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Welcome to Wings Outspread Charity!

A Brief History: Wings Outspread was in the planning stages for several months before it came into existence. It was finally born when two friends finally decided to make the dream of making a difference in the lives of others actually happen. Dedicated, we worked hard to create a place where both newcomers and oldcomers can get the help for anything that seems out of their reach. With that said, we welcome you to our little space in the world. We hope you make new friends, and may our charity help you take a couple steps closer to reaching your dreams.

Table of Contents:

Post 1: Introduction (You are currently here)
Post 2: Rules
Post 3: Staff
Post 4: Members List
Post 5: Announcements
Post 6: Contests
Post 7: Event Contests
Post 8: Donations
Post 9: Banners/Affiliates
Post 10: BG Affiliates
Post 11: Feedback

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Continuously not following the thread rules can cause you to be banned from this thread. Make sure you read them, and follow all of the rules.

:: Follow Gaia TOS ::

:: Do not quote anything from the front page. ::

:: Do not use any of our thread layout banners as your own. ::

:: Do not beg in the thread. This includes post styles. ::

:: Do not PM the staff, Wings Outspread Charity, or other members for donations. This includes comments and trades. ::

:: Do not advertise. This also includes post styles, trades, comments and PMs. If you want to advertise, put it in your signature. ::
:: Do not fight with members or staff. Keep the drama out of the charity. ::

:: Do not argue with the mods of the thread. They are here to keep order & enforce the rules. ::

:: Please avoid streching the page. Quote trees have a limit of 5. ::

:: Be semi-literate. Limit the chat speak. Not everyone can understand you. ::

:: Do not bump unless there is no one else present in the thread. ::

:: Do not use secondary accounts or "mules". ::

:: Donations are only given to those who are active. No hit & runs. ::

:: If you receive a trade with a donation, you have 15 days to update it. If not, the trade will be canceled. ::

:: Upon receiving a donation/prize, you must thank the staff members. We view it as common courtesy. Your trade will more than likely not be accepted until this is done. ::

:: When posting for the first time, include the phrase "Hello WOC". ::

:: You must post 50 times in the charity before receiving donations & entering member only contests. Make sure you PM the 50th post link to Wings Outspread Charity. Simply bumping 50 times does not count. ::

:: If you change your username, you need to inform the charity mule or staff. Otherwise you will have to redo the entire membership process over again. ::

:: All contest entries need to be sent to Wings Outspread Charity with the title of the contest you are submitting in the subject line. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your entry being disqualified. ::

:: Rules may be subject to change at any time ::

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Butterfly_kisses7 ~ Monarch (Owner) ~ [Profile] [Comment]
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The name is Butterfly, but most call me Bk for short. I'm one of little words when it comes to describing myself. I've been on gaia for almost 5 years now. My "gaiaversary" lands on March 5th. My birthday is March 28th. All in all, I consider the month of march to be holy and sacred. As for school, I plan on going into the medical field. I have several hobbies of which I have too many to list. If you have any questions about the charity, don't be afraid to ask them. I hope you have fun & welcome to our charity!

Karu Black ~ Monarch (Owner) ~ [Profile] [Comment]

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Hey! The name's Karu. I've been on Gaia for a while now, & have worked in other charities before. When Butterfly said she wanted to open up one I jumped at the chance to be a part of it so here I am. I can be awkward meeting new people so please be patient. I am nice & funny, I just try too hard to get people to like me. I'm nice to everyone until someone is rude. So be sure you follow the rules of the thread or else I'll have to be mean. twisted I'm studying pharmacy to be certified & work at a pharmacy as well. I love the colors blue & purple. I love avi art. I'm not totally creative but I try very hard anyway. I also ramble sometimes and can get super hyper. So if you see me hopping just hop along with me until I tire myself out. ^_^ Nice meeting you all and welcome to the charity!

Wings Outspread Charity ~ Charity Mule ~[Profile] [Comment]
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This is the charity mule!
If you have any questions at all, please PM this account.
If you want to donate to the charity, please send it to this account in a trade.
All contest prizes/giveaway items will be sent from this account in a trade.

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Would you like to become a charity member? It's easy and simple.
Here's how:

1. Do not use a mule account.
2. Be literate.
3. Follow the rules.
4. Have at least 50 posts in the charity and
PM the final post link to the charity mule. (we will be checking posts)
5. Stay active.

