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2012! Another year in this thread and I thank everyone who has posted here, whether or not you finished!

I finished this like forever ago. 0.077586206896552 7.8% [ 81 ]
One day, one day, I WILL FINISH. 0.272030651341 27.2% [ 284 ]
I hate these threads. 0.11302681992337 11.3% [ 118 ]
How long does it really take someone? 0.1455938697318 14.6% [ 152 ]
I keep starting and stopping and starting. 0.0727969348659 7.3% [ 76 ]
What if you don't give me the gold???? 0.10057471264368 10.1% [ 105 ]
Did you really put this thing together? (The answer is yes, I did.) 0.068007662835249 6.8% [ 71 ]
Ewan McGregor is hot. (This won't change!) 0.15038314176245 15.0% [ 157 ]
Total Votes:[ 1044 ]
3. Have you changed your username at all? Yeahh. I forgot what it used to be sweatdrop
4. If you changed your username, what were your previous ones? I forgotttt gonk stressed sweatdrop scream
5. Have you changed your base avatar at all? Nope
6. Have you changed your gender at all? No
7. Classic profile or Current profile? Current
8. How many items are on your wishlist? Seventeen, ones private
9. How many items have been donated to you? None T~T
10. What is your favorite item on Gaia? Uhh.. stressed I has lotz. I like the WTF and OMG hats and all that XD
11. What is your most expensive item? Um... My two Furugasa's and Changeling baby? My WTF hat =D
12. What is your favorite item that you own? Atm. This clown paint and my WTF hat
1. Type your username in separate posts.
1. Type your username in separate posts.
-- y
13. What is your favorite Gaia pet? ROCK PUPPY.. I have no idea why but yeah... or that little cat. Gin the Kitty, I want!! sad
1. Type your username in separate posts.
-- a
14. Do you like avatar art? Who doesnt?

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