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I can lick my elbow AND run in high heels...just not at the same time. I can play the piano fairly well by ear, I'm very crafty, and I'm a damned good artist if I do say so myself.

Share your talents! What can you do?
I'm a professional procrastinator.
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I don't really know..it definitely isn't singing tho..that's for sure. Oh! but my arms are double jointed.^^ I can make them look all weird and broken. It used to creep out some of my friends, so naturally I would always do it around them. cool
I'm a professional procrastinator.
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I can make my right eyelid twitch at will.
I actually forgot I could until I saw this thread.

Also I can draw.
I'm a professional procrastinator.

Lol, nice.
I can vibrate my legs, hands, arms, fingers. I'm double jointed in the middle joints of my fingers. I can stretch until I black out. I have a "meaty" mouth that allows me to do far more facial expressions than most people. I can wrap my genitalia around my ankle while standing up.
I can dance when I want to. smile
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I don't have a special talent.
My drawings are above average, I guess.
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I don't have a special talent.
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I can make a girl pee.
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I can pop my jaw out of place
o -o

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