other people in here will appreciate it!!
tea is gross - Enchanted Strings, Monthly Collectible Letter for July 2012 and an Ugly Stepsister, all donated to the thread RNG!!! Thanks!!
Forbidden the Eternal One - 1 million towards page/thread prizes!! THANK YOU!! (And an additonal 25k on May 2nd!!)
WickedSpellz - A bunch of items for the thread store!! Thanks!! biggrin (And an additional donation to the RNG list!)
Sky_Jean - Several items for the RNG list! Thank you!!
Striker's Angel Anon - 20mil!! Thank you!!
Faithet - Donated 880k on top of her bid amount for our thread Cinco de Mayo event to make the thread bank earnings an even number. LOL. Hilarious, and thank you!! (And an ADDITIONAL 50mil along with items for the RNG/store donated on 5/27!! You rock!!)
x_La Seine_x - Donations to the RNG and thread store! Thanks a million!!
ArenWalka - 600k towards the thread bank!! Thank you so much!!
PrincessTeala - An Astra-81 Green Blinking Bedroom Eyes & a Friendship Pendant for the RNG and 100k for the thread bank!! Thank you!!!!
Striker's Angel Anon - Crimson Sunset and SDPlus #141 Delilah for the thread store!! Thanks so much!!
Lestat_the_Undying - A totally unexpected gift of 16mil towards the thread bank!! Thank you so much!!
stranger12 - Some RNG items that will be added to the list next month, when the cycle begins again! Thank you!!!

April 2014
Queen_Rini - A whole heckuvalot of items!! Thank you!!
ArenWalka - Lady Glaive (won by someone during the Easter 2k14 event!)
WickedSpellz - A bunch of items!! (In two separate installments!) Thank you so much for keeping the thread going!! (Later also contributed items to be placed in the thread shop!)
I am Kelleh - Donated and did SO MUCH for my Easter 2k14 thread!! Can't thank you enough!! heart
Neon_diamondz - Several items! Thanks so much!!
PaganPrefect - Quite a few items. (And later, a substantial gold donation towards thread prizes!) Thank you for your contribution!
kukimaru - eek Whoa! A Winsor!! Someone is going to be super happy! biggrin Thanks for contributing!!
Xarchela - 5 AMAZING items!! Thank you!! There are going to be some happy winners out there!! biggrin
Sky_Jean - A bundle of items!! Thank you!!
Sileaf - An awesome Checkmate 3rd Gen! Wow! Someone is going to be super happy!! Thank you!! (Later also contributed more RNG items!)
Faithet - Several items for RNG! Thanks! biggrin (Also later submitted items for the thread store!)
Plasmavore - A TON of RNG items, thank you!
babyl10 - A Navy Blue DASH set and La Belle Chanteuse for RNG! Thanks! heart
Mystery Jeeves - 1 mil towards page prizes and a few items. Thank you!!

Lavender Dander Bunny Ears from "Troll Anon"
Coon Tail
2 Lavender Grunnies xd
Cherubim's Dark Blue Wings
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User Image
(Users who have contributed quality posts, constantly donate items for the RNG game, and/or regularly visit this thread.)

The Perks

arrow People on this list may ask for an item from either my main account's store (Daemon Striker) or the thread store (Vince Moretti) to be placed on hold until they have enough money to purchase it for the amount listed at the time of the listing. The price is locked in, meaning even if the price rises in value, you would only have to pay for the original price agreed upon.
arrow However, should the value of an item drop, the item will be sold to the whitelisted member for the lower value.
arrow Members will also get at 2% discount off the final sale price agreed upon.
arrow Members of this list may also receive special items from me from time to time, at my discretion.

Whitelist Member Responsibilities

arrow All members of this thread are responsible to continue adhering to the rules of this thread.
arrow Any blatant violations or disrespectful conduct to myself and others will cause your name to be removed from this list.


arrow If you don't see your name on here and you come here pretty regularly, please be patient. I have a busy life off-net and I sometimes get backlogged with all the different updating tasks I have set for myself.
arrow Names may be removed in the event where a user has been absent for an incredibly prolonged period of time, resulting in my not recognizing the username (even after doing a user search). This should be a rare case, since I'd like to think I have a pretty decent memory. Sometimes though, if it's been really long (and especially if we haven't spoken in ages), I do forget.

Arrinae Maeya Tsuki
Coke Vanilla
Cosmic Rena
Cream Foulu
Damned Zombie
Fated Reaper
Forbidden the Eternal One
Haiji Demon
Lady Mae Lou
Last Damned Soul
x_La Seine_x
Yume Kara Sasayaku
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User Image
(Users who have deliberately broken rules or have otherwise severely disrupted the tranquility of this thread.)

User: Vereor Nox
Reason: For generally being rude and not being kind or appreciative about having received an anon gift just because it wasn't something they wanted without taking into account that the anons aren't obligated to give anyone anything in the first place.
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User Image
Visit shops and threads run by my friends!
(Please PM Agent Vince with the subject "Chat Lounge Affiliate" if you would like your link up here and fill out the form below! Small banners only! Preferably 200x40!)

[b]Name of your thread:[/b]
[b]Type:[/b] Is it a charity? Art thread? Quest thread? Etc.
[b]Code for your banner:[/b] Please use the code tags so I can copy-paste and add them to the thread!

Inappropriate threads will not be accepted!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
A Graphics Shop run by ADRENALiNE R U S H__x!
(Provides Custom Roleplay Graphics)

User Image
A Graphics Shop run by Zane-EXE!

User Image
<3 Chibi Commissions by CC Reiakins! <3 *click*

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Casual Walk-In Roleplay

User Image
VVV Before PMing Fredy-san with your problem, they request that you please read here first!! VVV
Profile Discussion f.170 - Extended FAQ Thread

User Image
You Gotta Be Kitten Me! // Profile Shop //

User Image
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User Image

      The Chat Lounge Logs
      Mostly archived posts from various sections of this thread. (Announcements, previous game winners, etc.)

      Thread Prize Funding Store
      All proceeds made from this store go towards prizes for thread games.
      To donate to the store, please send a trade labeled "shop" or "store" to Agent Vince!

      User Image
      Donations appreciated, of course, but please do come and hang out!
      Regulars are SUPER loved!! Always love to make new friends!
      (Banner by ADRENALiNE R U S H__x!)

      User Image
      A speakeasy/fantasy hybrid, historical fiction roleplay! Semi-lit to lit!
      (Banner by ADRENALiNE R U S H__x!)

      User Image


      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

      User Image

      ASHLEYASDFGH's TAKE MY MONEY! || 。.☆°・*☆ 400mil ☆*・°☆.。

      A Simple Charity owned by DorkofSporks!

      *If you are the owner(s) of one of these charities and do not wish to be listed here, please let me know either in thread or via PM &
      I will respect your request and remove your link immediately! I only want to promote others and do not wish to make anyone upset!*

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