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What type of music do you listen to the most often?

Punk Rock 0.10204081632653 10.2% [ 5 ]
Metel 0.040816326530612 4.1% [ 2 ]
Rock 0.22448979591837 22.4% [ 11 ]
Pop 0.10204081632653 10.2% [ 5 ]
Hip Hop/ Rap 0.16326530612245 16.3% [ 8 ]
Techno 0.18367346938776 18.4% [ 9 ]
Classical 0.061224489795918 6.1% [ 3 ]
Other: Make sure to post what type! 0.12244897959184 12.2% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 49 ]
Are you broke?
I meen REALLY broke?
I meen reallyyy broke to the power of 10?
So am I!?

yes, I know what you are thinking...:"OMG?! Did I just waist 10 seconds of my time reading that?!" and/or "OMG! I'm gona flame/and/or Report her!"

if you just thought that, get out now. Please.

This is a donation/bump/talk/hang out/anything thread.
Stay and donate, or stay and maybe be donated to!

[look for random lines in the 4th post!]


Please read my posts whenever they actually get posted; they sometimes have useful information (unless its a response to someone elses post x3) and/or ways for me to giggle at who notices things. (ie. putting "post this =D anywhere in your next post for a prize!" in white... so sadly one one person notices...

I am not a grammar nazi, I just use it on the first post, so people who are don't PM me saying "You didn't capitalize your "I"s

1. no page streching or quoting the first post.
2. DO NOT delete your post on the winning pages. i hate to say it, but we did have a problem with that. if i catch you doing it you will go straight to the black list.
3. please keep it pg13. i dont care if your 367 years old. i happen to be 15 16 17 whee and dont want to know what your gay great geat great grandchildern are doing in front of a camera for you.
[i do not mind gay and lesbeian pairing/love or anything. trust me. i am a messed up gravitation fan eek ]
... why is this still in red...? when i become less lazy, i will change the color.

(GODx1) ---- 19k?! gonk eek heart heart
udontnome601 -- 500g heart
2nd Lt. Havoc -- 1k heart
chixieboomboom ---- 3,500g and a tire on my head heart heart
Missiiamiam ---- 2k heart
NephilimGasMask ---- 2050g heart
chixiechacer [previously chixieboomboom] ----- let it snow <3

white list <3
unbesiegbar for making me laugh. hard. x3
(GODx1) for being completly awesome
Chixieboomboom for staying with me for over 60 pages, and not wining anything! eek and, because she still staing with me! <3

Uber Amazing White list Of Whiteness!
(because, yeah, theyre just that cool)
the silent rawr
music_my_lyf <3

black list >=o
none. keep it this way or voldomort will kill j00 all.

Big contest:
choose from Damascus Armor, Rock Puppy, Heartstings, starmony, Catastrophe!, sun staff, pora ice (4th gen.), or Fairy Wings!
be the be the 3rd person on 1,210 and/or the 12th person on 1,250 and ya get it!

sorry the prizes arn't so good, but im really OUT OF IDEAS, ill try and get more stuff.
donations would be apperated =D
...Or just tell me what you want. That works too.

[yes, i auctuly have the item, and yes i will give it to the winner stare ]

wow~! believe it or not, but ive spent wayyy over 300k on this thread! 0o

User Image
(Why is it that when I typed in "winner" on photobucket, I got a whole ton of chickens? ._____.'

[does NOT include randomly given stuff (for the most part? I can't tell anymore...) 'cause the list would be too long neutral ]

mythic hair-----taki koori

gift of the goddess------ roy.mustang.fan

500g ---- bennett-rulez89

april 2k7 ---- udontnome601

1k --- Dr.McSeriously

april 2k7 ------ iDaze

2k----- Yuami

angelic microphone------ August_Gale

1k ---- Midare Shinami

1k ---- iPHEONIX

gwee the dragon ---- -Rainbow Oreo-

fox ears ------ Xanyxany

flame sword ---- bumflaps_bex

Aquatica ------- xX.Miss.Pop.Tart.Xx

Mythrill Armor ------- Missiiamiam

Yokai's Treasure ---- iLaziness

Mythic Hair ------ Chixieboomboom

Yokai's Treasure ---- GabzZZZzzipan

Mythic Hair ------- Nikita_Rose

Dark Star ---- Rachel The Ninja

mythic hair ---- chixieboomboom

Dark Star ------ ilaziness

december 07 letter ---- music_my_lyf

fairy wings ------ ilaziness

Wild Things ------ lil bear katt

december 2008 letter ----ToA Guy Cecil

Fairy Wings ------ Vampire Panda Scene

pola ice ----- lil bear katt

Fairy Wings ------ insanefreakleader

Let it snow ----- icecream_luver72

Febuary 2008 letter ---- xXNinja-ChanXx

Grunny ---------------- HienThao

december 2008 letter ---- Rhiannon wicked

Lunar Sythe ------------ Card_Trick104

June 2008 ------------ darkturtle22

April 2006 ------------ XxiEmObOiiXx

Dark Star ----------- kawaiisakura259

Pink Belled Ribbons ---- pinki_1o1

So sorry for the first two original contest entries. They stopped working. Ergo, they got killed. Sorry 'bout that.


3 User Image -- ` c r y p t i c [x] angel



4 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. ---BwitchenBabe



5 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.--- 'B u g g y



6 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. --- Roses Are Forever



User Image
---O Wise One from Afar



8 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
---- 'B u g g y


9 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
----- [ Amalia ]



User Image

Send me a pm if you want your advertisement here!

hey mr. panda bear... can i tempt you with this bamboo pimp rod?

Yeah, I have no idea what to put here. Maybe sometime in the future something spiffy will go here. As for now, just be amused by mr. panda bear. sweatdrop
I have 39K confused
I can't let that happen again...

I'm NOT broke

...because then you'll see my heart in the saddest state its ever been
I have 39K confused

I have 17 =]
IM pretty broke, besides my inventory I have like no gold. I am trying to pay my friend off, and I still have 11k to go...... confused
I have 39K confused

are you upset??? that's alot....i'm poor!!!!
I'm broke, but I'm happy.
I have 39K confused

I have 17 =]

you have 17k!!!!! wow....i'm way behind you...seriously!!!
Since when were poor people allowed to post here?

I'm on the case!
link_to_the_past's avatar

Cute Elder

im not that broke but i don't got a lot of money left now.

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