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Well the title is pretty explanatory,

Words we aren't keen on:

Got, Did, c**t, Orientate, Orb (When used in conjunction with the word eye), Nice, It, Editing, Was, And, But, Sudden/Suddenly, Definately, Vampyre, Womyn, Woo, Saccharine, Revelation, Thrust, Magick, Hegemony, Regime, Faery, Sac, Squeak, Scream, Squeak, Squeeze, Seize, Seeth, Seep, Pavane, Requiem, revenant, sonata and sanguine, cacophany, inconceivably, ravishing, throbbing, delight, delicous, cloud, didn't gay, slut, hoe, if, conjure, member, shaft, sex, dang, luna, saphire, said, celadon, vermillion, viridian, azure, cerulean, moist, reek, spongy, cute, state, floccinaucinihilipfication, literacy. stuff, ********, things, pretentious, fae, ejaculate, evil, zealous, zephyr, optics, beautiful, A, ointment, cool, incredible, fascinating, lush, just, noogie, viam inconsequential, flyte, gray, becausem antidisestablishmentarianism, transmutated, chloroform, exudates, salicylate, caesarican, unicorns, palace, goner, smartie, lover, moose, gossip, wonky, loose, pie, euphony, that, knee, Grimace, Swoon, Good, purple, flesh, meat, shudders, pertain, face, sat, stuff, nub, getting, kiss, femmeslash, separation, toodalidge, enthrust, alliance, light, black, night, pubic, philosophical, critic, lifeless, drip, wench, bud, so, necrophelia, bosom, as, like.
This is juvenille, but I hate the word 'c**t' so much.
Orientate. stressed gonk Of all words, that one irks me to no end, especially when it's obvious people mean orient. Orientate is to position facing east.
"Orbs", when describing eyes.


Even call them POOLS! Call them retarded a** gemstones! I'm tired of the orbs!

gonk Say no to orbs!

Thankyou. @_@

'It' just feels so dead. And it's so hard to avoid the wretched word <-- point in case >_>
The word 'and'.

Oh wait. Words that we don't like/don't like to write.

The_Final_Princess's avatar

Beloved Lover

I hate the word 'But', it annoys me so much!
The word that can be used in any media where visual or sound techniques can be used but not where it should be forbidden, in my opinion, in books:
"Sudden, suddenly".

There are ways and other words to substitute that word.
definately. Actually, i have nothing against the word itself, i'm just against people mutilating it by typing it 'defiantely'. It irks me. Other then that, the word fart. It's just silly.
Vampyre. Womyn.

Any other word that uses the pretentious 'y' when a perfectly normal vowel would work just as well.
I hate the word 'woo'. Not as an exclamation, "wooo!" but as in "wooing a girl". It sounds ridiculous to me. confused
Oh dear lord, I hate the word 'orb,' but Foxy Grampa got there first. Cookies for you, dear.

I have a strong distaste for the words 'revelation' and 'sacharrine.'

Well, I'm sure there are more, but I'm not on the top of my game.

That was my friend's fault. o.o
When you add a subversive word of sorts, make sure you include a definition. Can anyone tell me what Womyn means?

I think it's just "woman" spelled with a 'y,' a product of pretentious prickheads who think 'y's make their story cooler.

Oh, and that reminds me: 'magick.' Annoying as hell.

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