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Surprisingly, I have not seen one of these yet. But if there is one out there, I did not mean to steal your idea! So sorry!

Alright. It seems a lot of us just like to post are role play starters and go about our way. It also seems some people get aggravated with this since they can't role play in the threads anymore. So here is a solution for everyone! Now you can post your starters and people can reply through a PM. I'm not responsible for anything that happens in PMs.

I hope this helps.

1.) Follow all of mine and Gaia's rules.
2.) Do NOT insult others or their starters.
3.) Do not RP in here. This is simply for posting your starters! Although, you can hang out can chat!
4.) Keep it PG-13 and do not insinuate any type of cybering. I don't need you getting my thread deleted.
5.) I can ban you.
6.) If you see a rule being broken feel free to PM me with the page number and name. It would be greatly appreciated and you will remain anonymous.
7.) Please try not to post the same starter more than once on a page.
8.) You can advertise here as well. Just don't get to crazy.
9.) I can add rules as I like.

1.) Rainbow Aigeann
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3.) ChimeraSynx18

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If anyone would like to make one, or several, that would be wonderful. 3nodding
Rainbow Aigeann cuts the ribbon.

"We ish officially open!!!"
So, you can post past ones, too?
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So, you can post past ones, too?
[ / ish slightly confused ]

You can post any starter, old or new, as many times as you want. 4laugh
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She huffed as she ran past old oak trees, covered in a deep green moss. Dairi looked over her shoulder, seeing three dirty looking men chasing after her, all whom were thieves. Her gaze went back to the direction she was running, picking up her dress as she jumped over a fallen tree. "Hey! Stop running Precious We Aint gonna Hurt ya!" One of the thieves’ yelled out, which was followed by a loud sadistic laughter. Dairi's long brown hair flowed behind her as she zigzagged through what seemed to be a never ending forest, praying that she had lost them. The young woman started to slow down when she could hear no more laughter behind her. Heaving, exhausted from running like a mad woman, she leaned against a tree. Her pale face was red, her long hair was a mess, and her dress. Her dress was practically in shreds from extended branches trying to grab her. "Well Well Well! Look what we have here!" A strong hand roughly grabbed her arm, throwing down onto the soft earth. "Leave me alone Damn it!" Dairi yelled trying to get up, but was held down when a foot pressed against her back.
Seriously craving. Please respond!

Indian Girl - English Man - Romance

White men is what her village called them. They had arrived but three nights ago, and yet they had already proven themselves dangerous. Her people had went, like she is now, to try and figure out who the new comers were. When they had been detected by the white men, they had used strange weapons, that made loud thunder like noises, from afar to injure them. Two of her warriors had been lost to the weird wounds made by the strange weapons. Her father, the chief of her village, had immediately called the surrounding villages to unite with them for protection. He then announced that no one was aloud to leave the village.
Now Nalini quietly made her way to the foreignness occupying her land. She could hear loud laughter over the hill where their village was set up. Stopping momentarily she took a deep breath, then crept her way up the hill to hide behind a tree. Slowly she peeked around the tree. Below she seen the white men walking around, laughing, and carrying some source of fire with them for light. It seemed most of them were heading into their tepee like shelters. Not surprising since the moon had risen long ago. Now there was but one left sitting around the fire. She turned her body to get a closer look at him and something cracked beneath her. She gasped lightly as his eyes came up to meet hers.

[[PM to continue. Guys only. Reply doesn't have to be this long. I just want something I cah write back to. I also don't care if you use * * or the likes, just as long as I understand you. I do NOT cyber. If you don't like this, or any of the starters in my journal, send me one of yours. whee Thanks!]]
"Mm. . . . No. . . Wait a second--"

The blonde girl murmured in her sleep. Though, a rude awaking came to her instead. Looks like nothing is or was waiting for her. "--Ah !" the young teen cried as she hit the floor with a loud 'thud'. Cursing quietly under her breath, a familiar figure was now in her blurry-eyed vision.

"You alright, Aki-chan?" asked a gentle yet soothing voice. ".... Um, what would you wan--"
In the middle of her talking, a wild woofing noise came bellowing at her. It must've been Lucky. But, if they weren't careful, they might've woke the other people in the apartment; after all it was-- wait. What time really was it? Oh no, oh no. It was already a half hour past seven. That wasn't good.

Akane pushed her mother and dog out from her room as she searched high and low for her uniform. "...Oh god dammit. Why didn't I have this ready before?!" she asked herself, angrily. How would it look if she didn't have her brand new student council uniform? Bad. Yes, very bad. And she also has to try to act 'normal' instead of her wild and uncanny self. Oh, like that would ever happen.

She already buttoned up her shirt and put her blood red tie loosely from her neck. This school was very interesting; having to which neckties and ties to get the right uniform when you date. Man, that's just really cool. But, it also reminds you of your social rank.

