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Yay! A thread just for BOWBS Fans! xd

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This is the spot for all BOWBS fans to come and chatter about the latest BOWBS developments, pages, characters and events!

Got something you wanna say to Bella? (then post it in her journal. lol) You can say it here too! Any theories on Bella and Alba? How is Bubbleh going to fit in with such an insane manager? All the developments of BOWBS are free for discussion so come and talk away!

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This is also a BOWBS database for quick reference on the characters and the world of BOWBS!

  • Welcome!
  • History of BOWBS
  • Story Up to Date <--Updated!
  • [Character Files
  • Secondary Characters
  • Newest Manga Page <--Updated!
  • BOWBS Commentaries <--Updated!
  • Bella's Animation Project!
  • Voice Acting Search!
  • Fan Art
  • Poll Results on 50 <--Updated!
  • Ships/Pairings
  • Timeline
  • Links <--Updated!

Rules of thread:

This thread exist mostly to bring everyone the quickest information on the BOWBS manga. However, this is still not a spam can.
If you want to talk BOWBS however, then this is the place to be!

    Things I don't want:
  • Questions on when the next page will be -
    I don't even know half the time so please be patient and wait until I put a date.
  • Asking to be in the manga -
    I throw contests to be in the manga. Check out in my journal to find your opportunity.
  • FanGirl/boy spam:

Ex: OMG! Josh and Alba R lyke teh smecksiest chars I want 2 totally make out with them!!!!!11111 Teehee!

This kind of talk makes me want to hurl. Sorry but I like COHERENT speech thank you. evil

    Things I would like to see:
  • Talking about what will happen in the manga
  • Ideas on events in the manga
  • Ship/pairing you'd like to see
  • Theories on Future Manga Events
  • Drawings of characters/fanart
  • Well.. anything related to the manga really. lol
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History of BOWBS:

Well, it all started out with my mission to make Gaia gold. lol way back then... in 2003/04. lol

I had been asked to draw a few avatar images for some time already but never was I really up to the task because of the way they were coming in. And at the time, when Gaia was young and new, I wasn't sure if I could trust anyone with these sorts of promises. There, my friend Joshua Watanabe told me that perhaps all I needed was a bit of organization and rest assured that Gaians here did often keep their word for art. smile

With this in mind I turned to my other good friend JB (Josh_JB_Benton) if perhaps it would serve us both (me and Josh) to make a shop where JB's managerial skills could shine, Josh's writing talents would be displayed and I'd take art commissions. But that comes later...

It was a bit before that, that JB met Alba Soirée, whom at the time, donated a lovely pair of water bands to complete JB's look and if I'm correct, donated a small sum to his look as well. smile Because of this kindness, I decided to draw a picture for him in thanks since at the time, I had nothing other to give and JB well, was really at the brink of poverty. lol

So it was then that we opened the shop, along with our friend Joshua Watanabe. And it was doing well at first. In fact, we were quite shocked at the amount of people that came poring it. It was then that suddenly, we realized that a lot of people were coming in due to the drawing I had given Alba Soirée. We PMed him and he told us that he was spreading the word of this shop because he was happy with the commission. This reached both our ears and our hearts so in order to thank him for sending us clients. We decided to include him in our team as our advertiser. smile

With the shop in full swing we started to recruit some people to help us out.
After finding the wonders of the "Picture Post Forum" I entered the "Line Art Jam" thread to find a brilliant colorist! Her name was Mizz.Bubbleh and her skills were unparalleled. Not entirely confident with my CGing abilities I asked her to join the group so we could have a colorist that people would want to commission. She accepted and for a short time we frolicked in a thriving business.

It was then that I began to draw BOWBS Manga to help sell our shop and after letting it drift for some time, I revived it last year and put for most of my effort into it. smile

Sadly though, a few had left our ranks because of real life issues and now we have dimmed down to 3 but along the way, we had also met some commissioners that turned to stay with us and became our good friends! biggrin Some of our BOWBS lurkers include: Sagando Mirasta, Bonclay, Draconis, Warren Wellington III and Julina Lynch. So Our team grew, divide and grew and again. The shop closed down sadly but I continued to push the manga and so, it seems to have reached you all.

And I'm very thankful for that. heart

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Story Up to Date
(in point form)

Chapter 1

  • Bella brings in a New Face to the Shop.
    A young girl by the name of Mizz.Bubbleh entered the what looked like an art shop. She was a bit skeptical about meeting the staff of her new work place, BOWBS Art shop. She had just been hired as a colorist and was nervous about facing everyone. She was a bit scared cause of her appearance but another girl, the pencil artist by the name of Bella, gave her a bit of confidence to move forward and they entered the room where the rest of the staff lay waiting.

