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Probably my favorite Television show ever.
Favorite character... I can't choose just one.
Sheldon is hilarious
Penny is hot
I've got a crush on Leonard
Raj is amazing

Honestly the only one I'm not a huge fan of is Howard.

What's your opinion?
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honestly my favorite is Raj. followed by Sheldon. Leonard is to much of a winer. evil
I don't see how this is an independent or obscure television series, but I'm not here to be a thread nazi.

I do quite enjoy the series, but Sheldon really irritates me. In fact they all irritate me at times. But it's a good series for now.
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Lol i love that show. My favourite character has to be either raj or sheldon. Leonard is annoying but howard is quite funny
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The show can be a little...cliche. You've got the nerdy guys with no social skills, the emasculated Indian/Asian guy (Raj), and the inexplicably hot girl who doesn't really have much of a life or background of her own.

All that said, it's pretty funny, even it it's over-reliant on stereotypes. It's also not obscure or independent at all, as it's on CBS and it's been renewed through 2015.
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My favorite BBT character is Sheldon Cooper; why he's my fave.- 'cuz he's Sheldon Cooper the hilarious guy who despises when someone sits in his spot, he has the craziest quotes, and also no one can mess w/him (except Will Wheaton, and Birds) ^_^....

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja

AND HOW COULD I FORGET ABOUT SOFT KITTY( when he's sick it's priceless)!!!
smile smile smile smile smile
Some people are complaining that this thread is misplaced. If you read closely.... it says Independent/Obscure Movies & Television as the topic. There isn't another forum to talk about television series except this one.

Anyways, like everyone says, Sheldon is the best. Then comes Raj and Howard. Leonard just keeps whining.
i love sheldon he's the best
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Ong I love that shooow! My mom is a huge fan too haha! biggrin I absolutely adore Sheldon<3 ^O^
Sheldon Cooper.
Amy Farrah Fowler is the bee's knees.
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Leonard heart
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When me siblings or I blurt out a random fact that's rather unnecessary, we say, you just pulled a Sheldon XD He's the best. I watch TBBT because of nerdy, scientific humour. My little brother likes the theme song.

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