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This is not independent or obscure.
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My favorite character is Amy. She's super funny. I guess she's like a female Sheldon XD
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the big bang theory is honestly the worst show ive ever seen. )o: it recycles bad laugh tracks and uses LOL NERDY HUMOR XDDDDDDDDD and it literally relies on "im a nerd i get this joke"

just my opinion though )o: i thought it was funny when i was in the 6th grade but yeah not a good show imo 0/10
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You know, the show totally reminds me of my older brother. he gets to college and is there for hte engineering program and the only two clubs he joins are the nerf and nasa clubs. NERD ALERT.
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I love Leonard and Raj then Bernadette and Amy. Penny kind of gets on my nerves though stare
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I've always thought Leonard was a cutie <3
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I have the same cardigan as Amy does in the show.
I really like the show, probably because they are as upset about Firefly being cancelled as I am.
I LOVE that show!! XD wahhh My favorite characters are Sheldon and Amy!! Their both so funny.XD LOl Amy is so funny with Penny too lol.
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i like it. me and my husband are nerds so we can relate lol
I like Raj the best!

But I don't think Penny and Leonard should be a couple.

I'd like to see Penny with Sheldon. I think it would be cute! And Soft Kitty is already their song.

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I love this show to! Sheldon is also my favorite. My favorite episode is when Leonard tries to get Sheldon out of the ball pit and he keeps popping up for air saying: "Bazinga!" LOL xD

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Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr! biggrin
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Sheldon and Amy are just like my dream couple. In fact, they're my OTP gonk
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I actually really like Howard. I mean yeah, he's a creep, but I love his character! c: Sheldon? Who doesn't love Sheldon!

My favorites would probably go in the following order:

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F A G T A S T I C Vivi
Probably my favorite Television show ever.
Favorite character... I can't choose just one.
Sheldon is hilarious
Penny is hot
I've got a crush on Leonard
Raj is amazing

Honestly the only one I'm not a huge fan of is Howard.

What's your opinion?

Love Big Bang, Sheldon is my fave. I just got the latest season on DVD.

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