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Ok so It's been a while since I did something, and I usually do giveaways in the exchange but figured I'd come here this time ^_____^

and finally aim at setting up a charity!

Hi Guys and Girls!

~I'm Jess, I have been on Gaia for many years, got to where I want to be, had an art spending spree, and am now fulfilling my ambition to run a charity :3

I know how hard it can be getting to your dream pixels <3

So this will be my base from now on. ^___^

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The only real criteria is that you are genuinely Questing for an item and can prove this.
✔ More will go to active users with active quest threads than someone that isn't around so much.
✔ Please please don't stretch the page// make HUGE posts it makes it hard to read everything else! <3
✔ Please do Trim down Quote tree's when a conversation is so awesome it goes on a long time! <3 its Easier to keep up that way <3
✔ I will check out post History etc to eliminate people trying off mules after receiving donations on a main account so please have a view able Profile :3
✔ Please post a <3 when you are asking for items/gold so that I know you read my little rules
✔ You may PM me if I seem to have missed your request, as long as you PM me giving me details of page/date for when you asked for a Donation :3
A lot of Gaia Gold (won't all go to one person)
Gaia Gold Supply → Continuously Fluctuating

Giving Away-

-Random items as I see fit

☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁

✫ OMG hat

For the OMG Hat I am looking for the right person.
I have given a few high end items out only to see them circulate the exchange within days... sometimes hours!
OMG Hat will only go to an OMG quester that is active in this thread and has a good quest story <3
Feel free to nominate a friend if they fit the bill!

I am in NO rush with this.

If you are a genuine Quester Please Quote me and tell me a bit about you and your quest // link me to quest threads and stuff :3


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✔ These Special Gaian's Are the lovely Thread Moderators.
✔ What they say goes! <3 I trust them implicitly and they must be treated with respect.
✔ They are a lot of help with all aspects of the thread- Thanks Mod's!

Meet the Moderators~

~B l u m i~

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Hey guys, I'm blumi, but you can call me whatever.
I love making avatars, getting art, and making friends.
I like to keep it simple, so I won't say much about me.
I'd like to think I'm pretty friendly so hit me up! <3 c:

~Hex Charm~

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Hello everyone. I'm Hex
I'll be your nightly bat daemon at your service.
I've been on Gaia about 4 human years now.
I have an odd sense of humor and although I have sharp teeth I don't bite.
So bring me a pigeon and feel free to sit a spell and chat with me.


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Feel free to call me Ren.
I've quite the selection of scalpels.
Please allow me to pick apart your brain.
And skin off any questions you may have for me.
I'd love to accompany you with my monstrosity.
We shall ride these clouds together.

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*All graphics are made by Ayame Shizuko
please do not steal any of the graphics made*

9th June~

l3e l3eautiful ~ Pepper the Cat
Adrivna ~ 1.185M
SkrillexNinja~ 1M
Nylon Nibbles~ 3M
Lyllisa~ 5M
Chobai – 1m
s x p h i e- 3.5M
Blue sugar cookie- 5.5M
Tholia- zodiacal
Rainbows and crap- 5m
Nuclear radiation- 3M
Stella Rosaline – keiko’s cake
Royal murderer- 1.5m
Dreaming Fennec – 1.5M
Reallux- 3M
FaiMaxwell – 1.5M
Starie Mareep – 1m
Ryan Gunn- 3M
-TofuKimchi- Faustine bottle
Selcrest- 1.5m
Glowing Kitsune- staff of the angels
Esi bast- compass of seidh and 1m
0_azula_0 2m
Fleedaddy 2m
Ky to the rescue 2m
Wet touch- 2m
Im not a grapefruit- 1.5m
MistressRosalyn- Secret retreat
Snochan15- 2M
Carefree melody- 2.5m
razorblade bandit- 1.4m
Hex charm- pepper the cat

10th June~~

Wet Touch-x - Golden laurels! :3
Zombieeatdeadrabbits- 1.5M
idarkestangel- 1M
Nylon nibbles- 3M
MAXiMiSTA- cut throat chef thinger
50kg- 4M
M0rganja- 1.5M
Blk hinata- 3M
||| Lychee |||- 4.5M
Fleedaddy- 2M
Reallux- 2M
Snochan15- 1.5M
IX Red Panda XI - Pistolera 3rd gen

11th June~~

cutefaty- January 2004 letter
Mishies- 1.5M
Sera-love- 1M
xXRazzor_goth_kibaXx- 1M
Tsukita-chan- August 2004
Severe Paralysis- 1M
Ruukin- 1M
Yumitas- 1M
b l u m i- 1M
shadmaria4ever- 1M

x8 Ancient Katana

Silly Slipper Giveaway~~

Penguin Slippers- b l u m i madame lee Faimaxwell
Seal Slippers- Shadmaria4ever


1.5m To Ayame Shizuko Donation // thanks for lovely graphics she did me <3

600,000 gold to the following~

Aisha Tala
classy gentlemen
Joshua v2
eien ponkan
Mini tomato
-I Gave You My All-
Ayame Shizuko
Kathryn Anon
Kitana Hiki
ll Lil Bullet ll
II chaOs Ren II

~Annoyingly let myself lose count of contest prizes // event prizes // donations given out for the past few days WILL keep note from NOW~ Around 50M given away between 18-23/6~~


Darth Acheron~ Pepper the cat & March 2005

Small contest 200k prizes to~
General Domo~
Nuclear Radiation~

~AGAIN lost count >_< WILL NOT let this happen again!!


Page 2000 Prizes~
March 04 slippers or Gold //

b l u m i
Hex charm---
general Domo---
t o |3 y----
Razorblade bandit
Shan Enzeru

Also March 04 slippers to~
Faimaxwell > Nominated by shadmaria4ever
Tholia > Nominated by Hex Charm
Ms Minty Cream > Nominated by Toby

Omg Hat Candidates~
| s t i c k y |
Kyrian Hope

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User Image

User Image

~Keep your eyes peeled
after the Success of Halloween in July, and Easter in August... what is in store for September? wink

to be added...

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chochocobo's avatar

Generous Noob

s x p h i e's avatar

Timid Elocutionist

Mad Muleh
surprised Hey you.
s x p h i e
Mad Muleh
surprised Hey you.

hello <33
Mad Muleh

hey there smexy emotion_dowant i'll keep you company 4laugh
rainbowsandcrap's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

9,150 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Invisibility 100
  • Generous 100
o u o

wanna chat? we should help her get lots of pages whee
rainbowsandcrap's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

9,150 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Invisibility 100
  • Generous 100
Mad Muleh
Mad Muleh

hey there smexy emotion_dowant i'll keep you company 4laugh

wow, i like your avvie *was a doofus and didnt notice* redface
how are you?
the christmas art fairy's avatar

Golden Gaian

Hello! emotion_yatta
chochocobo's avatar

Generous Noob

o u o

wanna chat? we should help her get lots of pages whee

Lets do it~ biggrin

Hello. C:
s x p h i e's avatar

Timid Elocutionist

Mad Muleh
hello <33
How are you today?

s x p h i e's avatar

Timid Elocutionist

o u o
heyhey. c:

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