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Wild Things...

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Tree Huggers & Critter Cuddlers

Some seriouses.
By July 1st, Wild Things will close its doors and request an archival as a memorable thread.
You guys have been great buddies to woodland, water-bound, and sky-tearing creature and human alike, and I cannot thank you enough.
You have been wonderful company, but this otter is tired and wants to have all of these wonderful things given to you so that she may rest and focus on her family.

The mods and regulars here have done their best and I can't ask for better.
If you have unredeemed Wildflowers, please contact Wolfie (Cecilia Wolfram Davidson) to let her know that you would like to collect a prize. Items will be first come, first serve, and you can grab one from each tier if you have lots of flowers. We are compiling who has how many so that we may have an accurate count. If you have flowers but not enough to get a prize, please contact Wolfie so that she can help you with arranging possible means of redemption.

User Image
art by our dear friend and longtime sponsor, blue-owl

Welcome to Where the
Wild Things

Please don't quote anything on Page 1 and 2!
No begging either, please.

This charity were borned long ago on 16 November 2006 as named to The Wish Fairy Charity.

I are one of your two hosts, a otter daughter named Klasher.
The Gaian critters who hang out here care about nature and the environment. We have games and contests with nature themes. And we celebrate nature's seasons and holidays together. Read three more posts and you'll know all about the rules and games.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =^x^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kitti's Hog-Nosed Cheetah Batty Donation Form
Mostly we donate by having contests and games, and give to the quests of random worthy people. But! If you don't want to hang out, that's okay. You can ask for a fast donation. This is called a Kitti's Hog-Nosed Cheetah Batty Donation because Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat is the smallest mammal and Cheetahs are the fastest and just asking for a small donation is faster than playing games and entering contests, see? So: quickly, fill out the small form and send it to me or Wolfie Puppy in a pm and if we can, we'll send you a fast little donation.

The Small Form
user name:
item quested:
quest thread link:
favorite critter:
something I do that helps make Gaia a better place:
a polite thing to say when asking for a donation:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =^w^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rulez of Thred

Hullo! I iz such the scary Wulf what snarlz and bitezes if you not obey rulz. Oh, yay. My name iz Jumper. And rully if you not obey rulz I look all sad-eyes at you and you feel bad, right?

Our rulez are eazy.
1. Hang Out! Don't be making bump. We don't need no bump. Don't spam us any spam. We like fresh hunted and foraged foodz, not spam. Just hang wit the critterz and chat, play gamez, have snackages.
2. Post No Begs! We is wild things, not trained poochies. No biskit treets for beggarz. You begz in thread, you getz shunned.
3. EZ Donation Formz! So eazy: use application in bottom of post 1 and send diskreet pm for donatiom. Me and Klasher will help if we can, but mostly we givez out stuffs as game prizes, not donations.
4. This thread are a Sanctuary. Every critter is safe here no matter what race, species, breed, gender, nationalism, orientation (I like facing West), religion or fashion sense etc. Fur and feather, scales and skin, we all is good critters and treats each other right. No prejudiced remarks.
5. Play Gamez! We haz gamez what help you get priez things. Look at more postz below to find out about gamez!
1. (other paw) No Quotings of any Page 1 post, eh? Okay. Then we get along just fine.
Awesome Autumn!
Or Sweet Springtime, for our friends Down Under.

Almost every season we gots new games and contests with new prizes.
Play and you can win "Wildflowers," which you can trade in for prizes.
There's a list of available prizes in post 9.

Autumn Leaves
Okay, Autumn Leaves is the name of a jazz standard tune that has nothing to do with this question, except that it's about songs. And I'm asking it in Autumn.

All you have to do is listen to these three songs and then pm me to tell me what they have in common. And if you are right, I will send you a dozen Wildflowers!

Song One

Song Two

Song Three

A Maudlin Autumn Mystery
Capture the Culprit
Follow the clues... Think of your answer, but do not tell anyone... I'll add another clue each week.
I were planning on post a clue every week but I got boggled down so instead I'll post another clue when I can, and meanwhile give you six Wildflowers for solving this one!

1) It was a dark and stormy night. A nocturnal avian embarked on an ocean voyage in company with a domesticated feline. You, being a sharp-eyed detective, despite the hour and the weather, will have noted the hue of their vessel.

More Mysteries
The mysteries below have all been solved. Do a little snooping around and send me the solutions in a pm, and you'll get two dozen Wildfowers.

1) In late 2009, British butterfly watchers sighted the solution to the mystery of what happens to Painted Lady Butterflies in the winter. What was the fate of the disappearing butterflies?

2) Yorkshire's official Recorder of Reptiles and Amphibians participated in solving the Mystery of the Missing Frogs' Legs. There had not been a sharp increase in consumption of French cuisine; nevertheless, amphibian extremities were going missing. What pond predator turned out to be the culprit?

3) Dr. Michelle McComb literally shone a light on this mystery. Her research team shone beams of light from various angles and measured brain activity to prove that anterior binocular vision was the special adaptation explaining a creature's famously weird head. What creature is it?

4) Who doesn't like a salty snack? But until they did some observation and testing, scientists had no idea why the gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park were doing what they were doing. So, what were the gorillas doing?

5) It's not the fleas' knees. High speed cameras have solved the mystery of how fleas launch into their jumps. If not with their knees, then with what?

6) The solution to this mystery turned out to be, they're just mangy dogs. Wild dogs infected with a deadly and disfiguring form of mange hunted down weakened livestock, giving rise to a legendary horrific bloodsucking beast of the southwestern US and Mexico. What was the name given to the mythic beast?

More ways to win flowers!
For Ongoing Games and Contests, See the Next Post.
For more info on Wildflowers and to see the prizes that are currently available (worth millions of gold) see Post 13.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =^x^= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ongoing Games

Sometiemz, we play games that last long time, all year even. =D They goes here. =)
If you doesn't understand about Wildflowers and Prizes, take a look at Post #9 Below.

Bump and Chat Raffle!

We need new people! So we decided to add a raffle for active bumpers/chatters. Instead of the usual wildflower prizes you can win other nifty prizes. There will be a raffle each month. The prize will be that months MC. This month will be a Club Limbo because we're starting late. Next month will be an April 2012 MC! Here is how it works: For every post you make you get 1 raffle ticket. If the post is a chat then you get 2 raffle tickets. At the end of the month I will count all of the posts made, and assign them a number. Then I or Otter Daughter will do a random number generator to determine the winner. We will not give away a prize to mules.

Somethingorother Sundays

Every Sunday we has a theme and dress our avis up as somethingorother to fit the theme.
Every dressed up avi gets 5 Wildflowers! Each Wildflower is worth at least 1k-2K gold in prizes, so lemme see, do math, do math... That's a prize value of 5k to 10k gold per avi.
You may participate up to Three Times per Sunday (on three separate accounts/mules/secondaries, or even completely changing your avi up to three times on one account).
So more math, wait, lemme count on my forepaws and my hindpaws and your paws... 3 x 5 = you could get 15 Wildflowers per Week x 1-2K is up to 30K prize value per week!
Just be sure so we doesn't miss counting you: mention in a post a little explanation of what your Somethingorother avi is.

Here are the themes coming up:

May 27 - Disney releases "Three Little Pigs" in 1933. Who's afraid of a cute little wolpie like me? 3nodding Dress as a fairy tale or cartoon character of your choice but let us know what.
June 3 - Wolpie will be out of town playing with gundams and comics and games. Dress like a gamer, anime fan kid, or other nerd/geek. whee
June 10 - Some days late, but our observation of World Oceans Day. Ah, ze life aquatic. Dress appropriately.
June 17 - Observation of Global Wind Day (June 15), a day dedicated to the discussion of wind energy. Dress for a blustery day! 3nodding
June 18-24 - (northern hemisphere) 'Tis the time of the cusp of magic, when the summer days turn long and enrich the world, (southern) and when the winter days yearn and hope for a brighter and warmer time! 'Tis the Solstice time and a week-long celebration we shall have!

Remember, everybody who posts with an appropriate avi gets 5 Wildflowers! One person can use up to three accounts (main and two mules) participating any Sunday.

Guessing Games
Watch for this picture in the thread:
User Image

When you see the earth, you'll know that post has a Guessing Game question in it. Each question is worth a Wildflower* to the first person who posts the right answer!

A Couple of Examples of Past Questions

Q: Which African animal is endangered not only by habitat destruction but also by low genetic variation due to past inbreeding?
A: Cheetah

Q: A raptor native to the west coast of North America was saved from the brink of extinction, using puppets! Can you name that raptor?
A: Condor

Wild Writing

Write a original essay or article or short story or song or poem about wild things. It can be about the Gaians who hang out in Wild Things, or it can be about real wild animules in the wild, or made up ones, or whatever. Just so it's about nature somehow. Send it to me or Otter Daughter in a pm. Every writer will receive Wildflowers*. How many flowers they get is up to how much we like the writing.
LIMIT: We is wild aminals so we read a little slower than you do, so be kind to our brain cells and don't send in any more than 12 writings per season. That's a lot of writings!
But remember: WARNING DANGER WATCH OUT! No Play-Jar-Ism allowed. If you plagiarize (steal somebody else's writing and send it in like as if it's your own) then you get shunned from the charity and all your Wildflowers* will evaporate!
Writings from the past we keeps for all to admire in our Wild Things Gallery!

