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You mean he's been watching this whole time?! *Looks around her, big gun at the ready. But then there's the noise, the noise that hypnotized a planet.*

Not again?! *Runs after Jack and the Doctor, arriving at the TARDIS to the horrifying reality that somehow the Master has hijacked it.* But you just came here. How could he be in there? *Stares at the TARDIS in disbelief.*
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*The noise stops abruptly. There's an eerie silence and then suddenly the door will slowly creak open, just a few inches. Another silence and then a thousand Toclafane pour through the door, flooding Torchwood and when his children finally disperse the Master steps out in all of his glory leaving the door to the TARDIS wide open and inside you might be able to see that it's not the beautiful interior the Doctor knows, but it's his infamous Paradox Machine.*

*Throws his arms open with a devilish, self-satisfied grin.* Surprise!
*The Doctor immediately shields his two companions, throwing his arms around them as they flood Torchwood, trying to save them from the horror they've stumbled upon, and the Doctor himself will look upon the Master, and he is filled with sorrow and pain. His beloved TARDIS...* Master, what have you done?!

*It's obvious, at least, to the Master perhaps, his hearts are breaking. Despair.*
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*Almost falls back on his a** when the Toclafane come pouring in. Not them again! Has his Webly in his hands, aimed at the Masters head but the Doctor thinks he's protecting them by stepping in his firing range. If only he could just get a good shot....this would all be over with.*
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Forever Their Doctor

*It's obvious, at least, to the Master perhaps, his hearts are breaking. Despair.*

*Already? Oh dear Doctor, there's so much more to come...leave something else to break won't you? Or else his hard work will have been for nothing.*

*Twirls his screwdriver in his hand, satisfied until he sees Jack trying to take a shot.* Oh you don't think I'm that stupid do you? I've updated my children with Sontaran emitters, and by updated I mean they work on more than just copper. Your guns are useless. *Grins.* Sort of like you.

And don't bother trying to teleport, the system knows your signal and if you or anyone else tries to use that mudhopper, wrist bracelet of yours, it's going to fry them. *Pauses.* Wait, hang on, that came out wrong. Please do try it. *Grins again.*

*Turns to Martha.* And look who it is, the lovely Martha Jones. We meet again. I hope you don't plan on running off and missing out on all the fun this time...

*And then, there's the Doctor.* I see this one didn't stay. *Motioning to Martha.* Or this one *to Jack.* And who could blame them. Trailing after the Doctor, believing that he'll protect them. But do they even know of all of the blood on your hands? And if they did, what does that say about you? Keeping soldiers in his stead...to do his dirty work for him.

And I'm supposed to be the villain?

*His playful mood drops, and he becomes horribly serious.* I have started the beginning, Doctor.The beginning of a new order of time. With me as it's Lord and Master.

*Don't shoot him, Jack. He can't bear that idea, guns and violence, he still hates them, thinks they're so meaningless, violence like that.* You've just thought of everything this time, haven't you.

*He turns to face the Master, shoving his hands in his coat pockets, taking the abuse, so much like Jack took his fury and abuse. That's all he does to people, isn't it. Turn them into soldiers, he doesn't show them much that's magical, but they're oh so brilliant while they're with him, but he destroys them.* They already know.

*He turns his head away. They know a little, at least, and if they know more, it's because they were clever.* I don't hide who I am, not anymore. *No, he just runs from it. But ahhh, there it is. There's the same old Master, never changing.* And you're going to use this little, dingy old station to do it?

I'm surprised you think so highly of it. *Maybe a spark of hope.* I don't think it has the kind of capability you want out of a place to run your new world order. So, tell me, I'm dying to know, just, why here. Why wait for me.
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*Rolls his eyes at the Doctor's never changing sanctimony. But then smirks as the Time Lord inquires, now here comes the fun part.* It's the perfect disguise isn't?

But don't worry Doctor, all will be revealed in time. For now *grips the Doctor's shoulder* you should tell your little friends to run.

*Suddenly the Doctor, his children, and him are teleported into the main part of the hub. Transmat beam, he'll get to that later, but for now they end up in the main part of the Hub, with all of the doors locked shut, isolating Jack and Martha in the exterior, winding hallways.*

*Unphased by the sudden teleport, jumps to a computer and starts typing.* You know all of those things your little freak has imprisoned? *Hits the delete key.* Whoops.
*Finally freed from it's prison, comes bounding through the halls, looking for prey....*
*Hates this man, to the core of her being. The things he forced her family through...it still gives her nightmares. And maybe she would shoot him, if it meant no one would suffer like that again. Ever faithful, reliable Martha Jones just might. But he takes that opportunity from her anyways by jamming the guns.*

*Lunges forward when the Master disappears with her friend.* Doctor! *There's an eerie silence and Martha thinks she sees something lurking in the shadows.*

....Jack. What's that?
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*Turns around to see what Martha is talking about and his eyes go wide. Grabs her and shoves.* Martha, run!!
*He's going to turn the TARDIS on the people that will think it's him. He'll open the door and no one will be safe from it. He really is going to go after everyone he might ever and has ever loved, he is going to destroy everyone. Stares at the Master, eyes searching, grabbing on to his arms, barely able to get the word out of his mouth before they're teleported.* RUN!

*The Doctor stumbles briefly, following the Master to the computer terminal.* Do you even know half of what is down there?! *This is one of the reasons he never approved of Torchwood's methods, because something like this could happen.* So now what, you're going to try and kill my friends, *he moves away from the computer, looking back to the Master. There's more to this plan.* You know that they won't be beaten so easily, no, not those two.

You've got something more in mind for them, and me, but for the life of me, that's the one thing I can't figure out.

*there's something watching Victorian London and all its inhabitants. This presence is unaware of the battle happening underground and probably wouldn't care if it did know... Well, as long as it doesn't affect what they're after*
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