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You know God doesn't prevent these things, God gave us a soul and a mind of our own, we make the choices, not him, and he can't stop death, infact, he created all life, and life sometimes just has to die. But, the children dying, that wasn't God's fualt, it's just the shooter's fault, now, God is going to send him to Hell for this, but, you have to admit, God can't control everything we do in life. Anyway, people should care about this because what if it one of your kids that got shot, then you wouldn't be saying these things, you'd be at their funeral, crying for your child's death. You can't beat death, no one can, you just live, make choices, and die, no one can stop that, not even God, now, think about this and realise that not everything is good, and stop messing around, this is seriouse stuff here. Thank you Crayons for caring, we appriciate that.
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Secksual Crayons

                      I never said you shoved anything down anyone's throat,
                      that person made use of a saying that referred to a
                      person's spoken word not being absolute. Liek that of a God's.
                      YOU mentioned something from a bible therefore YOU
                      brought up religion, NOT them.

                      Also;; then you'd say this "evil" individual went against, "God's plan"?
                      Why would God have a play if it was not definitive? If this plan can be
                      so easily altered why does it exist? Seems a might fruitless.
                      If those children had a life ahead of them... they'd still be alive.
                      By the way I never said you were, "at fault" for anything, just
                      that hating him is no different from hating anyone else for they're choices.

                      Oh... and you can not 'take life' for life can not be owned. It is intangible.
                      You sit wasting energy being negative, hateful, and angry yet you forget
                      that it is possible that if these children never died there is a chance that at least 1
                      could have grown up to do the same. Others too poor, families unable to afford
                      for them to further their education. Then the few that have well off families that grow up to
                      treat people in a horrible manner. Teen pregnancy, sexual crimes((either commited by or
                      against them)), mugged, taken advantage of by those they trust;; teachers and family members.
                      There are a great many things that can happen to a single child in a life time....
                      I'd rather they die today and be forever at peace in what ever after life awaits them,
                      then suffer for the rest of their lives. Some things.... are worse than death.

                      ((unless they end up like the kids in Corpse Party. > 0 >; ))

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True, but, still, we're talking about children, not even in a middle school, or high school, they were in kindergarden. That's sad, even for the shooter. He must have been pretty desperate to attack a five year old, I mean, he shot and killed 18 kindergardeners, that's way to much for people to handle. No one that has common sense, or any sense, would do that, even killers wouldn't do that, because that's way too far. These children had a life to live, they could've had families of their own, had jobs, even a life, but still, they were killed even before any of that could've happened. Those families lost a loved one, and we're talking about it like it isn't a big deal, but it is, and we don't know that. So, to those families, I send them apologies for their lost lovved one, and hope that they can handle their life now.

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