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wahmbulance Because of the fact I only got 4 entries to the costume contest for last week I decided to make just one big costume contest where the winner will receive 3 weeks worth of grand prizes. So everyone has until the 31st to pm me their costumes
croller rollest


Come one, come all: trolls and witches, goblins and ghosts it's the first annual OcTrollBer TrollFest. Test your luck and win a prize, lots of games to choose from. Meet a friend, win some gold and most importantly celebrate OcTrollBer

What is OcTrollBer Trollfest: Just one of the biggest October themed events the Chatterbox has to offer. A way for Gaians to come together and celebrate October their way. This Event will last until November 1st, 2013.

What can I do for fun: Talk to your friends, play games, bump for gold, and so much more. Millions in prizes have been stored for safe keeping and during the month of October you have a chance to win them.

Do I have to pay to play: Almost everything at the festival is free, the only thing you might consider paying for is a lotto ticket, for a chance to win - One Million Gold Pure - or some awesome avatar art drawn by yours truly, and other spectacular artists


1. Do not under any circumstance quote the first page
2. This is not a Charity, Begging won't be tolerated
3. Read the rules of each contest carefully before participating
4. Put images and large texts beneath spoilers - No page stretching -
5. Keep the language to a minimum - PG13 -
6. There are no refunds on Lotto ticket
7. Art takes time, please be considerate and do not rush me
8. Follow all of Gaia's Official rules and the [color=#0

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I am the gifting troll for a reason, during this event that last until the 31st of October I plan to give away over 1000 gifts from my inventory, it's easy to win, all you must do is.....post! that's right all you have to do is post, I'll be random gifting on and off for the next month so watch out for that giftbox!


looking for booty? How about a chest? Yes that is right, One lucky Gaian is going to leave this TrollFest with an item valued at Six Million gold! A flynn's chest is waiting for you just around the corner, but who shall it be. One lucky person to post on page 1000 will win not only a Flynn's chest but will also win 10 free tickets to be entered into the 1,000,000 Gold Lotto


Like to bob for apples? Hold you hair, hold your nose, and dive right in! Can you catch an apple in a barrel? Generate a random number between 1 - 1000, Did you land on 188? If you did, congratulations you caught a big juicy apple, but that's not all. The festival wouldn't leave you with nothing more than a little snack, turn in your apple seeds for cold hard cash. Every apple you earn gets you a sealed envelope! Here in Trollland apples are so rare they're worth your weight in gold! If you land on 188 Pm me with the page number!


Think you have what it takes to impress? why not show your skill! Posted below is a picture of a pumpkin of course. Your job is to take that pumpkin and turn it into a work of art. Use Gimp, Sai, Paint, Photoshop, or anything else to show us what you can do! Edit the picture however you see fit and once the picture is done save it to photobucket it and mail it to the to me!. For Every Friday in October all of the pictures will be put together and voted on by the members of the gaia community. On each Friday a 1st, place winner and a runner up will be chosen. The 1st place winner will receive Two Flynn's booties, and the runner up will receive a gold prize of 50k You are more than welcome to compete each week, - one entry per person, per week please.


Got an eye for fashion? A love of gore or something more? Perhaps this is the contest for you. Make your best Halloween theemed avatar, whether it's the wicked witch or the ghastly ghost anything goes. You must be wearing your costume, there are no tektek entries. Dress in your favorite costume and PM me with your entry. A screen shot of your avatar will be taken to enter the contest every week. Once you get a pm back from me letting you know your picture has been taken, you are free to change clothes as you wish. On October 31st gaians will vote on their favorite Halloween themed avatar. The 1st place winner will receive NINE Rigs and the runner up will receive THREE sealed envelopes!


I hope you're ready to be active and try your luck in this thread, buy chatting, posting, bumping and more, because all it takes to win a prize is a little chatting, and a little luck. I have chosen 10 pages in advance and the first poster on each of those pages are in for a treat, each lucky poster will win two Flynn's booties if they are lucky enough to be the first poster on the pages as follow: 10 - 50 - 150 - 200 - 280 - 320 - 400 - 450 - 600 - 750. Three of these pages hold a double wammy, if you are the first poster on page 280, 450, 750 you will also win two rigs and a sealed envelope!


Want a treat that's sweet to eat? You can do it, it's easier than pie! All you have to do is post! every day I will be thinking of a different kind of pie! if you post the kind of pie that i'm thinking of that current day in your post and I happen to see it, i'll be giving you a special gift from my inventory. Every day the pie will change and I will never tell a soul what the pie of the day may be. I will be giving over 500 Gaians gifts for guessing the correct type of pie. Please keep your guess limited to one per day!

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Now it's time to take the leap! You could win big or small, it's all about the luck of the draw. There will be three winners in this lotto. The first winner will receive One Million Gold, 2 Monthly Collectible letters, 2 Rigs, 2, Flynn's booties, and 10 random items from my inventory! The second prize winner will receive 500k and three secret items from my inventory, and the 3rd prize winner will win 100k and a sealed envelope! All you have to do to win is buy a ticket! Tickets only cost 5k each and there is no limit to how many you buy! On October 31st I will do a drawing on the first second and third posts for the three winners. I will do the drawing via gaia's random number generator, I will generate a random number between 1 and however many tickets were sold to choose the winner..
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1 - 10. II_Scorch-Muffins_II
11 - 23. Mapoii -
24 - 26. Shark Hugs
27 - 30. S1122
31 - 130. TheDarkestPleasure
131. The Red Pocky Box
132 - 136. AngelicHottie126
137 - 141. II_Scorch-Muffins_II
142. - 241. Sylvia_the_Heartless
242 - 253 little_kiwis2-
254 - 300. X_Gokai-Okuzuko_X
If I see the banner in your sig, you might just get a special gift!
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Beloved Fairy

I'm going to be your official bumper. =w=
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oh God I want chests

Manly Girl

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yum_puddi looks great
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Bumpity bump ba bump. <3
Silver Moon Faerie
I'm going to be your official bumper. =w=

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Gifting Troll Mule
Silver Moon Faerie
I'm going to be your official bumper. =w=


4laugh And it's free, so I remove myself from the contest. ^.^ heart
Silver Moon Faerie
Gifting Troll Mule
Silver Moon Faerie
I'm going to be your official bumper. =w=


4laugh And it's free, so I remove myself from the contest. ^.^ heart

Well there will be lots of other contests to try! that isnt post related!

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