Wild Photos

Take your camera out in the big world, and get a nature picksher, and put is on photobukket or something like that where it will stay put, and pm the link to me or Otter Daughter. You can win anywhere from 1 to 4 Wildflowers* for that, depending on the photo. Gen'rally a good photo of a wild critter is worth more Wildflowers* than a good photo of a flower in your garden. Cause flowers are pretty and all but let's face it they're a lot easier to take a picksher of cause they stay still, but wild animals like me, we jumps around a lot and is harder to phogo--- phogrotaph--- take a picture of.
LIMIT: We is only small little critters and can only do so much werk at a time so please do not send in more than 12 pickshers per season. We will love to see them!
But remember: SAME WARNING DANGER WATCH OUT! like about the writings above. No Play-Jar-Ism allowed. If you plagiarize (steal somebody else's picksher and send it in like as if it's your own) then you get shunned from the charity and all your Wildflowers* will evaporate!
Pickshers from the past we keeps just like past writings for all to admire in our Wild Things Gallery!

*Wildflowers: is the currency of Wild Things! See "Seasonal Games" post above.
To find out what stuffs you can trade Wildflowers in for, see the list of prizes post #9 below.

Thankers to all who donate to Wild Things! Send in a donation and we add your name to the list and thank you from the bottoms of our paws.

Total received by Wild Things: 15,693,555 in gold and items as of 1 November 2011.

Thanks to our Fabulous Fall Donors 2011
-Hellkjuhh- Techno-Mage
Sandraugiga 3333 tokens
Mighty chicken lady Sven the Penguin
Nudists OtherWorldShukumei, Father Birthday and DewiiPoo 1,874,000
Imperial Fantasy Sumi Tribe

Thanks to our Sweet Supporters of Spring 2011!
hpanna47: 227K gold
Mizuki Ayu: 69,266 gold and Masquerade

Thanks to our Wonderful Philanthropists of Winter 2010-2011!
LadyEladrin: 450,738 gold
MoonKitters: 100K gold + 2000 tickets and Blue Octopus
lock the cashbox: 200K gold

Thanks to our Bountiful Donors of Autumn 2010!
The Goodness of Your Heart - 88888 gold
Bonten-chan 50K gold
Trillium Fae 100K gold
antes for Wild Card game 65555 gold

Thanks to our Sweet Supporters of Summer 2010!
blue-owl 1250 gold
Lysine Gift of the Goddess & Phoenix Circlet
blue-owl 72K gold
Jace Quin's nudity event sponsors 437,400 gold
Lindori's nudity event sponsors 587,000 gold
Luna Verto 250K
Aslans Joy: Full Set Jack's Grab Bags 2K6, Lonely Star, Letters Sept 2009, 2x Nov 2008, Jan 2008, Dec 2007
Lavariver: Letters 2x Dec 2007, Aug 2007, Oct 2007, Aug 2008, Jul 2008, Jun 2008
OtherWorldShukumei: Gramster
THE Birthday Charity: 20K in honor of Luna Verto
myAltruist: 20K

Thanks to our Generous Donors of Spring 2010!
blue-owl 3750 gold
blue-owl 11250 gold
blue-owl 2500 gold
Luna Verto 7000 gold
kada-chu Wingding, Midnight Kei, Celestial Wrap, Chyaku Norisu Scarf, Demonic Anklets, Faun Legs, Shadow Spirit, Uncanny Form, Jack’s 2K9 Coat, Free Style Motorcross Suit, Prisoner’s Ball and Chain, zOMG Monster Boots and 100,000 gold
blue-owl 1250 more gold
Sir-Fing Divya 50,001 gold
Moon-Kitters 10,ooo gold plus inks, flowers and bugs
Mighty chicken lady Thank You Letter for April 2010
blue-owl 1250 more gold more
blue-owl 25,000 still more gold more
blue-owl 12,500 more gold more again
blue-owl 5000 gold more yet again still

Thanks to our Generous Winter 2009-2010 Donors!
andrea_pirelli 1189 gold
mimiru22 2K gold
Felix Virgo Aquarium Watermeat
Sandraugiga 40K
mimiru22 2000 gold
testing345 10,000 gold; Ring: My Density CL 2.1, Performance Rod PLUS, You Are A Cow, Rich Camp Stacks of Gold, Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace, Verizon Glasses, Jackster Leggings, Sprited 2K8 Candycane Dress, Spirited 2K8 Candycane Stockings, Wild West Holster, Black Warmup Jacket, Christian Siriano’s Gold Brown Feather Gown
blue-owl 6K gold
blue-owl 3K gold
blue-owl 1250 gold
blue-owl 7K gold
mustachios 1K gold + hermit cat
I want to breathe items worth 6350
blue-owl 1250 gold
blue-owl 6K gold
blue-owl 625 gold
Chemical Cafeteria 10K gold
Moon-Kitters 3K gold
blue-owl 10K gold
blue-owl 13,750 gold
Felix Virgo 3 Animal Quackers
Sandraugiga Animal Quackers
blue-owl 1250 gold
blue-owl 100K gold
Felix Virgo 41801 gold + Heartstring
blue-owl 10K gold
I Ceymore Ratz: 9 Animal Quackers
LadyEladrin: 365 fancy tokens, 44 yellow daffodils, 23 not-so-nom tickets, FIVE BLAAAAACK IIIIIINKS, 8 fishing baits, 2 brown inks, 2 re-hed inks, and a green iiink in a pear tree.
THE Birthday Charity: 2000g
blue-owl 12750 gold

Thanks to our Autumn 2009 donors!

LadyEladrin 15K gold heart
Lindori 10K gold heart
blue-owl 20K gold heart
blue-owl 1875 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
Felix Virgo 20K gold heart
THE Santa Claus 18690 gold heart
Felix Virgo 46222 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart

Thanks to our Summer 2009 donors!

blue-owl 1625 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
Oxalis Yemaya’s Pearl heart
DarkBunnykins Fluff Box and lotsa tokens heart
blue-owl Saloon Girl’s Dress heart
OtherWorldShukumei (7K) heart
Lysine (10K) heart
Doe Ramey (5K) heart
Aerobe (35K) heart
Lindori (10k) heart
Wood Sorrel (1K) heart
Scrribble (5K) heart
blue-owl (3k) heart
Goofballs Lady (5k) heart
Mighty chicken lady (10K) heart
Aetherion NoDestrius (1K) heart
bittersweet and evocative (5k) heart
Muun Laydee (5k) heart
Mokitty (20) heart
Chemical Cafeteria (6K) heart
milzyPENGU (150g) heart
blue-owl 3000 gold heart
blue-owl lunar hairpin heart
SchitsenGiggles 50,000 gold heart
Muzi Suki 4000 gold heart
blue-owl 12,417 gold heart
W Asher Davidson Gee Boi Turbo Bundle (9 Lives) heart
Pottersprincess 1000 gold + two carrot plush heart
blue-owl 5750 gold heart
blue-owl 3000 gold heart
blue-owl lunar hairpin heart
SchitsenGiggles 50,000 gold heart
Muzi Suki 4000 gold heart
OtherWorldShukumei: percentage of item purchase = 10K gold heart
blue-owl 2750 gold heart
Lysine 5555 gold heart
DarkBunnykins The Cosmos, Astronaut Suit, Orion’s Belt and Star Lantern heart
blue-owl 20K gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
Colorless 111: Aquarium Gray Snail, Aquarium Narwhal, Aquarium Penguin, Aquarium Submarine Ticket, Aquarium Irrawaddy Dolphin heart
lillibit: Aquarium Sharktooth Fish, 2 Aquarium Cuttlefish, 2 Aquarium Arrow Fish heart
Riyo Ongaku: Aquarium Hermit Cat, Aquarium Squid, 3 Aquarium Big Gems heart
Felix Virgo: Mini Monsters Peelunger, Alarm Skeeter and Flower Fluff heart
LadyEladrin 15,000 gold heart

