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Like I said, Chop off all male parts that are unessisary to females they just get in the way.

Viva La revolution de labia!!!!
This Is My Quest Help Out!

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Hey guess what if you donate you get a small show of appreciation by me by putting your user name on this and on my profile!
Still don't think thats enough???? WELL! um...... thats really all? What else would you want if you donated? If you can think of something that I can possible do pm me and tell me. If I can't do it KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!

*People who Love me enough to donate!*

*None yet* crying
How about just half?
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    Hell no.
Sorry it all must go
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I like you : D
gonk I like mine.

My apple juice has a dying fetus in it..
How about Yes it's Not a useful thing
    Roogan-Sama Says!
    Yes then the human population would decrease and then it'll be Adam and Eve all over again. [:
gonk I like mine.

Well thats too bad!
I love v****a's as much as the next guy/girl but I don't think cutting off anybodies d**k is going to help you out, it's just delaying the inevitable procreation.

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