Speaking of ranks, she just pinned her cloth arm ban onto the left side of her jacket. The bright musty shade of the bronze cross that was on a white background. Sighing at the mirror she stared at, the blonde eyed herself in her new uniform. Well, this one was certainly better than her last, I'll tell you that. But, Akane only expected the greatest from such a high-classed school. The clothes looked rather cute to her, and appealed to her more than it did on her bed; where she tossed it three days before. At least she had it in the first place. Oh, she forgot to get a bite to eat.

Rushing quickly from her room to the kitchen, she sensed the presents of food. ".... Mmm? Oh, thanks mom!" Akane said cheerfully. Though, the 'mom' part sounded awkward compared to the other words in her sentence. Nevertheless, her mom didn't seem to pick it up, or catch it at all. But, she eyed the bento box on the counter in front of her. Mom must've knew that she was in a rush this morning. Looking down at her ld-fashioned wrist watch she gripped the brown box with one hand and a water bottle in the other. Since, she already had her schoolbag slipped right on her shoulder. With a slight wave at her mother, she opened the nearest door, and walked through, closing and locking it from behind.

She saw the long line for the elevator and so she decided to take the stairs. Conveniently, the door for the stairs were to her left, so she started off and walked down the stairs, skipping some to save time. Then, she made it to the bottom. She opened up her bento box enough for her to eat a piece of sushi within it. And with a quick drink of water, she started off again running north up to the rich homes.

Passing some, she eyed the students around her age leaving her home and walking to school; but in a much slower pace. But they all had one thing in common; they were all silvers. A sad sigh escaped the blonde girl's lips as she finally reached the gates of the school. Nervous silver-ranked students giggled and blushed at something. But what? Oh, she saw now. But, she didn't stare for long, for the board at the school would deduct points.

Skinny with fair-toned skin, misty emerald eyes, and medium length hair of silver strands. She took a glimpse of his uniform and rank armband. He was the gold member. He was the soon-to-be president. She herself was blushing and she reverted from him to a black-haired girl whom was unremarkably beautiful. She had the same uniform, too. Akane recalled the day that the whole council met up. But, but it seemed like she has been at this school for forever. But, this was her first day. But, this means a clean slate. And new friends and faces. Speaking of which, she saw a gothic-type girl whom lingered around the big iron gates. Then, she finally stepped away from there and to the main entrance instead.

[ Oh... my... god... I finished this at 3:11 a.m. I NEED SLEEP ! ]
            The pink-haired girl was dancing gracefully on a floor. She rotated between men. First, it was some men she hadn't met, then it was Lelouch. After a couple spins, he accidentally tossed her unbalanced and she started to fall.

            "Are you alright, Princess?" A soft yet worried tone addressed her. A smile curved on her lips as she nodded, "Hai. I'm fine~"

            A murmured sigh escaped the young knight's lips as he fixed the princess back onto her feet. Taking her hand he started into her hazy purplish-blue eyes. "Shall we dance?" His voice became calm and pleasing. Without much notice, a blush crept onto her cheeks. Blinking, she nodded at the gentle boy. And, then they were off.

            They danced in the center as the noblemen and even Cornellia was watching them; with cautious eyes of course.

            The decor was very nice and golden-painted. A beauitful chandelier hung right above their heads. Little diamond-like crystals glistened as the lights in the grand room reflected off from it.

            "...Euphemia..." He chanted again. The tone was soothing, and the voice was gentle like always. He came closer to her as he whispered her name. Looking up from her feet, she saw a pair of green eyes staring at her. Looking closely, she could've swore she saw her face deep within his eyes.

            "Euphemia..." he repeated, the voice got closer to the princess. Their faces were centimeters apart now. "I love you." A hint of happiness and a dash of flattering came into her mind. Everyone was watching them. Whispering and murmurs flew across the room. Not minding, Euphie was just focusing on one man.

            "Oh, Suzaku... I love you, too," Giggled the pink haired female. He smiled at her like he always did. That smile, she loved a lot..

            Leaning in closer, her heart began to beat. Gradually, his eyelids began to close as he neared to her lips. The lips that haven't been touch by a man. Something gave her a jolt. "Nani...?" She muttered inaudibly. The jolt came again.

            "Wake up...! Wake up.....!"

            Her head started to spin as she tried to focus. Shake. Her dancing dream and her prince began to fade away from her. Shake. "N-no! Don't go!" She cried out. Suzaku disappeared from sight. No one or thing remained. She was now in the darkness. Why now? Couldn't it stop after? Shake.

            "Why...?" The princess asked in a rather saddened tone.

            "Hime-sama, Are you alright? You've look like you were having a nightmare... I tried to wake you for a while now.."

            "Suzaku! Is he here!?" she said in a worried voice, remembering about their date.

            A light giggle came from the maid and she patted her head, "...No dearie. But, he might be soon. You need to find something to wear!"

            Euphie nodded at her with a change in expression. Taking the covers off from her, the maid stepped away for the young princess to move. Slipping into her house slippers, she ambled to the door near to her.

