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Evil A is the new owner
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Complete with theme song...

WELCOME ALL TO THE NEW THREAD OF CAFE BLUE!!!!! The thread of contests, charity and mainly about just having a laugh! ^_^

User ImageFirst, let me introduce you to THE EVIL BLUE FAIRY!! She is our charity mule and mascot, and it is through her that this thread is organised and run!

This is a charity thread that gives away 4 sealed letters a month!!! If you want a sealed letter it is pretty simple to get one. Plz go to the Sealed Letter Giveaway Post 4 for all details. (See latest update for details)

This thread was orignally made so i could go and help people out on a regular and more permanent basis, but it appears i'm not the only one with that feeling anymore, because since then many people *non-helpers also* have been donating to others and setting up contests in this thread!!! So as you can expect, this is a firm community thread, so meet some people, chat, relax and have fun ^_^ There really are some fantastic and unforgettable people here 3nodding

And if you wish to remain anonymous, and just help out generally, you can donate to the Cafe Blue Charity via THE EVIL BLUE FAIRY!! The account is checked twice a day or more, so plz be patient if your donation is not instantly accepted


POST 1 - INTRODUCTION - You are here
POST 2 - NEWS!!!
POST 12 - Reserved Post

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27 August 2014 Well, that Number Generator game kind of fell flat so I cancelled it months back. Forgot to make an announcement about it. Yes, still here!

25 November 2013 Added a Number Generator game to contests, check it out!

18 January 2013 Start of a new year, and we are still here handing out letters! Tell your friends and continue to enjoy Cafe Blue!

14 December 2012 We will be running the Blue Hot Chocolate Booth this year at the Christmas Charity Festival!
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07 May 2012 We will be bringing the Blue Raspberry Cupcakes to the Triple Treat!
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12 June 2008 Yes, there is a new owner once again and this time it so happens to be Evil A... I have been working on getting the front page working again, and nearly have that goal done. This will remain a charity, and I have no plans of changing the focus of Cafe Blue. Some things will be changing, but that is part of how things work during a time such as this... I am thankful for those that supported me in becoming the new owner and if ever there is a need for me to step down I will do so in faith that the next in line will do the job better than me. To make this work I will need help... Even though I have been on Gaia for nearly 3 years now, I am still poor myself so I have made sure to have the backing of a few friends that have always been better off than I. I do expect to get every aspect of this charity working again but right now I am more focused on showing that I can be here for the community and that Cafe Blue will not die on my watch! Thank you all and I am happy that I am trusted with running Cafe Blue! More news will be up when it needs to be... That is all I have to report for now...

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Want a sealed letter and wondering how to get one? Well it is actually rather simple to get one, and that is to impress my helpers. ^_^

The thing is, all you need to do is post saying you want a sealed and if you wish, a reason, *you might find that preferable* but I would assume the best way to impress my helpers is to hang around this thread. On the 12th of every month they will send me 4 names each whom they feel deserves a letter, and I will randomly select from there. *literally, I might put all the names in a hat or something.* But lately, I have been quite liberal in the choices as my helpers have not been very active lately. I still think I have been fair about it.

I hand out 2 a month at the moment too... Well, now one...

And because this has become an issue of late: If you do not accept the trade by next time I hand out letters you have missed your chance at getting your letter. Sorry, but I really do not desire to bog down my trades because people are not accepting their letters on time.


The Announcement of the Winners are made on the 15th of Every Month

1)NO BEGGING - Do NOT bombard my helpers with "plz plz plz pick me", only one request per month will do!!
2)Follow the rules of the thread
3)So obviously following the second rule, remain off the black list