  • The Clowns
    As Bella and Bubleh entered, the surprise that Bella had mentioned earlier turned out to be a hired pair of clowns. Bella realized quickly however, that her good intentions were of poor taste. ^^; How ever, she need not worry about taking care of this little problem since one of the staff members' rage made quick work of the annoying pair. He chased them off out and of the shop.

  • The Staff
    With them gone. Bella felt the urge to change focus and introduce Mizz.Bubbleh to the members of the Art shop. First there was Josh Watanabe, a smooth and charismatic writer who seemed to be quite the charmer. Bella warned Bubbleh about his tendencies right away. Then there was Alba Soirée, the team's advertiser. Seemingly shy and proud, Bubbleh instantly recognized the signs of unrequited love as Alba tried to comfort Bella on her failure to entertain with those strange clowns. Josh speculated that Bella herself, was unaware of his feelings, even if it only took Bubbleh seconds to notice them.

  • The Return of the Manager and a Warm Welcome
    JB maked a quick return with a strange expression on face... not to mention that he also returned clownless. When the others asked what had happened, they instantly regretted asking. JB makes a flagrant display of his might as the shop's manager and noticed Bubbleh. With everyone introduced, Bella then officially welcomed Bubbleh to the team and Bubbleh was under the impression that she was going to have quite an interesting experience working in the shop.

Chapter 2

  • The Fans
    Josh was enjoying a nice walk in Barton West Field before going to work on Monday. Without knowing it, he was followed by a band of fans all wanting his autograph. It seemed that Josh was a published and popular author! Their names were: Grape Sodapop, Demon_Marasaki, Reckless Imagine, Jahiya and SnowTiger. Although unknown why he didn't give it to people, they secretly plotted a way to get it which uses... um... extreme measures.

  • The Plan
    They started to put their plan into motion with the help of Jahiya's Coco Kitty Crispy. However, it seemed that the plan involved the kitty biting Josh's hand! He swang and sent the kitty flying with some time to escape! But more steps were taken in this desperate attempt to capture Josh. Demon (disguised as a tree) grabbed Josh as Snow tried to drop a net on them to catch them. However, Josh escaped and sped passed Reckless only to be confronted by Grape Sodapop as she guarded the entrance back to town.

  • Escape and Return
    Josh saw his opportunity to use his unstoppable charm. He sent Grape into fantasy land all the while escaping, himself, back into town. Upon his return Bella and Bubbleh have headed into the shop a bit early so Bella could show Mizz.B the ropes. It's then that they noticed Josh running for dear life towards the door. Surprisingly, Bella pushed Mizz out of the way and slammed the door shut ,sending Josh crashing into it. After recuperating Josh asked Bella why she did it and learned that she knew that he was being chased by his fans. It seemed she had gotten Pms addressed to her about him not signing autographs that clogged her inbox. She figured that maybe that it would knock some sense into him and get him to sign autographs again. (not to mention get her inbox back to a healthy state.) It's then that a customer arriveed at the door.

Chapter 3

  • The First Customer
    A pretty client entered the shop and as Josh's attentive eye scaned her features, he took the first steps into graciously letting her in. However, this person looked past Josh and gazed at Bella. She rushes in, calling herself a fan of Bella's and completely ignored Josh. She looked back at him with a familiar look but is rushed away by Bella & Bubbleh to avoid unprofessional scenes from Josh. Josh lied there, contemplating his luck with women, when JB rushes in through the door and tells him to come outside. It seems something is wrong.

  • The Commission
    Meanwhile, Bella escorted the client, ExtremeDanceKat, into another room. DanceKat continues to ponder why she seemed to recognize Josh and Bella affirms that he is a published and popular author at the moment. Also, that perhaps that is the reason for it. Bella tried to change subject and began to talk about the commission. It is then that Dance remembered she had left her bag, with her things, behind and after retrieving it, tells her that the commission is for her and her best friend. It's then... that they hear a scream outside.

  • Trouble
    They go outside to find Josh holding JB tightly. It seems that he's angry about being provoked by some unsettling visitors. The girls look up to find 3 strangers with very intimidating looks! It seems that they are actually another shop group that had just moved across the street! Things flare up as JB and the other manager start to argue. DanceKat is swept away by one of the handsome members of these new rivals... along with her business! As the manager is about to reveal his name there is a sudden yell! Someone had just called out the manager by his name. Now, identified 'Bon Clay' sees where the voice came from and, as it turns out... it's Alba, Bon Clay's little bother!

