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Ruthless Lunatic

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daw a other person is leaving gaia .-.
*gives you farewell cupcakes and cookies*
Hi guys ^^ .
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Invisible Prophet

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Umm, used to date a tattoo artist? That probably doesn't help you much sweatdrop
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Friendly Hunter


So how are youu?
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That's such a cute "I am". o uo;;
//Jelly naos.
Questing ~ Modus Operandi 1.14M/1.835M
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Dangerous Lunatic

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Tipsy Poster

doesn't sound like you're in a big hurry to quit if it takes till next thursday

you're liable to change your mind tomorrow
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Don't quit, you'll regret it and come back. Trust me, I came back... three years later. dramallama
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Hows it going, ya'll? Long a** day. Hoping to relax and have fun now ^^
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Aw why are you leaving? crying
You're a very cute little lion...too cute to leave lol blaugh
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Ello all!
I'm quitting and want to give all of my gold away by Thursday.
Just hang out, chat, meet new people.

I won't be giving gold to those who just ask for it.
I love llamas dramallama heart
If you're a tattoo artist, message me.
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Ruthless Lunatic

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I don't know of any personally, but have a few on the FB account xP
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Aged Wench

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Why do you need a tattoo artist?
I want to get a tattoo, figured I'd give CBers a chance to make some gold from it if they like designing them.

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