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Do you like Gaia's new layout??

Yes 0.17647058823529 17.6% [ 3 ]
NO!!!! 0.41176470588235 41.2% [ 7 ]
I'll get used to it... 0.41176470588235 41.2% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 17 ]
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fill this out:

Preffered title:
Ipod colour:
Avatar colour:
Dream avi/current avatar:
Username: Sennawte
Preffered title: Senna
Ipod colour: white is good that or pink
Background: light blue i guess
Avatar colour: ?
Dream avi/current avatar: current please ^..^ i may commision for others down the line though ^...^
Here it is:
User Image
Feget Buttfaice's avatar

Kawaii Lunatic

Lol. You put 'pole whore' in the poll. Lol.
Username: Jnuz7
Preffered title: Jnuz
Ipod colour: medium green
Background:medium blue
Avatar colour: black
Dream avi/current avatar: current, please ^..^
kay.I'm on it.
Username: Charles0238
Preffered title: iKill
Ipod colour: Red
Background: Black
Avatar colour: White
Dream avi/current avatar: current
Here it is:
User Image
Username: Mhender155
Preffered title: Deena
Ipod colour: light blue
Background: pink
Avatar colour: black
Dream avi/current avatar: My current avi but add deluxe cat ears
Username: rent214
Preffered title: Alisha
Ipod colour: white
Background: light green
Avatar colour: light pnk
Dream avi/current avatar: the one i have
Okay, I have to do them tommorrow thuogh.

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