Chapter 4

  • Old Ties
    As Alba confronts his brother about why he's in Barton town, the only response BonClay can offer is that he is there to start a business. Alba is highly suspiscious of this and asks the two other people what his brother's true intentions are about. They however, answer in the same way as BonClay. That they are there to start a new life. The girl of the rival shop discards the reference to "Doctor" that Alba uses to refer to her and calls herself Kiba. The other stranger by the name of Ravager, answers fearsely and angrily towards Alba saying that he no longer has any right to order him around. Alba loses his temper and tells them all to leave the town. Bonclay responds that no one can make them, least of all Alba. Alba reminds him that the scars that he and his brother bear were given by eachother as proof of strength. When Bon Clay is reminded that his little brother managed to scratch him, he challenges Alba to a fight!

  • The Fight!
    Everything comes to a stand still as Alba rushes towards BonClay with violent intentions. However, the sly older brother proves himself to be a more formidable opponent and dodges Alba's attack and returns one of his own! As Alba defends himself, he begins to remember his younger years with his brother and the bond of trust they shared. Wondering how it all came to this, Alba's determination still leads his hands as the fight goes on! With a swift kick, BonClay's attack connects and Alba is sent hurling to the ground. Bella becomes alarmed and tries to help but Josh stops her before she can move any further. However, her concerned cry is not left unnoticed by Bonclay.

  • Weakness & Back to work!
    Taking the opportunity to test his brother, BonClay takes a hold of Bella and forces Alba to assess the situation. Frightened of having Bella hurt, Alba asks meekly for BonClay to release her. Surprised by his brother intentional show of weakness, BonClay lets go of Bella & tosses her into Alba's arms. BonClay state that he's had enough. He says that he found out what he came to find in Alba and turns away. Ravager is outraged by BonClay's action and asks if it was right to walk away. BonClay then comments on how Alba still wears their gang headband and that there is no doubt that they'll be seeing him again. Musing on the day's events, Alba forgot that he was holding Bella. As Josh runs to see if his friend is alright, Alba moves away in shock with the realization that he was holding the girl he likes just moments ago. With the excitement over, JB tells his crew that it's time to get back to work & realizes that ExtremeDanceKat has vanished. With Bella assuring Alba that they'll be okay, he looks up in hope that these words are true & leaves with his friends.

Chapter 5

  • Showing Bubbleh around
    Now that the madness has ended, Bella and Bubbleh get down to business by showing Bubbleh around. They meet Josh and head towards his office only to find his desk a complete mess, Bubbleh is shocked wen she finds out that Josh is the mess one while JB (in the same room) is very tidy and organized. Josh also takes the opportunity to show the girls his headline in the Barton Tribune, the local newspaper. It's then that Bubbleh's lack of understanding of the outside becomes evident. Also, we find out that although Josh is an accomplished romance novelist, his real passion, science fiction, never sold well.

  • The arrival of the manager
    As Bubbleh ponders the mystery that are scifi-nerds, JB comes in suddenly. Josh shows his the clipping and JB is happily surprised... that he can use that to attract customers. JB then reveals that his real intentions were to collect the girls for a little side project, he also insinuated that Josh should do some actual "work" since he's so backed up. As Josh is left yelling that he shouldn't be pushed around since he pays the rent for the shop, JB disappears with the girls. As they head over to the main entrance, JB shows the ladies the problem at hand. Bonclay seems to be using Ravager to attract a crowd to their shop (and they're all girls).

  • Confrontation and back to work!
    As JB and the girls continue to discuss their strategies, Alba is walking towards the BOWBS shop. Remembering the events of yesterday, he hopes that the next encounter with his past will be in the distant future. As he thinks this, he notices Ravager standing outside with the girls. Unable to get to the shop without passing him, Alba bravely makes his way but is stopped by Ravagers words. Alba verbally brushes him off but Ravager retaliates and turns Alba to face him. Alba comments on how he might have hurt Ravager by his departure but this confrontation is turned embarrassing as the girls that were ogling over Ravager, then conjure up a fantasy featuring both boys in a deep romance. Embarrassed by this, both boys turn tail and return to their work, Alba is glad that Bella wasn't there to see his "romantic" reunion. As Alba enters, JB instantly tells him to go with the girls to the "R&C" (Request and commissions) section of town and put up fliers while JB thinks up a new plan to fight their rivals.

Chapter 6

  • Posters and Pickpockets
    As the trio heads off to their location Bella and Alba explain to Bubbleh about the different section they will be visiting. They make their way after a flattering mention of Alba's importance to the shop by Bella. Once they find their way to "promotions street" they begin to pass out fliers to the people they meet as Bella goes to put up some posters. As she finishes she's questioned by a small boy who becomes quite friendly with Bella. Alba sees this and grabs the boy before he leaves. It seems that the innocent child had just picked Bella's pockets!

