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Hi everyone! call me Deq and I'm here to re-initiate my Inspect The Deq thread!

[ --- I will be hosting small contests & giveaways here and I will be trying to help out new users --- ]
Read the next post for all contest information

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[ 1 ] Follow Gaia's rules, don't break their Terms of Service
[ 2 ] Don't be rude to your fellow Gaian
[ 3 ] Bumping while no one is around is fine. Please no bumping if there are people to talk to though.
Hi! Time for some fun and contests! Bigger contests coming soon!

[ Contest ]

[ Dice roll ] Contest
Roll 1 dye that has 100 sides. GET NUMBER 53 and Win 40k
You can win more than once if you are chatting!When bumping you can only win TWO TIMES a day

[ Random Number ] Contest
Generate a number between 0 and 66. GET NUMBER 9 and Win 25k
You can win more than once if you are chatting!When bumping you can only win TWO TIMES a day

ALL winners have to PM Deqqy with the page number where you won, a link to the post, and in the title have which game you were playing! IF YOU DO NOT PM Deqqy with this information you will not receive your prize. This does not go for page contests though, I can handle that one easily! Please do not PM me more than once about a win. Also - I'm not on all day every day be patient!

[ Page Prize ] Contest

Help us get to page 1,885, there's something in it for everyone!
First and last posters will receive ONE RIG from the current month! You can not win if you are not in the thread 5 pages prior to the winning page. What does that mean? If you are new to the thread, then that means you need to first make your appearance 5 pages before the winning page. Older thread members are perfectly ok.

Let me update this real quick. One prize per person per page contest. Meaning if one person is the first and last poster, they will only win for the first post, the other item will go towards the first person ABOVE them. Make sense? XD If there was only one person to post for the entire page, then only one prize will be given out total.

[ Random Page Contest ]

Once a week I will randomly chose one person to win one of the Current Birthstone Items. The only catch for this is that the thread must move at least 10 pages a week. If it is not made to 10 pages that week, I will then change the current and goal numbers accordingly. Every Friday I will randomly generate two numbers. The first will be the page and the second number will be the winner of the contest. Winner will be picked between the goal pages!
Current starting page: 1,841
Goal page: 1,860

Goal last week was not met.
Are you new to Gaia? If so send Miss Oswald Cobblepot a filled out Newbie Application for a special little gift and a chance at a bigger prize!
PM Miss Oswald Cobblepot

Copy the following application into the PM, fill it out an click send!

[b]I am new here![/b]
[b]How did you find out about Gaia?:[/b]
[b]When did you join?:[/b]
[b]Why do you think you should win?:[/b][i]Just give us a quick blurb

[b]Do you have a quest yet?:[/b][i]If yes what is it?[/i]
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Come say Hi I won't bite..promise
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w0w ok exclaim
w0w ok exclaim
Hello there smile and welcome

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