The Winners
Winner January 2015 - Missie

Winner December 2014 - Sacred Wind

Winner November 2014 - Time Untime

Winner October 2014 - Mimi Moonstone

Winner September 2014 - Riskette

Winner of August 2014 - kittycat_2645

Winner of July 2014 - nocookie4cindy

Winner of June 2014 - Hiacinth

Winner of May 2014 - sweetroar

Winner of April 2014 - Sacred Wind

Winner of March 2014 - Leaf Cap, Elyralith

Winner of February 2014 - Kyorukki, Nix

Winner of January 2014 - gagalooie, Skyllaeh

Winner of December 2013 - Caimbrie, Bread Roll

Winner of November 2013 - Elyralith, TimeKeys

Winners of October 2013 - Ms Sharra, Zibi

Winners of September 2013 - Chirplet, Shadow-E-Claire

Winners of August 2013 - iLollipopss, evesse

Winners of July 2013 - Smufflez, ranakatina1004

Winners of June 2013 - Ninfia Chan, BeatrixTanx

Winner of May 2013 - Alice Rose Jones, mimiru_002

Winners of April 2013 - xXx_Bubble_girl_xX, Crystalized Cherri

Winners of March 2013 - Kinoko, sweetroar

Winners of February 2013 - Kyorukki, evesse

Winners of January 2013 - TweetGirl-x, Aalyve Wyyre

Winners of December 2012 - i2iceBear, God

Winners of November 2012 - MissMissie, ascended beowolf

Winners of October 2012 - sweetroar, evesse

Winners of September 2012 - Kyorukki, Kheyre

Winners of August 2012 - Aalyve Wyyre, Zombie_cabaret

Winners of July 2012 - lovelylight6, Prince Rozen

Winners of June 2012 - Overstuffed Cookies, Winged Tree Nymph

Winners of May 2012 - pig_girl, sweetroar

Winners of April 2012 - Leaf Cap, Game of Shadows

Winners of March 2012 - Saja, Nintendraw

Winners of February 2012 - xRozeN Doll, [Bleeds No More]

Winners of January 2012 -YamiTyger, candy7825

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3nodding ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3nodding
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3nodding ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3nodding



Think I mentioned I was cancelling the Numbers Game due to lack of interest and inability to stay on top of the limited amount of play we had for it. I will hopefully have something else planned shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience but I rather have something working smoothly and that last contest was never doing such.

Old Contests has been archived.

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User Image1)You will follow TOS, so NO PAGE STRETCHING
2)You will not be disrespectful to me or my helpers. There word is as good as mine and thus FOLLOWED!
3)You will be respectful to other people in this thread. So, NO TROLLING!! (that is not to mean you can't argue, I just don't want to see any crude behaviour such as calling each other names/swearing/calling each other mum things etc. stare )
4)No whining if you entered a contest and did not win or you have asked for a donation and not received one. Actually, on that point...
6)If you have entered into a contest, you will follow those rules as well
7)NO PMING ME unless it is for a VERY good reason
cool NO PMING my helpers unless it is with a QUESTION
a. You may only advertise a quest thread/dream avi once. (ONE POST ONLY)
b. When advertising your quest you may only do that, you don't ask for donations. Once posted we can plainly see it and if we choose to donate then we would. Don't like it? THEN JUST PUT IT IN YOUR SIG!!
c. You may not advertise other guilds/other cafes/contests etc without my permission

10)Regarding the dice roll, you cannot have more then one account roll the dice at the same time.
11)NO RAPE JOKES - while i tolorate alot of sex jokes, that is strictly TABOO with me, and its my thread, so its a rule here.
12) A little bit of literacy is appreciated
13)I can add to this at anytime

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arrow Their WORD is as GOOD as MINE!!! stare arrow

User Image FuUser ImageUser Image PandyUser ImageUser Image PieHippieUser Image
User ImageFallen Arcangel SerenityUser ImageUser Image evesse User Image
User Imagebac210 aka BacUser ImageUser Image eastwolfUser Image
User ImageCharlie

Part Time Helpers ^_^ Who are rather busy themselves, so can't always be here, crying
Aven Metallica aka Aven aka Ally----Dangyun aka D-kun----Jessie176
Lady Willow----Wolfwoods aka Wolf----villainrage aka Rage
Fallen Archangel Serenity aka Fallen----Twilight_Magic aka Twilight----krislovejmt
evil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ evil
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evil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ evil

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Ok, The Evil Blue Fairy *EBF* named El is the cousin of the owner of the thread, and every other month she comes along, causes chaos, destroys half the thread, and will destroy the other half, unless there are those who will meet the challenge she sets!

If you meet the challenge she will give you a prize, and one dummy prize to the worst entry. Got it? Good, Good luck to all of those for the next challenge!
twisted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ twisted
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twisted ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ twisted

stare This is the OFFICIAL BLACK LIST. You get on here and then don't even think of coming back twisted If you do I will Report you
A Gift Given by Dante, as a warning to all Black list wannabies CLICK!