  • Alba's Past
    These actions remind Alba of a time in his past when he and Bon Clay's group used to rob and steal from people. He tells the girls of his past and how he and Ravager used to form a pair to swindle money out of innocent Gaians. Bon Clay was their leader and Kiba was their prime hacker. Upon recalling this we're also shown a bit of JB & Alba's meeting in the market and how he was hired into the group. It seems that JB was fully aware of Alba's situation even upon hiring him. As Alba tries to assure the girls that his is indeed good, Bella mentions the hour and motions the group to head to their final destination of the day.

  • The R&C
    They head off into the R&C and Bubbleh is filled with joy at the sight of so many art shops in the area. Alba tells the girl to wait for him while he completes an affiliation with a pending shop but that hardly stops the girls from wandering. They head off to a shop named: "Carcer's Ducky Delights" and look for the shop keepers while glancing at their samples. Within seconds, Carcer herself jumps into action surrounded by a small squad of ducklings!

Chapter 7

  • Carcer's Ducky Rage
    As Bubbeh and Bella try to readjust to Carcer's business companions, Bella looks to be in a state of fright. It seems that although she harbors no real ill-will towards birds that they have a strange tendency of disliking her. A bit frightened that her presence might cause a riot among Cacer's fowl feathered friends, she urges Bubbleh to ask for the affiliate trade. However, Bella's presence disturbs the ducks and Carcer refuses to do business with them. As Alba returns after his task, he searches for the girls and finds that they had completely run off. He notices Carcer's shop and regrettably makes way for them.

  • JB's Ambition
    After a while Carcer notices the flier that Bella and Bubbleh wanted to use for the trade. Snatching it up quickly by one of her ducks reveals that Carcer was already aware of the shop's existence. As Alba walks in, Carcer tells the whole crew to leave or be reported for harassment. Confused, the team is chased out and discover that their manager, JB had met with her before. It seemed that JB had purchased the shop that Carcer now owns and offered to trade with her with the now current shop because it seemed the one in the R&C would be a too competitive spot for a new shop like their to flourish... and also because JB caught wind of rising inflation in the rent to be made soon. That trade was both full of holes... and Carcer left JB with lots of renovations... and JB left Carcer a shop full of rats & rising prices.

  • The Helper & the fliers
    With Carcer`s shop business behind them, they continue to exchange with other shops for affiliations. As they walk, there is a sudden mysterious shadow that seems to be following them. It is reveled that Carcer had managed to massage a mod about the disturbance at her shop. So, a young man in laurels, follows them but is quickly caught by Bubbleh. What happens next can only be described as love at first sight. However, as the others join, they find out about why the young man, now reveled as Serayoth, is there and everyone goes into a slight panic. He however, informs them that he is not a real mod but a helper and was dispatched to be sure that the claims were true. Now, relieved and unimpressed by Serayoth's status, they leave as he and his cat remain to sulk. However, Bubbleh notices the cat and takes to Serayoth. He once again asks if the accusation were true and Bubbleh clarifies that it was a misunderstanding. Leaving Serayoth with a name & a flier, they hurry off to finish their job as Alba (unknown to the ladies) uses his stealthy ninja talents to put up the rest of the posters and finish off their day

More to come...
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Character files

User Image Full Name: Joshua Alexander Benton aka JB
Job at the Shop: Manager
Hair: Brown, thin and straight, parted in the middle
Eyes: Yellow/ocher
Birth date: 30th of November
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 21
Home Town: Barton
Height: 5'11"
Built: Muscular
Blood Type: A

Personality: JB's real name is Josh Benton but after befriending our Josh Watanabe in school, he shorten his name to only JB. JB is a confident, emotional and incredibly ambitious character and may sometimes seem a bit crazed. He's flamboyant and incredibly energetic! His passion for business rivals only his love for gold and will stop at nothing to make a profit... well, unless it involves death.. then he'll have to think about it. lol. He is sometimes demanding and enjoys challenges and rivalry. He's clever, has an eye for business and a good opportunity and regardless of his unstable nature, is the one who looks out for the others(be it silently). There is a sweet layer of kindness underneath and wacky exterior.. you just gotta look for it.

User Image
Full Name: Belladona Clara Nightshade
Job at the Shop: Line Artist & Pencil Artist
Birth date: 31st of January
Zodiac Sign: Aquarious
Hair: Black, thick and straight, parted on the right (her right)
Eyes: Gray or grayish blue
Age: 18
Home Town: Durem
Height: 5'3"
Built: Curvy
Blood Type: AB

Personality: Bella is a strongly optimistic person with many things on her mind. She can be kind and comprehensive but will defend her friends bravely when she or they are being threatened. Generally cheerful Bella always does everything in her might to help others. She is level headed and can think her way out of any situation... unless it involves love. When she focuses on matters of the heart she gets very insecure and often backs away rather then face the situation face to face. Her sweet nature and girly tendencies can some times deceive others into believing that she is flaky or naive but nothing can be further from the truth. She is very intelligent but has a soft, nurturing side to her that sometimes can't help but come out.