Thanks to our Spring 2009 donors!
blue-owl: 4062 heart
Felix Virgo 10000 heart
Mighty chicken lady 1500 heart
Wood Sorrel 10,000 heart
Muzi Suki 500 heart
Moon-Kitters 1500, Santa Cow Plushie, Madagascar Hippo Mask, Chicken Mask, Madagascar Zebra Mask heart
Tohru Morisato and Golden Dreams Charity 100,000 heart
Trespassers W: the usual heart
DarkBunnykins August 2008 letter and Jack’s Grab Bag 2K7 (3 of cool heart
Andantee tiny terror doll, centaur grey potion, kitty slippers heart
Sir-Fing Divya 555 gold, Lusty Scoundrel, 2 Titans Legacy Seeds and 577 Tickets heart
Bradbury 4 February 09 letters heart
blue-owl 1500 MOAR gold heart
Lysine 5555 heart
DarkBunnykins 1200 gold MOAR heart
blue-owl 4000 even MOAR gold heart
Andantee: Jay Blue Kachina Dancer’s Wings, Panda Plushie, Grace of Aphrodite, Water Meat Set, Chubbi Chicky, Cutie Chicky, Baby Chicky heart
Lysine: 10101 gold plus fishes and flowers heart
Bradbury: 3 March 09 Letters heart
blue-owl: 2000 more gold more heart
Tree_is_me: 1200 gold heart
I Like To Stalk You: White Bun Bun Plushie heart
blue-owl: 1250 more more extra gold more heart
blue-owl: 375 gold still more heart
Felix Virgo: 34,425 gold heart
Kallio: 11,111 gold heart
Jace Quin: 10,000 gold prize heart
blue-owl 1250 + blue octopus on my head heart
Moon-Kitters 2000 gold heart
Mizuki Ayu: 2 Hermit Cats heart
iymcool: 2000 gold + 2 Orange Easter Eggs
blue-owl: 1250 additional extra gold more heart
Mighty chicken lady: Grunny Plushie heart
la chatte Kiwi: Dionaesil 9th Gen heart
Sir-Fing Divya 59,008 gold heart
Jace Quin 150,000 gold heart
blue-owl 2500 gold heart
blue-owl 4750 more gold heart
Mighty chicken lady: coon tail and green corallus egg 2nd gen heart
Sir-Fing Divya 100,123 gold heart
blue-owl 3125 gold heart
Muzi Suki 3000 gold heart
blue-owl 5750 gold heart
blue-owl again: 1250 gold heart
blue-owl still: 2500 gold heart
XFateX 15,000 gold heart
blue-owl more 625 gold heart
blue-owl 1250 gold heart
CrayoIa 20,000 gold heart
The Purple Aki: green corallus egg 2nd gen heart
blue-owl 1250 again more! That wonderful owl. :3 heart

Thanks to our Winter 2008-2009 donors!
Andantee: Green Corallus Egg (2nd Gen) heart
Zoraida: 10K gold, hard shell pack, Syaoran’s Cloak, Damascus Armor, #FFFFFF Complex Shirt, G Buckle, Detective Kit, #0000FF Complex Pants, Spirited Gloves, Spirited Scarf, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Earrings, Magic Forest Orb heart
pottersprincess 770 gold plus assorted items heart
blue-owl tons and tons of gold heart
Sir-Fing Divya: 2 ring polishers and 2 supercharge batteries heart
Felix Virgo: 7982 gold heart

Thanks to our wonderful Autumn 2008 donors!
rpgamer987: 3333 gold heart
Pengu1npal: WTF Hat, Fox Ears, Black Heartbreaker Jacket, Assassin’s Guise, Santa Baby Coat, Shadow Spirit, Spirit Falcon, Grunny, Four Horsemen, Long-Stem White Rose, Heart of Gold, GO Player, 6800 gold heart
Lysine 2222 gold heart
Wolfram Ysud 3 zOMG Rumble Boxes heart
Pottersprincess 1032 gold + assorted skittley things heart
Moon-Kitters 2026 gold + doves and Chubbi Chicki heart
Lysine 1000 gold again! heart
DarkBunnykins again! 5000 gold heart
Mimiru22 2000 gold heart
blue-owl 1300 gold plus flowers heart
Trespassers W the usual heart
Moon-Kitters 3000 gold, Panda Plushie and Brown Bunny Hoodie heart

Thanks to our Summer 2008 donors!
fairycarrie 1500 gold plus flowers heart
THE Santa Claus 5093 gold heart
Wood Sorrel 1000 gold + 50 tokens heart
pottersprincess 389 gold, Barph, FAQ hat and assorted other items heart
Moon-Kitters 3000 gold, Leap Year Frog, Alien Mask, fishing rods and flowers heart
Sakura Madison 1000 gold + 10 bouquets heart
OtherWorldShukumei: 10,000 gold heart
Wood Sorrel: 1111 gold heart
drinkngreentea: tickets and items heart
Moon-Kitters 8000 gold plus lots of items heart
Mori Hikari 1000 gold plus lots of items heart
Brushfire Fairytake: Guitar of Angellus heart
Felix Virgo Coocoon and two Furugasai heart
Lysine 1212 gold plus fishes heart
Trespassers W: Enchanted Book 7th gen, Kelp o’ th’ Loch 3rd Gen, Gimpi, Dander, Brown Bun-Bun Plushie x2 heart
DarkBunnykins Red Flower Hairpin and Centaur Black Potion heart

Thanks to our Spring 2008 Donors
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: three November 2007 letters (Wild Things!) heart
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: 8 Orphans and 1234 gold! heart
OtherWorldShukumei: 2 Orphans and an Adoption Certificate! heart
Kallio: 8 Orphans and 9999 gold! heart
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: Two more orphans heart
La chatte Kiwi: 2000 gold heart
Trespassers W: 1000 gold heart
I Ceymore Ratz: February 2008 Letter heart
Fairy Popo 3511 gold heart
Pottersprincess 365 gold and Eustace and Ethel heart
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: yet another Orfin again! heart
Planet Pluto Plushie: 2 Langer Dragon Plushies heart
PokeAsheep: A Gift from the Heart heart
DarkBunnykins: 2000 gold heart
The Sir-Fing Kitsune: 5000 gold heart
Moon-Kitters: 10,000 gold plus a March letter and also 12 flowers heart
Judas Gabriel Codeyn: Raptor Fire Horns, Skeleton, My Lord’s Wig, Pantheracorax heart

Thanks to our Winter 2007-2008 donors!
phud: 1273 gold and four November 07 letters! heart
Flailing Jester: 2000 gold plus game items! heart
blue-owl: a November Letter! heart
anonymous donor: five November letters! heart
Sakura_Madison: 3000 gold! heart
Wolfram Lee Ysud: a WHOLE LOTTA STUFF! heart
The Sir-Fing Kitsune: A Kaya and a lovebird, 2 Angelic Mood Bubbles, 3 Pig Plushes, 3 Giant Green Eggshells, Tiny Pixie Wings, Prisoner’s Pants, and Groucho Glasses! heart
chilecavy~guineapig: a Kaya and two delicious fishes! heart
]THE Santa Claus: 3288 in solid Gaia gold! Merry Crispness! heart
OtherWorldShukumei: OMG Box! heart
Pengu1npal: 1K gold! heart
Smile Zelda: 1K gold! heart
Kallio: Tama's Basket! heart

The people below donated back when we were called Wish Fairy
Thanks to our Autumn 2007 Donors!
la chatte Kiwi: 2621 gold heart
chilecavy~guineapig: 1111 gold heart
Kallio: 1234 gold heart
Planet Pluto Playdough: 2500 gold heart
Xander Nightstalker: 2000 gold, plus graphic arts worth 2000 more gold heart
-Black- -Widow- -Bewbs- 1353 gold + nineteen fishies heart
iymcool: fishes worth 1500 gold heart
[ s u k i ~ s h i n e s ] : 5000 gold heart
Lindori: 1111 gold heart
Sakura_Madison: 12,500 gold worth of bouquets heart
Legion Horde: 2215 gold heart
Taree Fox: 2000 gold heart
Warren Zevon for Xander Nightstalker: 4800 gold heart
Anon_O_Moss 10000 heart
Xandervious Yokai’s Treasure, Dark Halo, Superior Form, Western Zodiac, 10K heart
Anonymous Donor October 2007 Letter heart
iymcool lots of fish heart
bluemeanies 2000 gold + trash & flowers heart
OtherWorldShukumei 11600 gold from Nudity sponsors heart
iymcool 100 gold + fishehs heart
alegator9 1000 gold heart
TheLoverOfRed Lots of Big Bouquets! heart
OtherWorldShukumei 2800 gold heart
Gaians Supporting Gaians Guild 2000 gold heart
XFateX 500 gold + assorted items heart
Mischief Dragon 498 gold + items heart
Zarq 2000 gold heart
DarkBunnykins 5000 gold heart
Flailing Jester 3920 gold + flowers & bugs heart
Arian Rayne 10,000 gold heart
Celes Star miscellaneous items worth 112K heart
chilecavy~guineapig for the Wish Fairy Bump service: 500 gold heart
Dark Bunnykins for the Wish Fairy Bump service: 4900 gold + Floppy Clover heart

Thanks to our Summer 2007 contributors!
heart [ s u k i ~ s h i n e ] for 25,000 gold + 7 flowers !
heart phizabeth for 1301 gold + 18 flowers + a tire
heart sticky_bun_central for 12916 gold !
heart [Crazed-Kingdom] for 1000 gold
heart DarkBunnykins for 1000 gold
heart Raithien for 2000 gold
heart Anonymous for July 2007 letter !
heart blue-owl for BTK !
heart Flailing Jester for 4732 gold!
heart Sakura_Madison for 2000 gold and 3 bouquets!
heart OtherWorldShukumei for 1000 gold plus many flowers!
heart DarkBunnykins & the Wish Fairy Bump Service for 3100 gold
heart Special Thanks to Songai for creating our tropical pool! heart
heart Special Thanks to Kallio for Technical Assistance at the beach party! heart

