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an aid to quest-ers since 2004

rounded value of gold given so far! thanks for all the support!
art: in hand - petit hime / on head - SheridanDub / at shoulder - Strawberry Sonata / on arm - Vladimir The Great

ton ton charity is a non-profit charity dedicated to aiding gaians; those who have been questing for an item for a long time and also those who have just started. in my eyes, help is help! you don't need to have credentials and proof to receive help for something you'd really like to have. this is why in order to get a donation, all one needs to do is stay and chat with me and others! end of story. please, stay and enjoy your time here! i've always loved the element of charities allowing you to meet new people, so please, don't just wait.

[CLOSED until further notice while attempting to get one of my most loved possessions back. I'm sorry!]
2/15/09: MOMO GOT HER SCARF HOMG. > u< heart
2/11/09: new art drawn by prince demise in honor of the charity~! > 3<
1/29/09: 40MIL GIVEN AWAY!!! heart love ya'll.
1/21/09: charity is booming, thanks for all of the donations and support! heart
1/20/09: ton ton charity re-established!! let's party!
* about ton ton charity!

ton ton charity was established in march of 2004 on a much earlier account. this points to the reason that there is such a high gold count at the beginning of this thread. frankly, i've been donating during my entire stay on gaia, and thread or not, i continue to do so. no, sorry, you may not know my earlier account name or the charity thread. (this is due to the extreme begging and drama that made the thread meet it's demise. it was started in the chatterbox so, y'know, i was sort of asking for it anyways!)

in this charity, as i've stated before, staying and chatting is the one and only thing that will increase your chances of being donated to.
nothing else. zip. nada. nope!

things that will not increase your chances include: begging, nagging, hinting (especially when it's painfully obvious), hitting and running, bribing of any sorts, and generally being rude. oh, and breaking the tos. follow the tos, darnit!

otherwise, this thread is mainly to have fun and to provide support to people who need it. don't ruin that!

no "proof" or minimum time spent questing is needed, though it is helpful that i know what i'm donating towards! something like stating it in your signature is all i need. as sad as is, i do need to know that i'm donating to some sort of cause, and not just for the hell of it. even if you're questing for multiple or cheap items, it doesn't matter to me!
* ton ton rules.

It's simple, follow my remotely flexible rules and you'll be fine. n on

1. Gaia TOS
2. No begging, whinning, nagging, hinting, etc.
3. Be nice. I don't like donating to meanies. You don't have to be Mother Theresa, either. Just please, no hostility.
4. Elitism is prohibited.*
5. Hits and runs will be ignored.
6. Stay and chat! heart

* For those of you who do not know, elitism is the act of putting yourself above others, especially with a certain imaginary class self-proclaimed as "the literate." Listen. Good for you that you use impeccable spelling and grammar in your online posts, but don't even think about demeaning someone else purely due to the fact that they have errors or simply do not care about it in theirs. It doesn't make them any worse of a person and I feel like it's the beginning of some sort of "noob" holocaust feelings. It's sickening, please be respectful.

I also hate the word "noob." Ew. XD
* ton ton games and events!

i just love games, don't you? heart thought so! here, i will be putting up the rules of games i like to play just to liven things up a little. there will be prizes, don't you worry~!

Tektek Contests!

The theme is: ---

free to join! there will be a 5,000 prize per round to the winner.
oh, and PM your submissions to me once you've finished if there's a slot left!


not to be mistaken with an avatar contest-- this is so that everyone is on an even playing field! how this works is that i will give a theme, and those who decide to enter will make an avatar on www.tektek.org 's dream avatar maker according to the theme. when all of the entries are in, i will put up a poll. whoever's avatar gets the most votes after a certain time, or gets a certain amount of votes first, will win a prize! simple, right?

previous winner: Strawberry Sonata
Vote #1! 38.6% [ 68 ]
Vote #2! 2.8% [ 5 ]
Vote #3! 9.7% [ 17 ]
Vote #4! 23.9% [ 42 ]
Vote #5! 9.1% [ 16 ]







Password Game!

the way that these rounds are going to work is that I'm going to post series openings or endings in my journal and players must find something in the video. I will give hints about what to look for.

