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■ WELCOME TO 10,000,000 PAGES!_________________________________________
Co-owned by iheartshrooms and King Awesomolocity

Although our goal is far, it is the journey, not the destination, that
truly counts. There are so many great people here, so jump right into a
conversation, and talk, bump, win prizes, and most importantly have fun!
10,000,000 Pages is the thread that will pierce the Heavens...but only with
your help! Awesomolocity, iheartshrooms, Gate, and the rest of the regulars
use this thread as a hangout as well as a place we can come and meet new
people and talk to old friends. We share a common goal: to further our page
count, drilling closer and closer each day, and having fun while we do it. All
are welcomed here, so come in here, and make friends (or chat with old ones).
We would love it if you could stick around!

■ ARE YOU NEW?________________________________________________________

Just post and say hi! Or...quote someone who is already talking. Feel free
to jump right into a conversation. Most of the people posting here love talking
to people, so don't be scared!
Check the third post to see all of our contests.
Number your posts, beginning with #1 and counting up, so that you can win
Have fun. That is the most important thing to us; people having fun.
Give our thread a <3 We could always use some love.

■ USEFUL THINGS_________________________________________________________

10,000,000 The Guild
Gaia Wiki
Please check out our Special Goodies every once in awhile for
different thread events!

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                                  Follow the ToS
                                  ▸▸▸- Durrrrr

                                  Don't make posts just to stretch the page.
                                  ▸▸▸- It's really annoying.

                                  Try to talk whenever possible, we are a hangout thread.
                                  ▸▸▸- Conversation makes things go so much funner and faster. :3

                                  Try to talk to others.
                                  ▸▸▸- Not exactly a rule. But, try to notice new people, and converse with
                                  them. If you are new...quote someone, and say hi. Conversation starts that way.

                                  Numbering your posts is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.
                                  ▸▸▸- You can get prizes from it. Although, you can also get prizes
                                  ▸▸▸without doing it. (Check post 3 for details)

                                  NO NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR!
                                  ▸▸▸- Including: harsh words, excessive disagreements, verbal abuse, etc.
                                  ▸▸▸- Do not retaliate. You would be allowing that person to continue
                                  ▸▸▸as well as getting involved. don't do it.
                                  ▸▸▸- If you don't want to talk to someone, you can put them on your ignore list.
                                  ▸▸▸- We will not make a black list.

                                  ▸▸▸- Bump, make friends, and chat/hangout
                                  ▸▸▸- Win contests

                                  ▸▸▸- Gossip, annoy others, or argue
                                  ▸▸▸- Link to quitting Gaia thread

                                  After learning something rather interesting about copyright:
                                  Pagerushes, Runner-up Contest, Post Lotto, BlakJak, and Stick Adventure (choose your own story) are copyright (©) by 10,000,000.
                                  Meaning, don't steal it. This is a violation of section 4.7 of the Gaia ToS and you WILL be reported. And don't advertise stolen stuff here, either.

              User Image

                                User Image

User Image

                                  All contests are user ran. We have both co-owners contests, as well as additional
                                  contests ran by other users (see next post). Interested in hosting a contest? Ask Shrooms
                                  or Awesome! Questions or comments? Feel free to ask the contest's owner if so. :3

                                  KING AWESOMOLOCITY'S CONTESTS!

                                  - Follow all rules of the thread and the contests in order to win.
                                  - You need to PM King Awesomolocity with the pagenumber in order to win your prizes.
                                  - Conversation prizes are exempt from the PMing rule as that is determined by King Awesomolocity
                                  - You may use mules for prizes, but use the same post count, rather than indiviudual ones.

                                  CLICK THE SPOILER FOR AWESOMOLOCITY'S CONTESTS
                                  AND PRIZES!

                                  Post Prizes!
                                  Post 100 - 2500g
                                  Post 500 - 5000g
                                  Post 750 - 7500g
                                  1,000 - 10,000g
                                  5,000 = 5,000
                                  10,000 = 10,000
                                  Every multiple of 5,000 will get a gold amount equal to the amount of posts.
                                  Ex: 15,000 posts will get 15,000g

                                  Conversation Prizes!
                                  Those who are found to be the most talkative for each month will be eligible for three prizes.
                                  The 1st prize is a monthly collecitible letter for the given month.
                                  The 2nd prize is a Chance Item of the given month (single, not bundle)
                                  The 3rd prize is the birthstone item of that month.
                                  Note: You should be creating and maintaining conversations in order to get the best chances of winning.

                                  Quest Donations!
                                  Post a quest, and you will get 500g-2,500g depending on what you are questing, and your progress towards the quest.

                                  IHEARTSHROOM'S CONTESTS!