Thanks to our Spring 2007 donors!
heart ~Undercover.Waffle~ 60,000 gold!
heart Master Twibble for the Charity for Charities 1000 gold
heart suki-chanx3 1000 gold, 1000 tickets and 60 flowers
heart chilecavy~guineapig 3 heart shaped boxes of sweets, two pairs of silver hoop earrings and 26 flowers
heart The.Hellkite 713 flowers
heart madamexpussycat 272 flowers plus assorted other game and house items
heart lavariver 10,000 gold!
heart Anonymous an unstated amount.
heart Flailing Jester 2000 gold
heart blue-owl 1000 gold
heart The Hellkite 10,000 gold
heart Flailing Jester again, with another 1000 gold!
heart Sakura_Madison 2000 gold
heart Flailing Jester again, with 79 flowers and 23 inks
heart nyliramllessur 5 inks, 8 flowers, 8 bugs

Thanks to our Winter 2006 donors:
heart PutridyCorpse 555 gold
heart Wood Sorrel 500 gold
heart suki-chanx3 1000 gold
heart SmallvilleFan92 1020 gold
heart Someoneatethebunny for Hidden Angels Charity: 500 gold
heart chilecavy~guineapig: 250 gold
heart 1969 In Your Head: items worth 1018 gold
heart laserhamster: 5000 gold
heart thelatao 1000 gold

We iz woodland creatures, but we nice woodland creatures. We give peeplz nice things like leaves, sticks, mud ... and sometimes gold and itemz =D

Here we keepz a list of critters who has gottened stuffs. Peeplz what got stuffz from Wild Things Charity and also back when we was Wish Fairy, too.

Total given by Wild Things as of 1 November 2011: 16,656,726 Gaia Gold (value) in donations and prizes!

Summer - Autumn 2011
Sifen Y 5K
Kinoko the Clarinet 10K
mickiejames101 5K
Nudist Raffle Prizes:
Freakinspazmonkeys Lonely Star
x_Stranger in the Night_x Perfect Tragedy
Aerobe Animal Quackers
Red Kutai Poseidon's Legacy, Final Reign, Mr. Giraffiday
OtherWorldShukumei July 2010 letter
Father Birthday July 2009 letter
DewiiPoo July 2008 letter
rpgamer987 Elemental Wings, Scorch Scarf, Regalia of the Flame Tongue
Prizzly 10K
Horntastic 2000 tickets, 4000 tokens

Spring 2011
phud: faun legs
Assorted Holiday Cheer Donations: 990K
bored_outa_my_mind: August 2009 Letter Prize
Assorted April Showers Donations 1,450,000

Autumn 2010
You Need a Cookie: 5K
5555 each to: Queen Friendly Mushroom, THE Birthday Charity, Lindori, DarkBunnykins, LadyEladrin, DemonAzn8, bubbydoll1, Muzi Suki, Moon-Kitters
DarkBunnykins: Perfect Tragedy prize
Gold Donations to Maddyj1995, Adryana_Manya, Moon-Kitters, DarkBunnykins, Trillium_Fae, Sandraugiga, Bradbury, OtherWorldShukumei, Lindori, LadyEladrin, bubbydoll1, Sirfing Divya CCL, -Hellkjuhh-, phud, Muzi Suki, Luna Verto, Katica Lundquist, Aslansjoy
Creek: Thankyou Letter August 2009 prize, Perfect Tragedy prize
Owlie: gold donation
RainbowWeirdo: gold and items recovery donation
Wild Things Birthday Game Winners - 1,208,734 gold worth in prizes!

Summer 2010
Lysine: Chyaku Norisu scarf donation to fund a new Charity for Charities
Lindori: Perfect Tragedy donation with thanks for the Nudity Event
OtherWorldShukumei: Perfect Tragedy donation with thanks for the Nudity Event
Raffle Prizes for Nudity Event:
Snow Apple Won by DARK BUNNYKINS!
1st Prize: Animal Quackers Won by JACE QUIN!
2nd Prize: Irawaddy Dolphin Drop Won by SWVEET!
3rd Prize: Pink Magical Giftbox Won by SWVEET!
4th Prize: Narwhal Drop Won by WOLFRAM ASHER DAVIDSON!
5th Prize: Blue Magical Giftbox Won by MIZUKI AYU!
6th Prize: Squid Drop Won by MIZUKI AYU!
7th Prize: Brown Magical Giftbox Won by WOLFRAM ASHER DAVIDSON!
8th Prize: Cuttlefish Drop Won by SWVEET!
Consolation Prize: Goldfish Drop Won by PHUD!

Winter 2009/Spring 2010 (was busy times)
OtherWorldShukumei: 33333 donation
blue-owl: 33333 donation
Lindori: 33333 donation
Lysine: 33333 donation
Bradbury: 33333 donation
DarkBunnykins: 33333 donation
Muzi Suki: 22222 donation
Luna Verto: 22222 donation
Sandraugiga: 22222 donation
LadyEladrin: 22222 donation
mimiru22: 22222 donation
Moon-Kitters: 22222 donation
Katica Lundquist: 22222 donation
Chemical Cafeteria: 22222 donation
Aslansjoy: 22222 donation
-Hellkjuhh-: 11111 donation
Mighty chicken lady: 11111 donation
Adriana Manya: 11111 donation
Katica Lundquist: SDPlus #10 Old Man Logan prize
Lady Eladrin: Briar’s Shot prize
Luna Verto: 2 Animal Quackers Prizes
Felix J Virgo: Animal Quackers Prize
Chemical Cafeteria: Animal Quackers Prize
blue-owl: Animal Quackers Prize
Moon-Kitters: Animal Quackers Prize
mimiru22: Animal Quackers Prize
Lysine: Animal Quackers Prize
OtherWorldShukumei: Animal Quackers Prize
Sir-Fing Divya: 33333 donation
Chemical Cafeteria: Alruna’s Rose prize
BuckyKattLove: 7777 donation
Lindori Gee Boi: Turbo bundle prize
OtherWorldShukumei: Fluff Box prize

Autumn 2009 Donations
blue-owl: 3000 gold prize
andrea_pirelli: 2000 gold donation
LadyEladrin: 5K gold donation
Lindori: 5K gold donation
-Hellkjuhh-: 5K gold donation
The Purple Aki: 5K gold donation
DarkBunnykins: 5K gold donation
Lysine: 5K gold donation
Katica Lundquist: 5K gold donation
Mighty chicken lady: 5K gold donation
Bradbury: 5K gold donation
blue-owl: 5K gold donation
phud: 5K gold donation
Creiaei: 5K gold donation
Aetherion NoDestrius: 5K gold donation
Muzi Suki: 5K gold donation
Chemical Cafeteria: 5K gold donation
bored_outa_my_mind: 5K gold donation
Felix Virgo: 5K gold donation
Stella Meowris: 5K gold donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 5K gold donation
Luna Verto: 5K gold donation
mimiru22: 5K gold donation
neofreek4620: 5K gold donation
Adriana_Manya: 5K gold donation
iymcool: 5K gold donation
Sir-Fing Divya: 5K gold donation
kada-chu: 5K gold donation
Moon-Kitters: 5K gold donation
Chirstine: 5K gold donation
Anon_O_Moss: 5K gold donation
The Intelli-Gent: 5K gold donation
THE Birthday Charity: 5K gold donation
andrea_pirelli: Grunny prize
DarkBunnykins: aquarium hermit cat
RawrBoots: 500 gold
xoxoInuGirlxoxo 1000 gold
Adriana Manya 5K
aethergamer 5K
Aetherion NoDestrius 5K
Aslansjoy 5K
bored_outa_my_mind 5K
Chemical Cafeteria 5K
DarkBunnykins 5K
I Ceymore Ratz 5K
Iymcool 5K
Kastica Lundquist 5K
LadyEladrin 5K
Lindori 5K
Lysine 5K
mimiru22 5K
Mighty Chicken Lady 5K
Moon-Kitters 5K
Muzi Suki 5K
OtherWorldShukumei 5K
Sandraugiga 5K
SchitsenGiggles 5K

