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What's one invention or something you would give to people, back in the 1700's?

I would give them meth and medicine for diseases.
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A massive book on everything they should need to know about upcoming technology. Especially nuclear warheads. Why? Because I can emotion_awesome

I honestly have no idea.
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Duct tape and

Dr Who/TV, so there's more episode for me to watch
Hemp. Oh wait.
I mean, antiseptics.
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Machine Guns

So when I come back to present time I could open up a history book and read "And then Galileo said to Johannes Kepler 'suck mine ballistic lead, ye olde heretical sycophant!' and the proceeded to shoot him repeatedly"

Or something like that~
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i would leave instructions on how to build a big water purifyer/plumbing in each big city so that they wouldnt be forced to drink ale,mead and beer all the time. and a more higenic way for them to dispose of there human waste..for all rich and poor.
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Contraception. lol
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Queen Lucia
Contraception. lol
I'd probably give Casanova a few books on PUA, just for laughs.
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Anachronistic electricity.
hmm i would instruct all civilizations in the safe use of marijuana and smoking dmt out of crack pipes until they praised me as a god.

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