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Hello! Welcome to my Quest Thread~!

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Hello, and welcome to my Quest Thread, The Quest of the Dream Avi. So far so good. Now, here is a little a bit about this thread: (you really don't have to read this part. Not really needed but your welcome to)

So, really I'm known for donating. Not actually the kind to ask.
So one day I came across a thread about a person leaving Gaia. She was holding this charity-like thread to give out all her gold. When I asked for some gold (I really needed some to keep donating), she said that I needed a Quest Thread.
Now, this is the funny part. I went crazy since I didn't really know what a quest thread is. I called my friend about 50 times until she finally picked up.
She explained only the basics. So I just made one of those put together threads that kinda went like "Please give me gold"
The person leaving gave me a fair amount.
But after that my Quest Thread went dead. As the days past, I felt like I could've done better. And so, I'm putting together this Quest Thread to kind of regain my horrible thread from before.
This thread is really about those who believe that wishing on a star is real and true. xd
Anyways, now that you may or may not have read this go on to the next post.
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What my wish is for:

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Total Value: 2,020,366 Gold
[Item Information]

Nartian Star Cost: 59,145
Ribbon Luv Sleeves WhiteBOUGHT
Hidden Ace 6th Gen. Cost: 490,000 Gifted by The Dark Angel
Golden Sparkles Cost: 32,550 BOUGHT!
White Field CapBOUGHT~!
Pandy Pack Cost: 287,125
Kottan Bell 2nd Gen Cost: 226,825<---Questing!
Kottan Bell 6th GenCost: 225,000 DONATED~!
Kottan Bell 6th GenCost:225,000 Bought
Kottan Bell 3rd GenCost: 240,143

My next Wish:

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Total Value: 13,040,717 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Winter Rose
Black Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Masquerade 9th Gen.
Masquerade 7th Gen.
Sweet Porridge
Bone Scythe
Lovely Genie Black Belly GemBOUGHT
Wed to Darkness
Midnight Gothic Bat Boots
Black Leather Belt
Shiny Black Short Shorts
Oisin's Blessing
Pale Marionette
The Nightmare 4th Gen.
The NightmareBOUGHT after questing

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#1: (golden rule) Be nice to others
#2: Please don't ask for donations.
#3: Do not advertise. If you want me to post a link in this forum please ASK first.
#4: Do not stretch the page.
#5: Please do not quote. Just answer. I don't like how big they get.
#6: Please (do) chat in this forum.
#7: Bumping is most welcome.
#8: Questions? Post them here
#9: Do not flame.
#10: No l337 speak. Just write it out. It doesn't take a LONG time to write it all.

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Believers: People who believe in Stars (otherwise known as the donators)

Nox Vulpe ~ 100k heart
Sushi Charity Mule ~ 30k heart
Alchemist of Air ~ 2k heart
Splendid Little War ~ donated many items heart
Bass of War ~ 12354g heart
KatraaWien ~ Kottan Bell 7th Gen. heart heart heart eek heart
Immortal Nobody ~ 10k heart
Anonymous Benefactor: Hidden Ace 8th Gen. eek Thank you!
Message Written
~Regards of The Dark Angel

The Non-Believers List (otherwise known as the Black List):

None Lets keep it that way.
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none. Please make one for me
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I give you cookies for coming:

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The Wishers: this is the list of people who has said nice/helpful things in this forum~!
donators will not go here, for they are on the Believers list

drakokatze ~
gl on your quest ^^

KatraaWien ~
good luck on your quest

helloitsjessie21 ~
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Good Luck on your quest.

eCSkAy ~
hey good luck on your quest and pardon my naked booty.

l Vegetable l ~
l Vegetable l
Good luck <33

mimmersk ~
good luck <3
The Thank You Post for EVERYONE who comes to this thread~!

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