Summer 2009 Donations
-Hellkjuhh-: Dionaesil 8th Gen prize
Sir-Fing Divya: 3333 gold prize
Felix Virgo: Midnight Black Mistress High Heels prize
Lindori: Coral Oblong Beads prize
Trespassers W: Blue Daisy Bouquet prize
Oxalis: 3855 gold prize
Moon-Kitters: Pumpkin Spice Mistress High Heels prize
Stella Meowris: Lilac Buckle Trench Hat prize
Muzi Suki: Elegant Blue Ribbon prize
SchitsenGiggles: Pink Nosey Face, Black Whiskers and Spider Back Tattoos prize
Felix Virgo: Glasses prize
-Hellkjuhh-: Single Blue Daisy Bouquet prize
kunenk: Langer prize
DarkBunnykins: 3860 gold prize
Mighty chicken lady: Single blue daisy bouquet prize
-Hellkjuhh-: Skull biker steel gloves prize
Felix Virgo: Gold nosey face tattoo and Gold whiskers face tattoo prize
DarkBunnykins: 1862 gold prize
Andantee: Black Heartbreaker Jacket prize
Prospector Rabbit for Jewel Box Clan: 2 Ring Polishers, 2 Superchargers and assorted zOMG loot donation
The Purple Aki: 2000 gold donation
The Purple Aki: 4000 gold prize
Azzie----x: 3000 gold prize
Mighty chicken lady: 2000 gold prize
-Hellkjuhh-: 1000 gold prize
SchitsenGiggles: Green Corallus Egg 2nd Gen Prize
Oxalis: gold tennis socks prize
blue-owl: Fluff Box Prize
Lindori: Yemaya’s Pearl prize
Moon-Kitters: 4000 gold prize
Chemical Cafeteria: Kitty Slippers Prize
Condom Gobbler: Doggy Style Brownspiral Headgear and Tail Prize
Felix Virgo: Sharktooth Fish Prize
OtherWorldShukumei: Swimming Goldfish Prize
DarkBunnykins: Bone Scythe Prize
Candifallon: 2222 gold
Assorted Towel Day: towels 3600 gold
Trespassers W: The Lusty Scoundrel prize
Midnight Moony: Gwee and Grey Centaur Potion prizes
bittersweet and evocative: 2000 gold donation
XxXrainbowicingXxX: 777 gold donation
SchitsenGiggles: Fausto’s Bottle 9th Gen prize
kada-chu: shadow spirit prize
MoKitty: Kinzie prize
Aerobe: June Letter Prize
Lindori: June Letter Prize
DarkBunnykins: June Letter Prize
Muun Laydee: July Letter Prize
Trespassers W: 12 Sunflower Bouquets
Wood Sorrel 12: Sunflower Bouquets
Chemical Cafeteria: 12 Sunflower Bouquets
phud: 2000 gold prize
Lindori: 2000 gold prize
blue-owl: 2000 gold prize
Eladrin Starmist: 2222 gold
Lindori: 10K gold
-Hellkjuhh-: 10K gold
The Purple Aki: 5K gold
DarkBunnykins: 5K gold
Lysine: 5K gold
Oxalis: 5K gold
Mighty chicken lady: 5K gold
Bradbury: 5K gold
blue-owl: 5K gold
shockTV3: 5K gold
Creiaei: 5K gold
Aetherion NoDestrius: 5K gold
Muzi Suki: 5K gold
Chemical Cafeteria: 5K gold
bored_outa_my_mind: 5K gold
phud: 5K gold
SchitsenGiggles: 5K gold
Felix Virgo: 5K gold
Stella Meowris: 5K gold
OtherWorldShukumei: 5K gold
Luna Verto: 5K gold
mimiru22: 5K gold
neofreek4620: 5K gold
EladrinStarmist: 5K gold
Adriana_Manya: 5K gold
iymcool: 5K gold
Sir-Fing Divya: 5K gold
kada-chu: 5K gold
Moon-Kitters: 5K gold
Creiaei: Damascus Armor prize
Katica Lundquist: Thank You Letter for October 2007 Prize
Arian Rayne: 5K gold
OtherWorldShukumei: 10k gold
Bradbury: 10k gold
THE Birthday Charity: 5000 gold
mimiru22: tiny pixie wings prize
Mighty chicken lady: Lunar Hairpin, Prisoner's Ball and Chain, Wild Armor, Wild Things and Tiny Pixie Wings prizes

Spring 2009 donations
iymcool: letter prize
Wood Sorrel: dander prize
Wood Sorrel: phalaenopsis bouquet prize
blue-owl: 5000g
DarkBunnykins: 5000g
iymcool: 1500g
Wood Sorrel: 1500g
Creiaei: 1500g
Lindori: 1500g
kada-chu: 1500g
mimiru22: 1500g
Seph Baelzara: 1500g
OtherWorldShukumei: 1500g
Felix Virgo: 1500g
Lysine: 1500g
Andantee: 1500g
phud: 1500g
Mighty chicken lady: 1500g
Sir-fing Divya: 1500g
Chirstine: 1500g
thenerdqueen: 500g
Muzi Suki: 1500 gold
Sakura_H911: 777 gold
iymcool: letter prize
Blue-owl: 2 letter prizes
SCARlet_kisses: 777 gold
Auntie Mabel: 777 gold
x-DiNoRawrXD: 777 gold
Dollfaced Blasphemy: 555 gold
Mighty chicken lady: Wild Things and giant green eggshell prizes
Mighty chicken lady: 2 chicken masks and 999 donation
blue-owl: 832 gold prize
OtherWorldShukumei: 832 gold prize
Wood Sorrel: 832 gold prize
OtherWorldShukumei: LOLcat - Monorail Cat Halo
Xdark_oracleX: 1111 gold
kairisesshy: 1111 gold
OtherWorldShukumei: Prizes - Brown BunBun Plushie, Panda Plushie, Heart of Gold, Piggy Plush
Hotel-BS -RP-: 555 tickets and 1111 tokens
Lysine: techno mage and water meat set prizes
C0oKieZnMiLk: assorted items donation
Lindori: Year of the Dog and Year of the Rat
Wood Sorrel: Captain Ara’s Nestegg Prize
xXmonkeyluvXx: 1111 gold
Mighty chicken lady: Wild Armor and Jay Blue Kachina Wings prizes
Chemical Cafeteria: 1000 gold
iymcool: Prism Butterfly Mantilla and Hermit Cat prizes
DarkBunnykins: Yemaya’s Pearl Prize
Nalasquin: Techno-Mage donation for a new charity
Gaia Hat Charity: 5000 gold donation
Nothing’s Impossible Charity: 5000 gold donation
Your Destiny Awaits Charity: 5000 gold donation
Chicken Lovers Charity: 5000 gold donation
The Phoenix Charity: 5000 gold donation
Spif-er-ific: 3333 gold
DemonAzn8: 3333 gold
TEA - love: 3333 gold
OtherWorldShukumei: 5000 gold
-Hellkjuhh-: 5000 gold
Seph Baelzara: 5000 gold
la chatte Kiwi: 5000 gold
iymcool: 5000 gold
Wood Sorrel: 5000 gold
Sir-Fing Divya: 5000 gold
Lindori: 5000 gold
Muzi Suki: 5000 gold
Moon-Kitters: 5000 gold
Creiaei: 5000 gold
DarkBunnykins: 5001 gold
Mighty chiken lady: 5000 gold
Bradbury: 5000 gold
[ S u k i ~ s h i n e ]: 5000 gold
Andantee: 5000 gold
blue-owl: 5000 gold
SchitsenGiggles: 5000 gold
Chemical Cafeteria: 5000 gold
Azzie--x: 5000 gold
phud: 5000 gold
kada-chu: 5000 gold
Wood Sorrel: Jay Blue Kachina Dancer’s Wings Prize
SchitsenGiggles grunny prize
Wood Sorrel 2000 gold prize
Sir-Fing Divya 2000 gold prize
Camillia DVP 2000 gold prize
Mighty chicken lady Wild Things and Wild Armor prizes
.[The Teddy Bear]. Tiny Pixie Wings prize
Evil Asparagus 5000 gold
Stella Meowris 5000 gold
Lysine 5000 gold
Felix Virgo 5000 gold
blue-owl 5000 gold
Wood Sorrel: Grace of Aphrodite prize
Frenchie the Ninja Pirate: 1111 gold
blue-owl: September 2007 letter and GO Player prizes

Yuletide 2008
iymcool: letter prize
DarkBunnykins: 3333 gold donation
GlompMe: letter prize
mimiru22: assorted items donation
mimiru22: Green Festive Witchling Hat donation
Free 2 be Wild: 500 gold donation
Prospector Rabbit: for Jewel Case Clan 2222 gold donation
goddess-KelseyCatface: Heartbreaker Jacket and Angelic Mood Bubble prizes
Geminora: Enchanted Book 7th Gen prize
OtherWorldShukumei: 3000 gold prize
Imperial Fantasy: 3000 gold prize
Anon O Moss: 1K gold donation
kada-chu: 1K gold donation
Chirstine: 1K gold donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 1K gold donation
Musical Parody: 1K gold donation
Lindori: 1K gold donation
Wolfram Ysud: 1K gold donation
Lysine: 1K gold donation
Sir-Fing Divya: 1K gold donation
mimiru22: 1K gold donation
Imperial Fantasy: Wild Things Armor prize
DontTouchWhatUCantAfford: 2009 gold prize
DarkBunnykins: Gimpi prize
Seph Baelzara: 4500 troll donation
elf_star: 1111 troll donation
Doe Ramey: 1111 troll donation
FyoraSilverwolf: 1111 troll donation
Lindori: 1111 troll donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 1111 troll donation
Muzi Suki: 1111 troll donation
Wood Sorrel: 1111 troll donation
DarkBunnykins: 1111 troll donation