User ImageFull Name: Josh (Jashan) Watanabe
Job at the Shop: Writer
Birth date: 21st of October
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Hair color: Red (cherry), thick and slightly curled, parted on the left (his left)
Eyes: Sky blue
Age: 21
Home Town: Barton
Height: 5'9"
Built: Fit and lean
Blood Type: B

Personality: Josh is the dreamer of the bunch (and chronic ladies' man) He's often the steady "voice of reason" amongst the group and is sarcastic, witty, incredibly intelligent and slightly narcissistic. Josh no doubt has a very stubborn character, and he is not the most easy person to get along with except if you have conquered a place in his heart. If something has gone wrong for a loved one, he would move mountains to make things right. His witty side seems too logistic at times and makes you wonder where his artistic persona really stems from. This however, makes him strive for perfection in his work. He does not like changes very much, is a good listener and tries to give everyone the best advice he can think of. So overall, he is a very nice person, it just takes a while for him to trust you. Trivia: Jashan is his given Indian name meaning celebration.

User Image
Full Name: Alba Soirée
Job at the Shop: Advertiser
Birth date: 19th of February
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hair color: Blue, medium thickness and straight
Eyes: Brown
Age: 19
Home Town: Aekea
Height: 6'1"
Built: Lean/Muscular
Blood Type: O

Personality: Alba is the kind of guy that everyone's friends with. His boyish charm can sway almost anyone, and this without him knowing. He's cheerful, sensitive, outgoing, pretty physical, and a bit forgetful. He's the person that you would want to go to to get rid of a secret or to just cheer you up. He can be a bit disorganized, but he's a reliable friend and when he's truly needed, he's there. When it comes to love, he's a bit timid but always does what he can to make that person feel happy and comfortable. Alba is also a bit proud and that can sometimes cloud his judgment on things. Alba's a lover and a fighter and will stop at nothing to help those he cares about and take down those that stand in his way.

User ImageFull Name: Mizz Bubbleh
Job at the Shop: Colorist
Birth date: 5th of September
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hair color: Blond, medium and slightly curled
Eyes: Orange/brownish orange
Age: 16
Home Town: ???
Height: 5'3"
Built: petite
Blood Type: A

Personality: A bit of a worrier and having a bit of uneasiness for change, Bubbleh strives to make her mark. Bubbleh's insecurities lie a lot in herself and what opinions other might make of her. She is still however, trusting, kind and very generous. She is very responsible, organized and upright but has the tendencies to be a bit of a gossip and has a hungry side for it. She hates not knowing things and is normally very perceptive in most cases. She is very romantic and sensitive but has a love for matchmaking. Bubbleh's timid but adorable nature can sometimes bring out the nurturing side of others and before she knows it, they're already ready to help her when ever she needs it and she in return, would never hesitate to help them as well.

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Secondary Characters

The Fan Club
User Image

From left to right: Demon_Murasaki, Jahiya, Reckless Imagine, SnowTiger and Grape Sodapop

Description: This young band of Josh fanatics try desperately to get his signature. Josh had made himself a promise to refuse to sign his name to any one before finishing his 3rd novel. Hungry for the elegant lines of Josh's hand, this group forms a plan to capture him and "make him" sign. They are all colorful and delightful in their own way along with Jahiya's cat Crispy, which is an essential part of their plan!

The Rival Shop
(Clay 'n Ink)
User Image

From left to right: Kiba, Bon Clay Soirée, Ravager

Description: Finally, it seemed that our villains have arrived! Thugs straight from the streets of Aekea, they are easily a reputable bunch! A tough exterior and a healthy variation of scars suggest that this group isn't native of calm and quiet Barton town. A group like that seems out of place in this peaceful neighborhood. What are they doing here and what is their true purpose?
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Newest Manga Page(excluding Specials)

Click on the page to comment on it in my Journal! xd
If you have missed pages just go back!

User Image
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User Image

What is BOWBS Commentaries you ask? Is Basically, Me, Belladona Nightshade voicing my mind and thoughts on anything from the characters and the manga to me getting angry at my pens and computer for not letting finish my pages on time!! xd Sometimes it will be interesting and thought provoking. Others times it will be just simply fun and goofy! (at least I hope) So, if you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to Bella's voice... well, this is the spot to do it!

Episodes to date!:

Video Commentaries:
Youtube BOWBS Video Commentary Channel

Episodes to date!:
BOWBS Band Contest Winners
Episode 4 - JB Spotlight
Secret Episode - Voice Acting
Episode 3 - Gaia Spotight
Episode 2 - Bella Spotlight
Episode 1 - Introduction

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Bella's Animation Project!

