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Violet-Eyed Envy
Violet-Eyed Envy
Violet-Eyed Envy
I'm intrigued, but this is taking a really long time to read.

Can I just put in a possible bid for my obvious character of interest now and take my time fully looking over the system?

the system is governed by me honestly and yes its first come first serve so you now are envy is you so wish

i will have special missions for main char. in order to form the alliance between the sorts of cicilians with the military garb and the 7 deadly sins and the 7 virtues

each claim has a different journy to gain access to the philosiphers stone
and within each claim they may choose to either uphold each faction or try to break it down from the inside out the problem is you may never tell a friend what your true intentions are because you may decide to go out with a bang if you so choose to die or better known as quitting permenently. thus another person will take over your place as a main chr.

Cool. Where will this be taking place, anyway?

hey so yeah were going to be playing it on here till i save up to make a guild
it cost 20,000 gold to make a guild and im recruiting people to join the guild so we have a place to go post besides a forum.. i will have daily tasks as well as personal tasks i create for you depending on who you are and who joins up with you..

If you have a decent computer you can make that 20k in less than an hour on Booty Grab.

the point is to have your members contribute... im not going to make this a guild till i get enough members that would like to spend gaia gold to play.. contributions are a big factor in a guild. and id like to point out i have 3 members besides you atm not including myself.

Eh, I'm just one of those people who prefers to donate to the guild itself for the subforums. But how much do you still need?
7k left till we have enough
where down to 7k and we can start our guild forum
ahh but we must work together to build up each and everyone else. in order to keep everyone happy..

i have most of the cash so im gonna run it along with one of my friends
since it was my idea.
There's your gold. Anything you need for subforums I'll donate direct, easier that way.
Hagane No Renkinjustushi !RPG!
Tags: Anime, Full Metal Alchemist, Role Playing Game, Create your own character, Elric Brothers
Start off as civilian if you just want to see what its like to be in this guild. join and play
Join forces with the 7 Virtues a new addition to the Full Metal Alchemist tale with the Bless ability [6 spots left]

or Sign up For a State Alchemy Exam To enter the Military [unlimited amount of space]

Or join up as a 7 sins member to lead the state of the human race into destruction for the ultimate creation of a new Philosophers Stone. [6 spots left]

more info inside my Guild.. please Join.

Hagane No Renkinjustushi !RPG!
Tags: Anime, Full Metal Alchemist, Role Playing Game, Create your own character, Elric Brothers
join my fma guild


envy and temperance taken

and sign up for characters.
since i will be the DM i will be the store in every area of theworld. if you so choose to buy something you must first deposit your earnings into the bank of the world and you must submit your GAIA name your FMA created Name and password i will then keep a record of how much money you have and how much you will earn depending on your rank and position in n the game and i will customize your automail fully personalize your char's for a small fee of 1000 gaia gold upon paying for the charecter sheet another 100 gaia gold will be sent to me for the application process for my time concider this i will also not spend a dime and at the end of each week whosoever wins the contest will win ALLLL MY GAIA MONEY!!! no joke so this will then raffel off all my money to the lucky winner so donating a small amount will eventually get back to you.

The winner of the week will be entered into the hall of fame of contestors and they will then compete after the first 2 weeks of play.

Every day upon logging in a small donation of 100 gold is required to play
if your maintaining a high level char.

if not then its only 50 gaia gold.

still recruiting members for the FMA RPG 6 members so far looking for more please JOIN
Search Hagane no Renkinjutsushi to join a guild based on the FMA series- role playing game
Hagane No Renkinjustushi !RPG character casting NOW HELD HERE
which shop can u get cigerettes at? eek

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