Autumn 2008
Mimiru22: 1000 gold + purple umbrella
Anon_O_Moss: 1000 gold + white umbrella
iymcool: 1000 gold + rose umbrella
Wood Sorrel: 1000 gold + green umbrella
xX_Purple_Trash_Xx: 1000 gold + game items
WGGIC (We Got Game Items Charity): 1234 gold + game items
Popo Charity: 3333 Gold plus random items
Someoneatethebunny: 1000 gold + teal umbrella
la chatte Kiwi: 1000 gold + yellow umbrella
iymcool: 3333 gold donation
writergrrl: 777 gold donation
xXAngyAndroidXx: 555 gold donation
iymcool: 1000 gold donation
Muzi Suki: 1000 gold donation
HaoAsakura358: 777 gold donation
[ Mildly Amusing ]: 1000 gold donation
GCD Ghost 911: 1500 gold + items donation
Creiaei: 1000 gold donation
-Hellkjuhh-: 1000 gold donation
iymcool: 5000 gold prize
DarkBunnykins: 2500 gold prize
Khristina300: 1500 gold prize
iymcool: letter prize
DarkBunnykins: 3333 gold donation
GlompMe: letter prize
mimiru22: assorted items donation
mimiru22: Green Festive Witchling Hat donation
Free 2 be Wild: 500 gold donation
Prospector Rabbit (for Jewel Case Clan): 2222 gold donation
goddess-KelseyCatface: Heartbreaker Jacket and Angelic Mood Bubble prizes
Geminora: Enchanted Book 7th Gen prize

Summer 2008
Wood Sorrel: Western Zodiac prize
Chistine: Giant Green Eggshell and Raptor Fire Horns prizes
OtherWorldShukumei: Barph and Dogbrain prizes
Lavariver: FAQ hat and Elegant Lord’s Wig prizes
Creiaei: 10,000 and Pantheracorax Agate 6th gen prizes
Wood Sorrel: November 2007 Letter prize
Sir-Fing Divya: Skeleton Prize
Rpgamer987: Eustace and Ethel prize
Moon-Kitters: Tama’s Basket prize
Trespassers W: Enchanted Golden Trunk prize
OtherWorldShukumei: Superior Form prize
Okina Kazumi: 1111 gold plus cake donation
LynUridain: 1111 gold donation
Sir-Fing Divya :1111 gold donation
iymcool: 1111 gold donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 3333 gold donation
rpgamer987: 1111 gold donation
MisaMisa Chaan: 555 gold donation
Amaraleigh: Gwendy and Giant Green Eggshell prizes
KiamoKo: 1111 gold donation
PokeAsheep: 1111 gold donation
DangerWoman: 1111 gold donation
LynUridain: 1111 gold donation
Wood Sorrel: 1111 gold donation
Evil shocktv3: 1111 gold donation
Musical Parody: 1111 gold donation
DarkBunnykins: 1111 gold donation
la chatte Kiwi: 3333 gold donation
The Intelli-Gent: 3333 gold donation
Lavariver 3333: gold donation
Deilann: 1111 gold donation
Wood Sorrel: Coocoon prize
-Midnight Moony-: 777 gold donation
Oops, I forget who!: OMG Box Prize
Wood Sorrel: kelp prize
iymcool: lunar cowl prize
DarkBunnykins; 3333 gold donation
Bradbury; 1111 gold donation
Kiang-Shi; 777 gold donation
Elenyae: 555 gold donation
Moon-Kitters: 777 gold donation
Creiaei: 777 gold donation
rpgamer987: 3333 gold donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 1111 gold donation
Musical Parody: 1111 gold donation
Yaneci DeNovi: 555 gold donation
Shadow Coon II: 555 gold donation
Geminora: 555 gold donation
blue-owl: 555 gold donation
Arian Rayne: 555 gold donation
Lysine: 777 gold donation
Chirstine: 777 gold donation
KiamoKo: 777 gold donation
Muzi Suki, 777 gold donation
-Midnight Moony-: 555 gold donation
GlompMe: 555 gold donation
evil shocktv3; 777 gold donation
Wolfram Ysud: 3333 gold donation
LynUridain: 777 gold donation
Joe Hat for Gaia Hat Charity: 2222 gold donation
YDA for TDA Charity: 2222 gold donation
Kagome1245: 555 gold donation
xXBlue_Snowflakes1Xx: 500 gold donation
Wood Sorrel: Furugasa prize
iymcool: Coocoon prize

Spring 2008
Lysine: Langer prize
PokeAmule: Piggy Plush
Wood Sorrel: Orphan prize
iFlux: 1111 gold donation
Midori Yume: 1111 gold donation
XFateX: 1111 gold donation
Lindori: 1111 gold donation
DarkBunnykins: 1111 gold donation
Phud: 1111 gold donation
blue-owl: 1111 gold donation
iymcool: 1111 gold donation
WFFC: 5000 gold
Lysine: 1000 gold
Wood Sorrel: 1000 gold
LeBookworm: 500 gold
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: 2333 gold
Trespassers W: Damp Dan
La chatte Kiwi: Gwendy
I Ceymore Ratz: 1000 gold & Sunflower Bouquet
Muzi Suki: 1000 gold
Beck_rox: Adoption Certificate
LynUridain: Tama Wildflower Prize
Muzi Suki: 1000g
ZZombieSSheep: 1000 gold donation
The Sir-Fing Kitsune: 3333 gold donation
OtherWorldShukumei: 1000 gold donation
Chirstine: 1000 gold donation
Darkbunnykins, PokeAMule, blue-owl, Wolfram Cecilia Ysud, iymcool, Muzi Suki, Wood Sorrel, Creiaei, XFateX, la chatte kiwi : A big BIIIIIIIIIIG list of thankoo donations! Each 2500g
Tashkilat: 1111g donation for excellence in art
bloominn: 777g
evil_dark_angell: 555 gold
littlesushi0: 777 gold
bluequeenpurpley: 555 gold
la chatte Kiwi: 1111 gold
LynUridain: 1111 gold
Geminora: 1111 gold
Wood Sorrel: 777 gold
DarkBunnykins: 777 gold
Phud: 777 gold
Lavariver: 777 gold
fairycarrie: 777 gold
iymcool: 999 gold
Phud: Ball and Chain prize
Nite_pixie: elegant gentleman pristine white gloves prize
fillabunny2: 1000 gold
Sir_Skates_Alot 0: 666 gold
Staplerrr: 500 gold
blue-owl: Nightmare Parasol prize
blue owl: Yokai’s Treasure prize
Spif-er-ific: Leafy Tavern Wench’s bustier and 777 gold
PokeAsheep: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Sakura_Madison: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
iymcool: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Muzi Suki: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
OtherWorldShukumei: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Trespassers W: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
KiamoKo: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Wood Sorrel: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Creiaei: 1111 gold Earth Day prize
Neofreek4620: 1111 Surprise Donation
PokeAsheep: 12345 Earth Day Awesomeness Donation
Elenyae: 1000 gold
Popo Charity: 10,000 gold
Gaia Hat Charity: 10,000 gold
YDA Charity: 10,000 gold
WGGIC: 10,000 gold
Nothing’s Impossible Charity: 10,000 gold
Lysine: 3011 gold
PokeAsheep: Tiny Pixie Wings prize
Khristina300: Spirited Gloves prize
Esteraz 500 gold
nadettish: Wild Things prize
Wood Sorrel: Mochi prize and Grunny prize
KiomoKo: two May 2008 letter prizes

