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I will leave them with a history book.
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I would buy a six-pack of Samuel Adams.
Then I would hand one of the bottles to Samuel Adams and say "You see this? They put your face on a beer bottle? How awesome is that?"
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            Lollipops! emotion_kirakira
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I'd give them all a pair of Hanes underwear!
And maybe some kitchy t shirts!
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1700s? I'd give them the Internet. Bitches love the Internet.
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Velvet Overkill
"And then Galileo said to Johannes Kepler 'suck mine ballistic lead, ye olde heretical sycophant!' and the proceeded to shoot him repeatedly"

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I would give them rock n' roll.
Proper ******** plumbing. They'd be a lot happier.
As a woman, I do not think I would be taken seriously back then. Therefore, my ideas would be worth nothing.
pain killers

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Pink Plaid

So they could kill themselves, or hunt down Meyer for writing such blasphemous trash?

I'd give them Betty Crocker mixes. Halloween sprinkles, specifically. The poor really could eat cake!! emotion_kirakira
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Obviously not anything electrical, but something they could actually reverse engineer.

I'd take some repeating weapons. Revolvers, pump shotguns, and lever action rifles.
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Just to see them freak out over what the ******** it is.

I want to make it fall from the sky and hit someone in the head, then watch the fun begin.

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