-All passwords will be one word.
-Comment on the journal post with your submission for an answer.
-You can only enter once, so be careful!
-The winner, which is whoever gets it first, gets 5,000 gold!

First round over! Winner: Daai-chan!
Second round is coming up!

Give me any other suggestions you may have about games!
* ton ton deserving donations!

There are some people in particular that deserve a gift for all of their giving, or some help on a quest that they've stuck to for an inspiring length of time. Here, I will be featuring donations that I've given to these brave souls. heart

most recent:
User Image to Leena-nee
estimated 1,300,000 gold as of 1/20/09.

Leena-nee has been questing minis for three years now! Three years! I know that many people have started a quest for such a pricey item but then bailed out, but she kept on sticking to it! She's been a consecutive saver ever since.

She was also semi-recently made into a site moderator! Way to go Leena, i'm cheering for you!

Anyways, I decided to donate because she'll be doing so much work now as a mod; she's very dedicated to helping people, especially through PM.

As of very recently, Leena got her Minis!!! heart Hope those slippers paid off! Special thanks to her friend, too!

Please, please! Recommend people for a deserving donation! heart

* ton ton lists.

As usual, respect and listen to people on the whitelist!
People on the banlist are people who have broken the rules in excess and are banned from posted here. User Image

prince demise
Strawberry Sonata
Sweet Teruki
Corrupted Sin
Vladimir The Great

None so far! heart
* ton ton donatees!

As you know, running a charity can be costly. User Image
Donations to the cause are always extremely appreciated, and all donators will be showcased here!

donators to the charity!
Vladimir The Great: 15,227, bundle of items heart heart
Strawberry Sonata: 7,500 heart
ImTeddy_xD: 18,000, Dreamer's Dust! crying heart heart
shaoshaochan: 30,000, Gift of the Gods, two mimzies, doll ears, and teal flow prom dress! eek heart heart heart
halor33p3r: 1306, three hats. 3nodding heart
LucisHaloReeper: 706 3nodding
ipuffy689: 2004 User Image heart
prince demise: 50,000 burning_eyes heart heart heart
rockin the colors: 10,000 heart
Link The Wulf: 1,936 3nodding
Shinto_Deity-KuraOkami: Ancient Katana User Image burning_eyes
OH My GiGgLe-boX: 1,000 3nodding
Little Eva: 1,000 3nodding
somefairy: 10,000 heart heart
sasuken: 100,000, Bear Pajamas User Image heart gonk heart
Britta Anise: 1,000, a bundle of zOmg! items. 3nodding
Moogly Poof Ball: Demonic Mood Bubble burning_eyes
CrayoIa: 20,000 heart

ton ton donatees:
people who i've donated to since the making of this thread will go here!

Corrupted Sin : 25,000
Clleo : 25,000
Sweet Teruki : 25,000
izabethelay : 25,000
affirmedreality : Lunar Cowl (approx. 84,000 at 01/22/09)
Tained Dessert : 30,000
Strawberry Sonata : 30,000
SheridanDub : 25,000
Vladimir The Great : 25,000
prince demise : 25,000
LeenaToros : G9 Laptop (approx. 98,000 at 01/31/09)
Daai-chan : 25,000
PAN|C : 25,000
thatgirlfrankie : 25,000
Cherii Juiice : 25,000
Execute Exodus : 25,000
sanders123 : Bear Pajamas (approx. 142,000 at 02/19/09)
Faux Traut & Kotaberry : 20,000, Black Ink x2, bugs

Support TTC! Put this in your signature, quest thread, anything! heart

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(/n 3n)/ ~ * ton ton charity is now open!! *
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Hiya! 3nodding Welcome!
This thread gives?I read the about but didn't get it.

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