Yuletide 2007
Neofreek4620: 500 gold
Theodosius Helyanwe: 2300 gold prize
Nobody in the Globe: Summoning Tome from Wolfie
Danielcf: 500 gold
iymcool: 2400 gold prize
[Mildly Amusing] for Pocket Change Charity: 1111 gold
[Mildly Amusing] for herself: 1111 gold
YDA Charity: 1111 gold
OtherWorldShukumei: 1111 gold
We Got Game Items Charity: 1111 gold + trash and flowers
Chirstine for Nothing’s Impossible Charity: 1111 gold
Chirstine for herself: 1111 gold
iymcool for Gaian Hat Charity: 1111 gold plus hats
Guessing Game winners: 1300 gold
Sharpie Luv: November 07 Letter
The Intelli-Coon: November 07 Letter
Cornilius: November 07 Letter
Melancholy Sprinkles: November 07 Letter
PokeAmule: November 07 Letter
Spif-er-ific: November 07 Letter
Muzi Suki: 4444 tickets
Lindori: Pearl and Ruby Earrings Prize
phud: Reindeer Slippers Prize
OkiKuRuMi: Elf Ears
Necro-Gem: Lovebird Plush Prize
DarkBunnykins: 5000 gold
C4Souffle: November 07 letter
Hidden Angels Charity: 1000 gold
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: 3333 gold
OtherWorldShukumei: 555 gold for bumping quests
iymcool: 888 gold for bumping quests
DarkBunnykins: 888 gold for bumping quests
Arian Rayne: 333 gold for bumping quests
Dragonboi 611: 333 gold for bumping quests
Dragonchrome: 333 gold for bumping quests
The Sir-Fing Kitsune: 888 gold for bumping quests
rpgamer987: Dashing Gentleman Onyx Tie Wildflower Prize
Lysine: 555 gold for bumping quests
Creiaei: Tiny Pixie Wings Wildflower Prize
Phud: Wild Things Wildflower prize
Popo Charity: Purple leather ottoman, yellow aerobic step, yellow tea pot, giant green eggshell, piggy plush, hockey mask, Groucho glasses, autumn glory, deluxe white daisy bouquet, garbage mask, beige buckle trench hat, gold partition socks
LynUridain: 1111 gold
Andantee: 1111 gold
Hatesangel: 789 gold
Wood Sorrel: 1234 gold
DarkBunnykins: Kaia prize, February 2008 Letter prize
OMG A Sharpie: 1111 gold
Sakura_Madison: 1000 gold
LynUridain: February 2008 Letter Prize
Phud: Orphan Prize
OtherWorldShukumei: Orphan Prize
Gold For quest bumping:
DarkBunnykins: 666 gold
Muzi Suki: 666 gold
iymcool: 666 gold
blue-owl: 333 gold
Wolfram Cecilia Ysud: 333 gold
LynUridain: 333 gold
Bradbury: 333 gold
phud: 333 gold
Sakura_Madison: 333 gold
Wood Sorrel: 333 gold

Autumn 2007
[Mildly Amusing] 3000 gold
blue-owl 1000 gold
Cornulieus 1000 gold
Midori Yume 1000 gold
Chikky 1000 gold
DarkBunnykins 1000 gold
Kallio 1000 gold
Sasanka 500 gold
[Mildly Amusing] Letter Prize
Suneagle Letter Prize
Kallio Letter Prize
imycool 2000 gold prize
The Hellkite 2000 gold prize
Lindori 1200 gold prize
Sakura Madison 1000 gold
Ally1313 500 gold
Crazy_Gypsy 500 gold
Izzat Love, 1234 gold + bouquet
Xander Nightstalker 1111 gold
Warren Zevon 1234 gold prize
whispering_x_demon 500 gold
la chatte Kiwi 1000 gold
OtherWorldShukumei 1000 gold
Sakura_Madison 500 gold
Red Kutai 500 gold
CodecM 500 gold
Kallio 1300 gold prize
Elenyae 500 gold
[Mildly Amusing] 1000 gold
blue-owl 3000 gold
Cornulieus 1000 gold
Midori Yume 1000 gold
Chikky 1000 gold
DarkBunnykins 1000 gold
Kallio 1000 gold
Bainard 500 gold
Senseless Mindless 500 gold
Nightmares 256 300 gold
Xandervious 1234 gold + bouquet (1100)
Red Kutai Brown Gunner Hat (1600)
Le Aristocrat 500
Fiarra 500
Bluemeanies 1414 prize
Neko Shinigami 300
tEh de4d PHr09 300
canadian trekkie 500
-Lily Maple- 500
Princess Foula 500
DarkBunnykins 1000
Kallio 1000
[Mildly Amusing] 1000
Midori Yume 3000
blue-owl 1000
Cornulieus 3000
Chikky 1000
DarkBunnykins 1700 prize
Xandervious 1600 prize
JessK 1616 prize
Seraphinite 500
Melah 500
fenriruin 500
Twilight Dwagon 500
-Black- -Widow- -Bewbs- 1515 prize
la chatte Kiwi 2000 gold prize
Warren Zevon 2000 gold prize
OtherWorldShukumei 2000 gold prize
Lindori 1818 prize
Wolfram Lee Ysud 4321
iymcool 1800 gold prize
alegator9 500 gold
xXxDisturbedMemoriesxXx 111 gold
bluetooth123 350 gold
Sparkle1984 500 gold
mythicrosegoddess 500 gold
Alexis Flame 500 gold
LeBookworm 1900 gold
OtherWorldShukumei 2000 gold prize
XFateX 2000 gold
Lindori 2000 gold
iymcool 2000 gold
bluemeanies 2000 gold
blue-owl 2000 gold
DarkBunnykins 5000 gold
Former Mysterious Major Donor, Hacked: Dark Halo
Xandervious 3000 gold
Cornulieus 1000 gold
Mildly Amusing 1000 gold
Midori Yume 2000 gold
Lone Scorpio 500
chilecavy~guineapig October 07 letter prize
bluemeanies October 07 letter prize
blue-owl October 07 letter prize
Dirty Sexy Money 1111 gold prize
Sharpie Luv 2200 prize
Guessing Game Winners 3300 gold prizes

Summer 2007
Songai 1000 gold
~Java.Chip.Frap.~ 1000 gold
Madam_Froggers 1111 gold
Eir Malfoy 200 gold
Coco-Says-Rawr 1234 gold
Anon_O_Moss 1234 gold
babybluubabe715 1234 gold
Skullydude 1234 gold
OtherWorldShukumei July letter prize for Casting Call tektek contest
sticky_bun_central 5000 gold prize for Casting Call tektek contest
blue-owl 1000 gold prize for Casting Call tektek contest
5 additional entrants 333 each for Casting Call tektek consolation prizes
Guessing Game Winners: 3400 gold
The Hellkite 1111 gold
Wicked Swimmer 2222 gold
Lindori 2222 gold
Lavariver 1111 gold
P.S. I Love You Charity 3210 gold
PokeAsheep 1234 gold
Lindori for 1st post on page 888, 888 gold
Bumpers to get people's quest threads up to page 10, 7659 gold
Anon_O_Moss 1111 gold
Lindori 1111 gold
Suneagle 555 gold
Lavariver 1111 gold
IisLunaLovegood 3333 gold
OtherWorldShukumei 500 gold
Your Destiny Awaits charity 500 gold
Chikky bouquet
iymcool 555 gold
muriel3 500 gold
11 lucky people x 123 gold + 7 balloons = 1343 gold and change
Teifling 500 gold
Creiaei letter prize
blue-owl letter prize
chilecavy~guineapig letter prize
Lindori Letter + 2Kgold prize
The Hellkite Letter + 1Kgold prize
Le Pasta Letter prize

Spring 2007
Guessing Game winners 7200 gold
Thelatao 3000 gold
Lindori and deathwish926 for Kneecap, a Joint Quest. 3000 gold
1969 In My Head 3000 gold
sutoyou 3000 gold
Used_Bookstore 3000 gold
Mottainia 1000 gold
Sakura Madison 3000 gold
Hermit of the Hills 555 tickets
tuitu 3000 gold plus 5000 gold bumping prize
smile4mee 3000 gold
Six Secret Cupid Players 100 gold each, total 600
purpleinuyasha Flower Crown prize
suki-chanx3 Decorative Daisy prize
chilecavy~guineapig Red Classroom Sweater Vest prize
Creiaei 2000 gold prize
keltycphoenyx 2000 gold prize
Thelatao 42 gold, Konfuzed Red Shoes and Red Tie prize
blue-owl 2042 bump prize
Ten (10) 2007 Gold Scavenger Hunt Entrants, 2007 gold each, = 20,070
blue-owl sealed envelope prize
OtherWorldShikumei 3000 gold
jalapeno_madness 3000 gold
Dzoo 3000 gold
Flubber Ducky 1000 gold
Dzoo 2000 gold prize
jalapeno_madness 2000 gold prize
blue-owl sealed letter prize
~mistress_ana~ 2000 gold + icecream
The.Hellkite 2000 gold + banana split
Wood Sorrel 2000 gold + salad
chilecavy~guineapig 2000 gold + pancakes
sticky_bun_central 2000 gold+ banana split
Sakura_Madison 1000 gold + white daisy bouquet
Shadow_59 2000 gold + heart-shaped box of sweets
DarkBunnykins 2000 gold + Caramel Cheescake
Sweetkitty 2000 gold + Caramel Cheesecake
OtherWorldShikumei 3000 gold
jalapeno_madness 3000 gold
Dzoo 3000 gold
Sakura_Madison 500 gold for the first post on page 500
Amberloca 2000 gold
Bellezza-Sisters 2000 gold
Seph-kun of the Dark 2000 gold
Your Destiny Awaits charity 2000 gold
dilandra 101 500 gold
Shadow-59 500 gold
DarkBunnykins 500 gold
Sweetkitty 500 gold
The.Hellkite 500 gold
~mistress_ana~ 500 gold
sticky-bun_central 500 gold
Various and sundry winners of races to page 10 of new quests 3200 gold
amberloca bumping prize 750 gold
DarkBunnykins bumping prize 500 gold
Sweetkitty bumping prize 250 gold
MoriMae thankyou letter lottery prize
The.Hellkite 5000 gold lottery prize
DarkBunnykins 500 gold lottery prize
blue-owl thankyou letter tektek contest prize
[ s u k i ~ s h i n e ] 1000 gold tektek contest prize
Wood Sorrel 500 gold tektek contest prize
Mikki Neko bumping prize 750 gold
DarkBunnykins bumping prize 500 gold
Shadow_59 bumping prize 500 gold
Sweetkitty bumping prize 250 gold
Assorted Recipients of Easter Gold 13200 gold
Shadow_59 bumping prize 750 gold
DarkBunnykins bumping prize 500 gold
Sweetkitty bumping prize 500 gold
Amberloca bumping prize 250 gold
The.Hellkite 1500 gold
Sweetkitty 1500 gold
sticky_bun_central 1500 gold
DarkBunnykins 1500 gold
Amberloca 1500 gold
Bellezza-Sisters 500 gold
Sephkun of the Dark 500 gold + 500 tickets
Dilandra101 500 gold
Mikki Neko 1000 gold
[Crazed-Kingdom] 200 gold
Shadow_59 1500 gold
Your Destiny Awaits 200 gold
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt winners 22377 in gold and prizes