                                  - You must follow all the rules to win (please be aware).
                                  - You need to PM iheartshrooms when you win any contest!
                                  - The PM must say what page you won on. (if at all possible, grouping multiple
                                  wins into one PM helps me a lot!)
                                  - You can win as many times as you want!!! (excluding the mystery prize, which you
                                  can only do once)
                                  - Please be patient for your prizes. I am a busy person. I promise you will get all your
                                  prizes. If you are wondering if I got your PM, I have. I tend to wait a while and do several
                                  all at once. It is easier that way)
                                  - You may use mules for all prizes (excluding full page prize), but please have them
                                  continue your thread post count (rather than having their own)
                                  - Please use this code when PMing me wins: (you can use it several times per PM if
                                  you so choose) -
                                  [url=url of winning page number here] what you won here and how much you won[/url]
                                  Have Fun!

                                  CLICK THE SPOILER FOR IHEARTSHROOM'S CONTESTS
                                  AND PRIZES!

                                  Random Number Game!
                                  Generate a random number: 1-1000.
                                  If it is a 69 you win a rock puppy!
                                  If it is a 7, 77, 420, or 777 you win 5k goldz!
                                  If it is a 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 888, or 999 you win 3k gold!
                                  If it is a 1, 234, 500, 789, or 1000 you win 2k gold!

                                  Dice Game!
                                  Roll 6, six-sided dice.
                                  Roll a 6 or a 36, and you win 175k gold!!
                                  Roll a 7 and you win 75k!
                                  Roll a 35 and you win 69k!
                                  Roll an 8 and you win 15k!
                                  Roll a 34 and you win 10k!
                                  Roll a 10 and win 3k!
                                  (This is hard and will take several tries, but you can count your posts and roll dice at the same time!)

                                  Full Page Game! ©
                                  If you post for all 15 posts on a page, you win 2k!
                                  (strategy: post when very few people are on)

                                  Post Prizes!
                                  50 posts: 1000 gold + able to get Mystery Prize (see below)
                                  200 posts: 2k gold
                                  400 posts: 2.5k gold
                                  1,500 posts: 5k gold
                                  4,000 posts: 7k gold
                                  6,000 posts: 10k gold
                                  13,000 posts: 13k gold
                                  23,000 posts: 23k gold
                                  47,000 posts: 74k gold
                                  100,000 posts: 100k gold
                                  (You can just start counting and receive both these prizes and Awesome's with the same post count.)

                                  Runner Up Page Prizes ©
                                  Runner-up every 100 pages: 1000 gold
                                  Runner-up every 500 pages: 2k gold
                                  Runner-up every 1,000 pages: 3k gold
                                  Runner-up every 10,000 pages: 10k gold
                                  2nd Runner-up every 10,000 pages: 5k gold

                                  Note: Runner-up is the 15th post on page xxx,x99.
                                  (ie. The runner up for page 47,800, would be the 15th poster on page 47,799)
                                  (Contest made because getting one off sucks XP)

                                  <3 Donation
                                  See that box in the top left hand corner of this page? The one with the <3 and </3?
                                  Click the <3, take a screenshot, PM iheartshrooms the the screenshot and you will get 2k! (To take a a screenshot, "alt" + "print screen", open MS Paint, "control" + "v", save, upload to Photobucket, proceed to PM Shrooms)

                                  Mystery Prize! ©
                                  If your post count is more than 50, then you may PM iheartshrooms asking for a mystery prize! The mystery is that it is something I don't want out of my inventory.


                                  Gold Given Away By Shrooms in 10,000,000 pages (since he became co-owner):
                                  4,445.5k gold + 1,576k in items!

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                                User Image

User Image

                                  Follow the ToS

                                  YAMAlCHl - Easy Gold ON HOLD, NOT ACTIVE
                                  Starts on Page 178,000. Be the 1st post on every 1,000 pages.
                                  YAMAlCHl will quote you to generate a number between 1 and 10. Once the number is generated, you will receive the prize for the winning number.
                                  Here is what you can win:

                                  1 ) 100k
                                  2 ) Chance Item
                                  3 ) Monthly Collectible
                                  4 ) REI
                                  5 ) Birthstone Item for your Birthday Month.
                                  6 ) 100k
                                  7 ) RIG
                                  8 ) Monthly Collectible
                                  9 ) EI
                                  10 ) 100k

                                  FyoraSilverwolf - C-C-Combo Breaker
                                  C-C-COMBO BREAKER Contest
                                  Prize: 1,000g
                                  Object: To prevent me from getting Shrooms’ full page prize. This is done by posting at least once on a page I’m trying to take the full page of.
                                  First two posts (at least) of the page must be by FyoraSilverwolf and/or Sarcastic_Masturbation
                                  At least one of the posts by FyoraSilverwolf or Sarcastic_Masturbation must have the number also written in German.
                                  If you’re not sure if it’s a qualifying page or not, post anyway.
                                  Only one prize per page, for the first person to post after me.

                                  Claim Process: I should be online during this, if you think I missed you (like it has been two hours or more), send me a comment with a link to the page and something to the effect of “Combo-Breaker Contest”.