IIIIXavi0RIIII - For being a Noob and generally rude stare
girl_of_xxx- For being a noob and breaking both the rules of the thread and TOS by offering nude pics rolleyes
ChyldeOrchid- For ignoring a helper's warnings and being abusive and disrespectful
Kluffy11-For being one screwed up little man by posting pictures of skinned babies and horribly tortured animals. And more...
BlueEyedGoth- For trolling, cursing out the members because we wouldn't donate to her, and general rudeness. FYI, hun, n00bspeak gets you nowhere with us. talk2hand

*for people who are getting dam close to being Banned*

D.H. - For PMing helpers begging, and for begging in the thread stare
rofl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rofl
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rofl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rofl

pirate (Ok, this is mainly just for fun and a bit of a joke) pirate

User Image User Image

User ImageDarkhom aka Dilly = He is on here mainly because I just felt like it. I just enjoy teasing him and making his life generally hell. Plus he is into pie way too much, it is like a drug for him stressed . Actually, thats a thought, from now on Darkhom, I christian you Pie-Drugy!!! May you eat many and grown fat. 3nodding So he is on here too. blaugh

Zibiana = She thew a box of confetti at me!! gonk how could you!! scream and now your here, in this post!! Oh how sweet revenge is!! mwahaha twisted mrgreen

Aven Metallica aka Aven aka Ally = She got me doing a Panty Auction and she has abused my most favourite icon, the MR GREEN mrgreen So she is now on here. I hope your happy! stare

Magicent aka Ilovecats aka Magly = He is on here because I hate his slippers., and he INSISTS on wearing them. stare DIE GRUNNY SLIPPERS DIE!! twisted

Escargot Pudding aka Lanky Werido aka Eka-chan & Ekarin = He is on here because I haven't seen him in a while so I am going to guilt trip him as much as I plz. He is also on here because I just wanted to put him on here mrgreen

krislovejmt aka Kris = She is on here for throwing dice at peoples head. For luring her unsuspecting victims in by a simple question 'Are you lucky?' and then bang! they are hit over the head and thrown into a wall by the amazing power of her dice!! You have all been WARNED!! ninja

Crystal_Moon_Roset aka crystal aka Rossy = SHE STOLE MY POCKY!! SHE ATE MY VERY LAST POCKY! MY LAST POCKY!!! HOW COULD YOU!!! crying Well now she is on here, and as punishment, she is buying me a packet of pockys everyday ^_^ rofl

Musical Rhapsody aka Rhaps aka Rosen = She is on here for saying the Dice roll prizes were more interesting then me, ME!!! And more interesting then my style in clothes, so she is on here to suffer!! mrgreen

Dangyun aka D-kun = As the contest shows *plz see post* He is a peeping tom!! lol ^_^ ok, not really, apparently he was after the letters instead, but either way, he is on here to suffer, and mainly so I can now gloat too. ^_^ mrgreen

PieHippie aka Pie = As Kris put it best "you should be on the silly blacklist I mean, you throw pies, hopital beds, bacon, and many other insane things" and really, what more do you need then that? So here she is, on the SBL ^_^

villainrage aka Rage = FOR BEING SO DAM STUBBORN!!! She negotiated a lower price for her artworks then what she deserves.... meanie... and for trying to trick me that those were her prices all along *I wonder if that means she thinks I'm stupid!! stare * So here you are, to have your named disgraced FOREVER! mwahahah mrgreen

jessie176 aka jess = For her wondeful idea of putting the person Fu and word surgery in the same sentence *and you can guess where that will lead* then outright denying it!! lol So here she is, for being a liar and wishing to cut up my second in command. ^_^ mrgreen
User Image

Spastic Shivelamouse aka Shivvy = For selling my stuff without my permission!!! How could you!!! I didn't even know I had time shares!!! And what is this about my panties? gonk scream stare rofl

Eastwolf aka East = I SWEAR he is a bunny wanna be!! No, every time I look at him I half think I should offer him a carrot! gonk AND I know he is only doing it to annoy me, so he is on here!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! stare rofl