Althought BOWBS is a fine little comic, Bella craves MORE! So, she's trying to create an opening animation!
Look here to see how it's progressing! heart

User Image

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Voice Acting Search

For the last year I have been looking for people to give voices to my characters! This might be your chance to put yourself into the skin of Bella, Alba, Josh, Bubbleh or JB! Don't waste another second and email your voice recording to Bella (PM for email address) or post it on youtube for us to hear! heart

  • ???

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Have a drawing of Bella or maybe just decided to color a BOWBS Piccy in the Line Art Jam?
Either way, we want to see your work! Post you piccies in the thread and Bella will place them on the first page!
The newest picture get to be featured as a larger image on this post so get your colors out kids! It's time to draw!! xd

By IxITheDustKeeperIxI
User Image

by RaeKitakaze
by Kiskis
by Fuyumi Namikono
by YukiDream13
Romantic Josh
Bella the bride
By Dei

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Poll Results

Every time the poll fills we'll put in your results right here! The fan's opinions matters greatly to me! (I will not count the poll whore option as a vote) biggrin


Who is your favorite Character? (Please click last option if you don't care)
Belladona Nightshade 2.8% [ 2 ]
Mizz Bubbleh 5.6% [ 4 ]
Josh "JB" Benton 5.6% [ 4 ]
Alba Soirée 31.0% [ 22 ]
Josh Watanabe 9.9% [ 7 ]
All of them! biggrin 9.9% [ 7 ]
I have'nt read the manga (Then click on my journal! ) 8.5% [ 6 ]
Poll Whore 26.8% [ 19 ]

What's your favorite Chapter so far? (Please pick Poll Whore if you don't care)
Chapter 1 (Welcome to BOWBS) 0.17808219178082 17.8% [ 13 ]
Chapter 2 (Typical Work Day) 0.082191780821918 8.2% [ 6 ]
Chapter 3 (The First Customer) 0.082191780821918 8.2% [ 6 ]
Chapter 4 (The Rival Shop) 0.24657534246575 24.7% [ 18 ]
Have'nt read any yet (Click on My journal! ) 0.095890410958904 9.6% [ 7 ]
Poll Whore Option 0.31506849315068 31.5% [ 23 ]
Total Votes: 73

What would you like to see more of in future chapters of BOWBS Manga? (Please pick Poll Whore if you don't care)
More comedy and zaniness! 0.15116279069767 15.1% [ 13 ]
More romance! <3 0.18604651162791 18.6% [ 16 ]
More action and fighting! 0.069767441860465 7.0% [ 6 ]
More new characters! 0.081395348837209 8.1% [ 7 ]
Haven't read the comic yet (Click on My journal! ) 0.11627906976744 11.6% [ 10 ]
Poll Whore Option 0.3953488372093 39.5% [ 34 ]

Will you comment on my 100th page? (Please pick Poll Whore if you don't care)
Yes! I'm a loyal reader! 0.46575342465753 46.6% [ 34 ]
Well, if I log on when it's up. 0.041095890410959 4.1% [ 3 ]
I read but I don't comment... even on your 100th page. razz 0.041095890410959 4.1% [ 3 ]
Nope 0.013698630136986 1.4% [ 1 ]
Maybe if you bribe me! biggrin 0.12328767123288 12.3% [ 9 ]
Poll Whore Option 0.31506849315068 31.5% [ 23 ]
Total Votes: 73


What couples would you like to see smooch under the mistletoe? (non-romantic smooching. Will stop at 20 votes)
Alba and Bella! (or almost...) 0.2247191011236 22.5% [ 20 ]
Bubbleh and Josh! (looks like the flirt wins!) 0.089887640449438 9.0% [ 8 ]
Josh and JB! (OMG!) 0.033707865168539 3.4% [ 3 ]
Bubbleh and JB! D: 0.044943820224719 4.5% [ 4 ]
Josh and Alba! (double the hotness!) 0.1123595505618 11.2% [ 10 ]
Bella and Josh! (It's not incest!) 0.033707865168539 3.4% [ 3 ]
Bella and Bubbleh! (perverts! XD) 0.067415730337079 6.7% [ 6 ]
Secondary characters (post who you want) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
I have my own pairing (please post) 0.056179775280899 5.6% [ 5 ]
Poll whore! 0.33707865168539 33.7% [ 30 ]
Total Votes: 89


How long have you been reading BOWBS Manga? (Please choose poll whore if you don't care)
Since it started in 2004 (or sort of) 0.32857142857143 32.9% [ 23 ]
In 2005 or 2006 0.085714285714286 8.6% [ 6 ]
In 2007 0.085714285714286 8.6% [ 6 ]
Around the beginning of 2008 0.028571428571429 2.9% [ 2 ]
Around 6 months ago 0.028571428571429 2.9% [ 2 ]
Around 3 months ago 0.085714285714286 8.6% [ 6 ]
This month! 0.028571428571429 2.9% [ 2 ]
A few weeks ago! 0.014285714285714 1.4% [ 1 ]
Haven't read it. (Click on my journal and start! ) 0.12857142857143 12.9% [ 9 ]
POLL WHORE! 0.18571428571429 18.6% [ 13 ]
Total Votes: 70


