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Congratulations to young miss Johnson. :3 Me mum wished to viddy the gymnastics but she's awfully tired and has gone off to Dreamland.

I really must be off. I've a show to tape on the telly, hopefully. Someone is being very secretive about when exactly Jamie Lidell will be on to perform for Craig Ferguson's show of talk. stare

Ok, good night to all.
*claps and whistles* that was lovely, Perf (I hope I can call you that xp )
Me wants these! Help?!
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Perf, edges, Zach, obnoxious pain in the tucus... oh wait, only my sister can call me that.

Zach, perf, or edges work fine though. ^^

830k/a lot
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Dangerous Lunatic

perforated edges
Winter Dreamer
I believe Winter is referring to the Olympics.

Thanks so much for the invitation, Ace. I feel honored. :3
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^^ yes I was, and Shawn Johnson,
won a gold medal x33!!

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Me wants these! Help?!
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oOo What did she win it in?

830k/a lot
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Alright, Night Purple ^_^

She got her FIRST gold medal in the event finals,
On the Balance Beam, a gymnast's worst enemy xD

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Me wants these! Help?!
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Any two legged person's worst enemy. We weren't built for balance... We weren't built for much really. Without opposable thumbs, we would likely not exist. Yay evolution.

830k/a lot
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xDD well that's just a general statement
Most gymnasts don't excel on beam,
it's 4 inches wide xD when we're up there
it doesn't look so hard but once you stand on it
yourself... xDD then you realize.

Me personally, I'm rather good ^^
when I remember to stay tight
and not think about it a lot xD;

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Me wants these! Help?!
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You're totally wrong. It looks hard without having to be on it. whee

Well, I am far past my bed time, but i had to stop in to congratulate the cute couple first. Night night.

830k/a lot
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xDD whatever you say then ^_^

someone once told me, "you make
it look so easy." and I thought, "you
have no idea how hard it is xD"

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Sorry for the slow response... I am nodding off here and exploring everyone's respective threads... I love the Blues Brothers! And yeah, who know one state could have different dialects?!? At any rate, I will probably be off soon.... so I won't reply anymore. I'll check back tomorrow, though. I just can't seem to stay awake, and I have to get up an hour earlier for work (I was scheduled an earlier shift tomorrow, blegh) So, I'll be back to really, properly introduce myself and get to know y'all tomorrow! smile ^_^

"Frogs have it easy. They eat what bugs them."
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Ariel!! x33

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Whoa! Fast thread!!
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Hi Nomie!

Nice flob Mal!

Wow, I had a dream a person bid 1000k on someone here. burning_eyes <3 (Of course it wasn't me though rofl )
congratulations acey + necro <3
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