            Opening it, the contents were full of different colored clothes. Stepping in, she ran her fingertips at the edge of the clothes. Her right hand stopped at one hanger. "Hn?" Pulling out the metal hanger, she saw it. It was a simple quarter-sleeve long length shirt that was the perfect shade of midnight blue. A pair of blue jeans plus a belt was there. Matching sunglasses and a round no trim hat hung from the brown belt. Satisfied with her choice, she veered toward the entrance of the closet room and shut the door upon reaching her main bedroom.

            The black-haired maid nodded at the girl as she exited the room, shutting the door behind her. Quickly, Euphie got changed.

            With a beaming smile on her face she practiced her greetings. Or actually, tried to figure out what to say or do. "....Oh Suzaku! I've missed you! No... Hi Suzaku! nah.. Suzaku, you look great! No, no, no! What am I going to say?!" She whispered to herself as she walked down the hall and down the grand staircase. She glanced down at her sunglass which were lightly clutched in her left hand as the right was gripping onto the wooden bannister. She glanced out from the center window infornt of her, trying to see if she saw a familiar face walking toward her house.
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i got tons to post twisted but ill post one at a time =p

          She murmured, waking up with the strange spirit freshly playing back in her mind. Absently, she rolled over off of the bed. 'Thud'. Blinking, she stayed on the floor for a while and she pondered on her thoughts. "Me...chosen...important...Emiko...Asu..." She echoed the large owl's words in slow breaths. And to believe she gave up on her bending abilities. Why should she quit? It was a wonderful gift, was it not? How could she be so blind?

          Shuffling could be heard within the right wall to her. Have she awaken her mother in the process of her fate-decided dream?

          Forgeting about her mother, she pulled herself into an upright position, wide-awake and now a flow of mixed emotions waved through her. During this confusing state, she unsteadily, got up to her feet and rubbed her back as to ease the pain of her fall. Looking up, she spotted the sun barely seeping through the cracks in her roof. It must be morning already.

          Perhaps she should leave just now. Leave a note behind? With no good-bye? No, not even Hiro and Rin did that. But father had..

          Shaking the thoughts of the lost ones in the world, she quickly spun around to face a woven basket which held her normal clothes. That consisted of a flatted-looking light blue parka to wear outside, and her usual sky blue dress she'd wear under.

          Running a finger through her midnight black hair, she'd forgot that it was still down. Nearing the basket, the water bender fished for the deep blue ribbons that she tied her hair into the low two pigtails. After getting dressed, and fixing up her hair, she pulled out one last item from the basket. That item was a bracelet of light shades of a milky blue and pale white. She was very tenacious about that bracelet. It was her only memory of her elder sister, Rin. How long was it now? Five years? Maybe more maybe less.

          Walking over to the wall near to the basket, she unhooked her bag which was light with only just a bottle that held water inside. Swinging the medium purple cloth bag over her left shoulder, she was off to get some food and part with her birthplace village. Ambling out from her room, a soft and feminine tone addressed her. "Hina?"

          Turning her head to the left to view the speaker, she found her eyes laid upon her mother. Her hair was tied back in a bun and some long strains of black hair cascaded down from the front of her face. Her bangs were parted to the right, barely covering her right blue eye.

          "...Mother," Hina nodded to her and continued, "....I-I have some duties to attend to up in the Foggy Swamp Tribe, something important I must do... So, I'll be gone for a while... Sorry..."
          "...Well, that's a long way you know. If you go straight to there it'll be at least more than twenty-four hours..."
          "I can handle it, mother. I'm your daughter remember," said Hina flashing her a slight smile.
          Chuckling low, the mother rubbed her head and nodded, "...You're big enough, right? Well, go on. Your adventure is just beginning."

          After that, the black-haired woman strolled off to the next room gathering up the supplies for the morning's work. Grinning from ear to ear, Hina marched into the kitchen and pulled out some food to take with. She grabbed some bread and some other type of gain along with another bottle of water. Storing this into her bag, Hina headed to the front of her home and slipped on her shoes at the entrance. "...Bye mother..." she chanted from the inside. A mumured ' good-bye ' was barely heard.

          She headed out and pulled out a map that she took along also. "...Perhaps I could just take a canoe north toward it, then.." She muttered to herself as she neared to the docks. Spotting a free canoe, the water bender happily half ran to it, carefully stepping in and unhooking the rope, she grabbed the paddle that was inside and started to steer in the direction of the swamp. Humming enjoyfully to herself, the fifteen-year-old was off.

          [ .... ]

          A good amount of time had pasted when she finally reached the swamp. "Hn?" She noticed another boy leaving in a canoe rowing bck to somewhere. Veering her vision, Hina looked up ahead to see land. ' I'm here, I'm here! At last, I'm here!!' She squealed happily in her mind. Rowing closer and closer to the land. Blinking, she was slightly confuse on what to do next. "...Uh, do I wait...?" she questioned herself under her breath.

          [ Sorry, this post took me forever... @ . @ ; ]
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