How often do you post a comment for BOWBS Manga? (Please choose poll whore if you don't care)
I post a comment for every page! I try to never miss one! 0.22826086956522 22.8% [ 21 ]
I post at least one time out of 2 or 3 entries! 0.032608695652174 3.3% [ 3 ]
At least once a month! You know, to let Bella know someone's reading. 0.032608695652174 3.3% [ 3 ]
Every once and a while... I tend to read 3 or 4 pages at a time. 0.032608695652174 3.3% [ 3 ]
I've posted maybe once or twice. 0.054347826086957 5.4% [ 5 ]
I've never posted a comment. 0.08695652173913 8.7% [ 8 ]
I've never read the comic. (Click on my journal and start! ) 0.097826086956522 9.8% [ 9 ]
POLL WHORE option! 0.43478260869565 43.5% [ 40 ]
Total Votes: 92

Who's your favorite character take 2. (Please pick poll whore if you don't care)
Alba Soriée 0.15692307692308 15.7% [ 51 ]
Belladona Nightshade 0.061538461538462 6.2% [ 20 ]
JB 0.083076923076923 8.3% [ 27 ]
Josh Watanabe 0.033846153846154 3.4% [ 11 ]
Mizz Bubbleh 0.083076923076923 8.3% [ 27 ]
I can't decide 0.073846153846154 7.4% [ 24 ]
I haven't read the comic 0.19384615384615 19.4% [ 63 ]
Poll Whore 0.31384615384615 31.4% [ 102 ]

Who's your favorite secondary character? (Please pick poll whore if you don't care)
BonClay Soriée 0.072131147540984 7.2% [ 22 ]
Kiba 0.062295081967213 6.2% [ 19 ]
Ravager 0.091803278688525 9.2% [ 28 ]
Josh's fan club + Crispy 0.042622950819672 4.3% [ 13 ]
EternalDanceKat 0.029508196721311 3.0% [ 9 ]
Carcer 0.062295081967213 6.2% [ 19 ]
Serayoth & Coconut 0.14098360655738 14.1% [ 43 ]
I can't decide 0.11475409836066 11.5% [ 35 ]
I haven't read the comic 0.12459016393443 12.5% [ 38 ]
Poll Whore 0.25901639344262 25.9% [ 79 ]
Total Votes: [ 305 ]

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Can't wait to hear more about Bella and Alba? Or maybe think Bubbleh and Josh have got a shot? Wondering if Gold is JB's only mistress or oogle over potential slash pairings? Whatever ever the case, tell us about it and we'll put it here in our pairing lists along with the people who support the pairs! xd


User Image
Belladona Nightshade and Alba Soirée

Alba's affection for Bella has been obvious since day one! Bella however, seems to be somewhat oblivious to the situation! Will these two ever be together? Only time will tell! Here we have one of BOWBS Manga's most popular couple! Do you support it? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: euclids_triangle, SethPhoenix, IxITheDustKeeperIxI, Kcera, Kiskis, Doctor_Sunday, Korda, Septembers sun, Shinja_Mizuno, Uruveilhobbit, Operation Desert Storm, hsmcy, lunarbubbles, Kage Akagawa, zeldyn, yukidream13, Parasitic Principles


User Image
Kiba and Bon Clay Soirée

Bon Clay considers Kiba to be his right hand and second in command. Perhaps more might bloom out of this Superior/Subordinate relationship or is Bon Clay's cold exterior to tough for Kiba to break? Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Shinja_Mizuno, Uruveilhobbi, discoqueent, Kcera, Thaliat Everwood


User Image

One can say that JB's true love is none other then the shiny, yellowish glow of a gold coin! Probably the safest and most SURE couple of this entire series. If you are against this pairing you are either stupid or doesn't acknowledge JB's existence. Here are the people who support this union:

Supporters: Josh_JB_Benton, Belladona Nightshade, Shinja_Mizuno, Uruveilhobbit, Kcera, yukidream13, Serayoth


User Image
Belladona Nightshade and Joshua Watanabe

Some wonder about the relationship between these two. Is it simply affection or maybe something more? Josh and Bella are not really related so the possibility of them being a couple is not completely discarded... Only time will tell if the sibling-like relationship can grow into more. Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Boussole, Akuma _Higurashi, April_Lily, Serayoth, Thaliat Everwood