By continuously following those five things, we're more apt to place your name on the list. If you aren't active, we do hold the right to remove your name off that list.

You should find a linked page from our guild containing the member list

Member Spotlight!
This section of the post is dedicated to our member of the month. To become our member of the month all you have to do is stay active. We choose a different member of the charity each month to be listed here. The winner of the member spotlight also wins a monthly collectible letter.

April's spotlight belongs to:

II Certified II
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All important notices about this thread will be posted here. So be sure to stay tuned!

Wings Outspread Charity opened
[05/05/13] Member Birthday: Foenixian
[05/24/13] Staff Birthday: Tanabata Wish
[05/26/13] Giveaway @ 7pm CST

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Dice Contest!
This game is a 24/7 and is open for everyone including visitors and non-members! Roll 10 dice that are also 10 sided. The roll only counts if it is made in this thread.
Winning numbers & prizes are as follows:
10-20 = 25k
21-24 = 5k
25-30 = Item worth 10k or under
80-85 = Item worth 10k or under
86-89 = 5k
90-100 = 15k

Note: You must actually roll a number within the number ranges. It does not count for a combination of rolls.
Upon winning you must PM the charity mule with the page number you won on. If for whatever reason we are unable to find this winning post, we will ask that you include a link.
Limit 3 wins per day

RNG Contest #1!
Generate a number between 1 and 2012. The first charity member to generate a 1547, will win the chance item, Super Prize 2012! Upon winning, you must PM the charity mule, Wings Outspread Charity, with the page number of which you have won on. Links are greatly appreciated.

RNG Contest #2!
Generate a number between 1 and 1500. The first charity member to generate a 233, will win the chance item, Trinket Heart! Upon winning, you must PM the charity mule, Wings Outspread Charity, with the page number of which you have won on. Links are greatly appreciated.

Member Spotlight!
Every month, the staff at Wings Outspread picks out our most active member to be displayed on the front page. The person picked will win that month's collectible letter! If you have won once, you may not win a second time in a row. If a member is active two months in a row, the next most active person will be rewarded for that month.

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Wings Outspread Charity rolled 0 4-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

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More contests coming soon!

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All of our donors can be found

Donations are always accepted.
If you would like to donate to the charity, please send a trade titled Donation to Charity to the username Wings Outspread Charity.

If you would like to receive a donation from Wings Outspread, the most we ask is you follow the rules and stay active. Any form of begging will decrease the likelihood of you getting a donation from us.

Giveaways will always be on a Sunday. They will occur at least once a month at mininum if not every other Sunday. The time they occur at on Sundays will be random (usually in the evening, this is based off central time in the U.S.). (It depends on the staff members work schedules.) Their duration will be an hour long. In order to receive a donation from a giveaway you are required to post in the charity during its duration. It does not count if you post before or after. Giveaways are for members only. It's easy to become a member and get the free goodies! See Members post to learn more about memberships.

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Linking In

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I would prefer to keep this area neat and orderly. Our affiliates are grouped by charities, quests, and shops. If you wish to become one of our affiliates, I will ask that you provide a banner that is strictly 200 x 40px or 88 x 31px in a pm to our charity mule, Wings Outspread Charity. We would also appreciate the coutesy if you applied one of our own banners to your threads. Thank you.

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Booty Grab Affiliates

Below are links to awesome booty grab threads we highly recommend to those looking to further their gold income! Bored? Take a browse and see if you can't catch the glow. Just click one of the thread titles to get started!

Air Shark & Stone Coatl Paradise
Booty Lounge
Cookie Cove
Stony's List of 250+ full tanks
Tranquil Waters
Uesugi Grab 2.0

We want your feedback even if its good or bad!
All feedback must be sent in a PM to the Wings Outspread Charity account.
If you feel your visit isn't up to par, please fill out the first following form to tell us how we can improve.
If you want to give a shout out to others as to why you enjoy our charity, please feel free to fill out the second following form.

[u]Words for Improvement[/u]
Date of Visit:
What did you not like?:
What would you recommend done to resolve this?:
Is there anything you liked about the charity? (Y/N):
If yes, what did you like?:

[u]Proof of Recommendation[/u]
How did you hear of us?
When did you join our charity?
What do you like best about Wings Outspread?
Why would you recommend it as a hangout to your friends?
What are some of your favorite contests?
What makes this charity so unique?

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