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I am sick and tired of all the music forum debating on bands when I know they're genre and you do not! You think everyone is on your side but you never even bother do do your research.

Quit flaming and starting debates because I am sick of it. Music is the one this I have in life and I'm not having you take it away! I'm not the one who started this! All I wanted is a list of Japanese bands I could check out and you all turned it into hell! I'm ignoring all debaters now!

If you think I'm wrong then I know I'm right because it means you are following the incorrect path and not doing your music research.
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Pillows are a great band. they did the FLCL Soundtrack.
also you could try Hang on the box they're a japanese punk rock band. also they is the 5,6,7,8's
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My favourite genre is metal and I love Japanese music especially songs from anime or even Namie Amuro and Puffy Ami Yumi. So any Japanese rock/metal or pop would be nice and then suggest a song so I can look it up. ~ Thank You

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the gazette, maximum the hormone, nightmare, GRANRODEO
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All metal is Heavy Metal.
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UVERWORLD is my fave
i love
all their songs
they sound even better live.
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Maximum the hormone and Nightmare are really good ones
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If you want something in the line of powermetal, I'd say Galneryus. Syu is a guitar god;

My favorite band would have to be Versailles, though.

I would marry every one of them.
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All metal is Heavy Metal.

emotion_facepalm No, just no. Disturbed is metal but it isn't heavy like Pillows or White Chapel.

None of those are metal.

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