User Image
Mizz Bubbleh and JB

The people who support this couple must have a slightly masochistic side! xd Bubbleh seems often frightened by JB's rapid mood swings but could that uncontrollable JB fall victim to Bubbleh's calm and steady demeanor? A pairing of opposites is this couple. Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Serayoth, euclids_triangle, rose luvs her friends, sweet yukki, lunarbubbles, Parasitic Principles, Kage Akagawa


User Image
Mizz Bubbleh and Alba Soirée

This couple has been adopted by the people who love cuteness more then anything! Both new-comers to the shop Bubbleh and Alba could potentially support each other amidst the madness! Now if only Alba would turn his gaze from Bella, to a warm and shy Bubbleh. Potentially cute and awkward, do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Thaliat Everwood


User Image
Ravager and ExtremeDanceKat

It was love at first sight for Dance as she gazed at her rough and tough prince! It was also the same for many other girls it seems! Will Dance Kat be able to charm her way into Ravager's heart... before she potentially kills the rest of his fan-girls! Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: SethPhoenix, Shinja_Mizuno, Uruveilhobbit, discoqueen, lunarbubbles, Kcera


User Image
Mizz Bubbleh and Josh

from the very start Josh made his flirting ways known to Mizz B. However, will her sweet nature turn this flirtatious womanizer into a true romantic? Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: lunarbubbles, Kage Akagawa


User Image
Ravager and Alba Soirée

You know you were thinking about it. lol It seems that their relationship ran deep in a once upon time, when Alba and Ravager were partners in crime! It seems, some people want to see them as partners in different ways! Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Kiskis, rose luvs her friends, discoqueen, Kage Akagawa, Shinja_Mizuno


User Image
Josh Watanabe & JB

It seems that many can view how easily friendships can turn into love... and some seem to see that in the form of JB & Josh. They are best friends, work colleagues and old school mates. Some are hoping that history might include another title as a couple. Do you support it? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Shinja_Mizuno


User Image
Bon Clay and Ravager

A new pair has popped out of the woodwork and considering that they have known eachother for a long time and work together, I suppose I can understand how imaginations can fly! xd Ravager and BonClay... I've seen worse! Do you support it? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: sweet yukki


User Image
Belladona Nightshade and Bon Clay Soirée

This is a pairing that I honestly never expected! It seems that as BonClay rushed to grab Bella in his arms to threaten his brother, this pairing rushed into someone's heart! Bella and Bon Clay, why not? lol Do you support this couple? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Carcer


User Image
Bella and... a pickle?

Well, I guess if one likes vegetables and especially pickled vegetables... one gets, um pickles? Baby dills are tasty though. =3 Do you support it? Here are the people who do:

Supporters: Doctor_Sunday, sweet yukki, Irish Zombeh,
Operation Desert Storm

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BOWBS Timeline

For the sake of Fan Fiction, I figured it can be pretty useful to offer a time line based off known events in the comic. This timeline will be updated as new events arise. Now, seeing as the production of the pages is obviously slower then the events that are passing, I will the start on the date the first page was posted on as a point of origin. It's from there that I will move forward or backtrack in the story.

I will NOT reveal any information that is vital to the plot/character development unless it's already be revealed in the comic.


February 24th, 1982
- Bon Clay is born

- (October 21st) Josh is born
- (November 30th) JB is born

February 19, 1986
- Alba is born

January 31, 1987
- Bella is born

September 5th, 1989
- Mizz Bubbleh is born

November, 1993
- Josh meets Bella

September 5th, 1998
- JB 'befriends' Josh in Junior High

June, 2002
- Josh and JB Graduate from Barton High school

January, 2004
- Josh publishes his first romance novel

May, 2004
- Josh drops out of University (finishes semester)

March 18th, 2005
- Josh's 2nd romance novel "Sandy Roads" makes best seller list.

April 19, 2005
- The big fight with Bonclay occurs
- Alba gets scar
- Bonclay gets scar

April 25, 2005
- JB meets Alba
- JB hires Alba (no choice in the matter)
- Alba meets Bella & Josh

May 08, 2005
- BOWBS Building is purchased

June 12, 2005
- BOWBS Opens its doors for the first time and gets lots of demands for CG work.

June 18th, 2005
- Bubbleh answers add for CG artist & meets Bella.
- Bubbleh is hired.

June 25, 2005
- Bubbleh enters BOWBS Shop with Bella for the first time and meets the staff!

June 26, 2005
- Josh is attacked by fans (first appearance)
- Bonclay makes his appearance and is revealed to be Alba's brother

June 27, 2005
- Josh's second Romance novel "Sandy Roads" makes the papers

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  • Happy Birthday! 100

Have a comic of your own? Or maybe an art shop that needs a little advertisement? Well, look no more for here we house our kindred's link! Post the banner and the link and we'll set it up here!


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Art Shops:

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