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Thank you all very much for taking this lovely pets off my hands.<3

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"Just simple bump posting(or using icons, or etc.) as many as you want! Reach the page number first and win these adorable pets to have for you very own. Once you get to the page number first you will be able to pick out what pet or pets you want to take from off the list below. Leave a quote to me to let me know which pet or pets you have chosen(if you are the person who reach that page). They will be sent to you in random colorful giftboxes. Oh and you can chat if you want as well. So have fun everyone!"~ gaia_kittenstar emotion_bigheart


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Take a look of what pet you can get or to choose from:

emotion_bigheart #1
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emotion_bigheart *~Petpaw I~* emotion_bigheart

User ImageBibble- x5
User ImageBom Bom the Bunny- x4
User ImageDumpling the Bear- x7
User ImageJada the Unicorn- x5
User ImageGremalkin- x6
User ImageKepler-21b- x10
User ImageKoji the Red Fox- x5
User ImageCream the Kitten- x1
User ImageMilk the Cat- x3
User ImagePunk the Pug- x1
User ImageKyarameru the Purring- x1
User ImageThe Forest Fawns- x2
User ImageMr Frou Frou- x1
User ImageUltra Satan- x1

gaia_star #2
User Image

User Image
gaia_star *~Petpaw II~* gaia_star

User ImageKitten Crescent Moon- x6
User ImageNiji- x4
User ImageOlly the Otter- x2
User ImageBingo the Border Collie- x12
User ImageCheshire Kitten- x7
User ImageFiametta the Phoenix- x3
User ImageTeddy the Cuddly Bear- x8
User ImageThea the Unicorn- x2
User ImageBogie- x7
User ImageButter the Kitten- x1
User ImageSiku the Wolf- x2
User ImageDoyle the Beagle- x1
User ImageRocker the Pug- x1
User ImageTunnu the Bear- x1
User ImageChuu Chuu The Bunny- x1


User Image
~*First Page for Petpaw I- x1*~
Page 5-
Page 20-
Page 35-
Page 65-
Page 80-

User Image
~*First Page for Petpaw I- x2*~
Page 50-
Page 95-
Page 110-
Page 125-
Page 140-

User Image
~*First Page for Petpaw II- x1*~
Page 10-
Page 25-
Page 40-
Page 70-
Page 85-

User Image
~*First Page for Petpaw II- x2*~
Page 55-
Page 100-
Page 115-
Page 130-
Page 145-

User ImageUser Image
~*First Page for Petpaw I or II*~
Page 15-
Page 30-
Page 45-
Page 75-
Page 90-

User ImageUser Image
~*First Page for Petpaw I and II- one of each*~
Page 60-
Page 105-
Page 120-
Page 135-
Page 150-

Oh wow sweet lol can I plz have 2 or 3 pets by chance? Lol aww I want Bom Bom the Bunny and Ultra Satan so bad!! lol

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