                                  Hissori Purotekuta - Spot That Character!
                                  Spot That Character!
                                  How To Win:
                                  If you see me, Hissori Purotekuta-, post a picture of a character be the first person to quote me with the character's name.
                                  OR Be the first person to quote me with where the character is from.
                                  Time Limit:
                                  You have 2 hours to quote me with the correct answer(s).
                                  The first person to quote me with the correct name gets the Grand Prize (value no less than 10k gold).
                                  The first person to quote me with where the character is from gets the Booby Prize (value no greater than 3k gold).
                                  You cannot win both prize for the same character!
                                  When Will I Post:
                                  These posts will be random.
                                  What Will I Post:
                                  A picture of a character. The character can be from anything a book, movie, anime, manga, or even a game.

                                  sicK pandaH - Easy Talking
                                  How do you win?: Talk. That's all.
                                  Just talk and I'll choose four people at the end of every month to give each one million gold. I like talking to people, and I'm sure there are others who wouldn't mind the company!
                                  Please note, that this giveaway is taking place in this thread, and in my quest thread located in my signature. Therefore, two people from this thread, two people from that thread. Yes, it could possibly increase your odds if you chat in both of them.
                                  I will post the winners and pictures of the trades as proof on my quest thread, so y'all know I'm actually giving it away.

                                  For the sake of consistency, since this part is on my quest thread, I'm posting it here too.

                                  But why are you doing this when you're questing?

                                  The answer to that is simply because I'd rather see other people finishing their quests than my own. It makes me happy to make others happy. Even if I was going to be greedy and save it all for myself, my quest would still take forever... so why not make it forever and a half?
                                  Not to mention, I'm really bad with my real life money, and have plenty of extra, so... yes... I am one of those people who buy the Flynn's Chests every month.
                                  Hell. I may even start giving 6 of those out every month if this actually starts to get a lot more people.

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                                  We would always love new banners! Please have them say "[awesome+shrooms]'s
                                  10,000,000 Pages" or simply "10,000,000 Pages". Please comment all banners to this
                                  account so that I can add them to the banner list.

                                  User Image
                                  User Image
                                  User Image
                                  User Image
                                  User Image
                                  User Image

                                  Click the spoiler for others!
                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image

                                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

                                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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User Image

                                  Custom version of King Awesome's Epic BG Thread coming soon.

              User Image

                                User Image

User Image

                                  20,000,000G+ FOR PAGE 200,000 !!!
                                  We're approaching a huge mile marker! Join us to celebrate.

                                  SIMPLE THINGS TO DO:
                                  Conversate! (I wish this was a word)

                                  BASE PRIZES:
                                  First poster - 6,000,000g
                                  Second poster - 5,000,000g
                                  Third poster - 4,000,000g
                                  Fourth poster - 3,000,000g
                                  Fifth poster - 2,000,000g
                                  Everybody else - 1,000,000g
                                  "Just Missed It" - 500,000g (Just missed it prizes are for the last post on page 199,999 and first post on 200,001)

                                  There are also going to be some additional "bonuses" for things such as unique people and conversations. These bonuses will be added on to the base prizes.

                                  BONUS PRIZES:
                                  Each unique person - +100,000 (Mules don't count as unique. xP)
                                  Each conversational post - +100,000

                                  In total, this adds to a minimum of 31,000,000 gold and a maximum of 88,800,000g (I'm going broke for you <3)

              User Image

                                User Image

User Image

                                  In order to maintain organization of this post, we are only accepting 88x31 buttons and 200x40 banners.
                                  Others will still be accepted but it will be a text link.

                  User Image

                                User Image

User Image

                                  10,000,000 is the thread that shall pierce the heavens!

                                  April 19th, 2011 - Thread reopened by Awesomolocity.
                                  April 26th, 2011 - Gate gives Awesomolocity his Spidargate account. (Full thread ownership)
                                  April 28th, 2011 - Shrooms is the new co-owner of the Thread.
                                  April - Present (idk when present was) - Been keeping busy working on getting
                                  a stable neat and organized first page.
                                  November 12th, 2012 - Updating format. :3
                                  December 29th, 2012 - Awesomolocity is currently fixing the first page.
                                  (Too much ugly isn't good. :c) Made a few updates. Will be updated more later.
                                  First page needs a huge update in format. Less large / colored text. .-.
                                  I'll be making updates over the next few days.
                                  February 20th, 2013 - Queen Awesomolocity is a total boss and made
                                  the first page awesome. Please do thank her, she did such amazing work.
                                  March 6th, 2013 - YAMAlCHl joined forces with the thread!
                                  April 5th, 2013 - King Awesomolocity updated prizes
                                  (changes in effect after page 175,000), and updated the first page with
                                  Queen's awesome format.
                                  August 1st, 2013 - Royal Revamp! (Queen did it)
                                  November 7th, 2013 - Pre-Christmasy things are starting!
                                  January 7th, 2014 - Christmas events all wrapped up~
                                  January 29th, 2014 - 200,000 Pages!

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