SigmaJargon & XX_SHADOWED_DECEPTION_XX aka Hair lovers galore = THEY DARED TO TRY AND TAKE OVER GAIA WITHOUT ME!! eek WHAT ARE YOU GUYS ON!! I don't care if you were just planning to do it with hair, at the end of the day, I'M the one who is going to REVOLUTIONIZE GAIA! So as punishment, they are on here, plus they are being sent to HOA *Hair Obessed Anoyomous* so they can share there "feelings" with like minded people ^_^ Plus *wacks them on the head with Fu's famous Frying Pan* THATS FOR THE INSUBORDINATION!!! stare twisted mrgreen rofl

Kilzin aka NO PANTS KILZIN = For supporting Germany in the Football/soccer world cup!!! You TRAITOR!! domokun And then teasing me endlessly when England was kicked out!!! I hate you!!! domokun mrgreen rofl

Lady Midnyght aka Mindy = The local Cafe Chameleon! Be weary, she will sneak up on you and steal your identy before running off to the Avi Arena and stealing your style!! *gasp* eek So here she is, on the black list as a warning for all!! mrgreen rofl Evidence!

Demonic_Pandy_Princess aka Pandy = For one who started the chaos of the Elf revolution, and thus causing the reaction of the Elf resistance!! She was doing the communist thing of us all eating/dressing and acting the same!! eek *gasp in horror* well you are on here now!! Take that for trying to destroy our originality!!! lol rofl mrgreen domokun

Dark Angel Dante Because he's not as innocent as he looks! scream

FU = For just being so dam lucky!! Those dam gift boxes are so rare already, and what happens to her? everytime she gets one she gets the most sort after items!! like Nitemare hbs!!! What is she? A luck magnet? *is absolutely disgusted by this and shoves fu off a cliff* Oh c'mon, you all know she deserved that, its not like none of you are not jealous as well mrgreen domokun lol

Mozarts_Mistress aka MM aka Risa = She is on here for the thread Gaia's Hall of Shame!! Can you believe it, but its such a good thread that i think it may become a sticky and that means... yes... you guessed... she will one day be MOD!! gonk scream She is joining lanzar!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! *Screams, curses, yells profanities at all authority figures* rofl mrgreen domokun

[Damaged_Roses] aka Blue aka Rose = She is on here for actually doing the impossible.... SHE HAS WON FIRST PLACE IN THE AVI ARENA!! eek blaugh wahmbulance *cheers* But, that has meant that she now spends less time with us scream She thinks she is goot good for us now!! but don't worry, we will get our revenge!! domokun rofl mrgreen
User Image

One day I will rule Gaia, *pushes Lanzer off his throne* and one day, victory will be MINE!! MAMAHAHAHAHAH!!! twisted

User Image

If you have Courage, a strong sense of right from wrong, and the need to see gaia Economy stabilize, THEN WE DO NOT WANT YOU!!!

We are an Evil army bent on taking over gaia and bringing gaia Economy on a roller coaster RIDE!! If you are EVIL, SLY, GUTSY, DANGEROUS, IMAGINATIVE, THEN WE WANT YOU!! JOIN US TODAY, AND GLORY WILL BE IN YOUR HAND!!! MAHAHAHHAHAHA SO CLICK!!!

mrgreen High death rate/short life expectancy probably
mrgreen Normal conditions of enslavement applied.
mrgreen Handing over soul immediate on signing

User Image
User ImageBluestarSugar aka Blue

Attention! BluestarSugar is the guardian of the ARMY ARCHIVE! RESPECT HER!!!

*these ones can go into your sig sig ^_^*

I will apologize for not remembering who made the banners that I saved.
I figured getting them up was slightly more important than keeping track
of who submitted them. If you wish to submit a banner to be included
please PM The Evil Blue Fairy about it.

User Image


User Image


User Image


User Image__User Image
User Image
User Image

Watch as my Empire grows and grows!!! Mwahahahahahha mrgreen

Ok, seriously, these are threads that I approve of, and by having them as a sister thread, means I support these threads but does not make me part or co-owner unless they are actually stated otherwise. If you wish to be a sister thread, please PM The Evil Blue Fairy about it. The details of such an arrangement can be worked out and I would love to support more threads in the future.

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*link to the cafe blue network*

User Image
OWNED by Krislovejmt

User Image
*owned by Shin*

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User Image

User Image
Evil's Free Tektek service!

User Image
This is Evil A's other thread...

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Owned by God

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User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

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