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gonk oh god why??? gonk
With the horrible conclusion to season 2 I really don't want to see a season three. If it had been like Sebastian teaching Ceil to be a kick a** demon it would've been great! But nooooo Sebastian has to Ceils' b***h for the rest of time!
Okami Attorney
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God dammit!

I dunno. That sounds kinda exciting?
I can't decide If I am excited or disgusted. mad
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Woah spoilers.

Eh well I wasn't gonna finish season 2 anyways, but it sounds like a lovely conclusion~
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Oh ******** no.
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why's it SO bad? o_o i didn't want Ciel to be a demon so I'm happy that he won't be forever(probably)
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God dammit!

I know right?

it took them this long?
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Okami Attorney
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God dammit!

^You just made my day XD

come on now, as Ciel said "Once something has been lost, you can never get it back"
or something along those lines.
I had fun trolling season two (as much as I love Black Butler (season one and the manga)), but come on...a 3rd season's not necessary...
Unless it's Ciel torturing Sebastian...it's gunna be hilarious *cough* I mean...
Poor Sebastian? twisted

Anyhow, I don't vote for a 3rd season.
And if it is official, I hope I won't be disappointed this time.
The plot of the second musical and the Will OVA is so much better than season two...
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You know, Since the black butler fanbase is, like, huge, they might actually make a 3rd season...i think ._.;

But i kind of hope not. I liked the first season, not so much the second season. So if it follows on im probably not gonna enjoy the third season if they make one ._.;
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And is a third season really necessary?
If they decide to do a third season, it'd probably end up wrecking the series, because it would be totally redundant, and would basically consist of filler episodes.

Animes don't need extra seasons when they've already come to a worthy conclusion.
This s**t is getting a second season? Ha, way to feed the annoying, rapid, squeling yaoi fans, a nice big bowl of milking the series for all it's worth.

Why can't they spend their time animating something that I dunno...is actually worth animating? Like a Yotsuba anime!!

It's not even necessary.
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Blegh. I don't think I'm that excited for it because season 3 sounds pretty lame.

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