Yuletide 2006
oxalis: Doggy Style Brownspiral Headgear donation
-Simply Rini-: 500 gold + 123 tokens donation
cutefairy012: 1000 gold donation
purpleinuyasha: 1000 gold donation
deathwish926: 1000 gold donation
Arisa Lee: 1000 gold donation
Apathetic Doll: 1000 gold donation
NyraMoon: 750 gold donation
The Sea Charity, for the Old Man and the Sea Charity: 1000 gold donation
Lacus-sama: 1000 gold donation
NyraMoon: 2000 gold prize
Wickerwork Whale: 1000 gold prize
Shou-kun: Thank You Letter prize
[D]arkest [W]ings: 3000 gold prize
PutridyCorpse: 2000 gold prize
tuitu: pizza and banana split prize
mandi~chan: 2222 gold donation
22 Secret Santa players: 100 gold each=2200
Hermit of the Hills: Thank You Letter prize
[D]arkest[W]ings: 1000 gold donation
Wood Sorrel: 1000 gold donation
chilecavy~guineapig: 1000 gold donation
NyraMoon: 1000 gold donation
Creiaei: 1000 gold donation
Ringil: 1000 gold donation
Links In

Want to link to our nice charity? Go ahead. We gots banners for you to use, or you can make some more.

User Image

User Image

From Wood Sorrel
User Image
[img]http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i171/CreekFeet/Wish Fairy/wildblinkie.gif[/img][/url]

User Image

From Piangare:
User Image

User Image

From Risen from the Darkness:
User Image

From Khristina300:
User Image

From DemonAzn8:
User Image

User Image

Links Outside of Gaia
We find fun things you might like not part of Gaia. We list them here =)

Meanies keel little sealz. )< I'd bitey them but Klasher said not to. So go to this linky!
Protect Seals

There are neber too many cyoot otterz in the world. Klasher's the cyootest of them all, but i feel it only right to show off the ones who got honer-bubble menshun ^w^
Cute Otters

Feed people and learn neet wurdz!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Calculate your Eco Footprint here.

Send a message in a bottle. ... No, not like that song by The Police.
Send one :3

Burned up about global warming? One cool place to start looking for relief is The Alliance for Climate Protection

We don't make this up. Straight from the Annals of Improbable Research, a bi-monthly magazine, based around scientific humor.

Tim Flannery on Greenhouse Gases. A good listen. Is smert peeplz.

Look before you leaps! Before you join the military, or if you or someone you know is in and needs out, read here and here. These peeplez know all the ins and outs and can help.

Cool videos!
Simple hydrogen production
EarthshipsA little on aerotecture
Power sheets

One of our wonderful Wild Things regular critters, Linkmaster Arpigi, has founded lots of these links for us, and now here's a whole list where you can do a lot of good by doing some small thing:

Race for the Rainforest

Ecolgy Fund

Solve Poverty

Hungry Children

Hunger Site

Hunger Fighters

Cancer Research

Niagra Land Care

Plant Oaks

Environment Site

Solar Site

Click the belly for hunger

Click the cup for rice

Click "Donar"

India's hungry

Bird Habitat

Forest Watch

Poverty Fighters

Click the water droplet

Free Flour

Click the bread

Click the red link

Donate Food

Clean up Waste
User Image
Every Wildflower is numbered. Each time you win a Wildflower, write down the number!
You can look up your Wildflowers right here.
One single Wildflower is worth roughly 1 to 2K gold.
When you get a lot of them, you can trade them in for prizes.
To do that, send me a pm saying what prize you want and which Wildflower numbers you're trading for it.

Here are what prizes we gots in the inventory right now and how much Wildflowers it would take to get them. First come first served, we only have one of most items!

500 Wildflowers
Masquerade 10th Gen. User Image

200 Wildflowers:
Biancamella User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 150 Wildflowers until July 1
Sugarsuite User Image
Cozy Holiday Tree User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 139 Wildflowers until July 1
Bad Moon User Image

150 Wildflowers:
Guitar of Angellus User Image
Dander User Image
Winter Rose User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 140 Wildflowers until July 1

125 Wildflowers:
Feb 2010 Letter User Image contains your choice of Grim Reaper User Image or Scarlet Rose User Image Due to devalued pricing, each now available for 115 Wildflowers until July 1
Scarlet Rose User Image Due to devalued pricing, each now available for 115 Wildflowers until July 1

90 Wildflowers
Unicorn User Image
Demonic Anklets User Image
Celestial Veil User Image
Changeling Baby Boy User Image

75 Wildflowers:
Perfect Tragedy User Image
Gift of the Goddess User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 30 Wildflowers until July 1
Letter for Feb 2011 User Image contains your choice of Legendary Mage User Image or AFK scarf User Image
Letter for May 2010 User Image contains your choice of Bani the Bunny User Image or Lunar Sash User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 50 Wildflowers until July 1
Letter for Oct 2007 User Image contains choice of Grunny User Image Gothic Veil User Image or Vampire Hunter Hat User Image

60 Wildflowers
Letter for Sept 2009 User Image ...contains your choice of Goti the Kid User Image or Gothic Butterfly User Image
Letter for January 2008 User Image contains Masterpieces User Image or Assassin's Guise User Image
Sumi Tribe User Image

50 Wildflowers
Longcat Scarf User Image
Phoenix Circlet User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 30 Wildflowers until July 1
Letter for April 2010 User Image
Letter for June 2008 User Image contains your choice of Radiant Prism User Image or Black Ops Gear User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 40 Wildflowers until July 1

40 Wildflowers:
Wingding (phase one) User Image
2 * Letter for Dec 2007 User Image contains Frostbite Blade User Image or Snow Witch User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 35 Wildflowers until July 1

35 Wildflowers:
Pink Bunny Slippers User Image
Celestial Wrap User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 30 Wildflowers until July 1
White Drome Egg User Image Due to devalued pricing, now available for 10 Wildflowers until July 1

30 Wildflowers:
Sno Yeti Pillow Plush User Image
2 * Letter for May 2011 User Image contains your choice of Imperial Guardian User Image or Water Sash User Image

25 Wildflowers:
Hard Shell Pack User Image
Summoning Tome User Image
Courted Ruff User Image
Letter for August 2007 User Image contains either Summoning Tome (above) or Plasma Gear User Image

20 Wildflowers:
Fairy Wings User Image

15 Wildflowers:
Tama's Basket User Image
Panda Plushie User Image
Pora Ice User Image
2 * Techno Mage User Image

10 Wildflowers
Santa Baby Coat User Image
Astronaut Suit User Image

9 Wildflowers
Smashing Cities User Image

8 Wildflowers
YARLY! Hat User Image
WTF Hat User Image

6 Wildflowers
Star Lantern User Image

2 Wildflowers
White Webz Hooded Jumper User Image

1 Wildflower
Angelic Mood Bubble User Image

Orphans, two for one flower!
Tiny Tom User Image
Bear User Image
Mothbite User Image
Dogbrain User Image x 2
Barph User Image

Note: If you see a prize that is currently selling on the marketplace for much less than 1000 times the number of Wildflowers I want for it, please let me know so that I can lower the number of Wildflowers I ask. I sometimes lower, but never raise, the Wildflower rate for an individual item. Wildflower amounts asked for are based below the current market value when I first put the prize in my inventory, or a lowered amount thereafter.

Approximate total value of all prizes currently available: 5M gold
The Shunned

21 Feb 07 was a sad day. The day I had to create a Shunned list. If you appeared on this list, that made us sad.

26 Sep 08 In honor of TW's birthday we wiped the Shunned list and issued a blanket pardon. (Warm and cozy!) Let's assume all critters what begged or was fowl-mouthed has learned from their mistakes and are ready to be nice and play well with others. Help us keep the Shunned List empty.

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