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Welcome to The O R A N G E Squeeze Charity Thread. We like to think of this place as a fun and freindly environment. We have some lovely regulars who are always up for a chat. So hang around and have fun 4laugh

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135,OOO Gold as of O8/O9/13

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O5/29/11 -- New Photo Event has been added
O5/29/11 -- Mini revamp of the Charity
O6/O8/O9 -- Event Post is now Available.
O5/2O/O9 -- Auction Opens!
O5/2O/O9 -- The O R A N G E Squeeze Charity Thread is created & now O P E N
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Abide by the rules<3

» Always follow Gaia's TOS & Charity/Quest Rules &Guildlines
» Spamming is prohibited.
» Bumping is allowed, however we do prefer chatting. Please do not bump all the time, try chatting with us 3nodding
» Swearing is allowed, but please don't go overboard. Having every other word a swear is unecessary.
» Begging is NOT allowed.
» Please try not to do quote towers. They stretch the length of the pages gonk
» Break any of the rules, get sent to the Black List immediately.

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» Every Saturday or Sunday(depending on work and time), all regulars shall receive a 5k donation

» You must be a member on Gaia for at least a month.
» POST an introduction in the thread, tell us about yourself and what you are questing for!
» You must be a Regular for 2 days in this thread before I will consider you a Regular.
» To be considered as a Regular, you must genuinely chat(preferred) or bump for 2 days.
» Charity events are optional, though encouraged. They are great chances to gain extra gold for your quest 3nodding
» You must make an effort to post in here to be able to get the weekly donation. Posting once or twice a week won't cut it.
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Blissful Ambience -- |Owner|
Sakura Hashi -- |Co-Owner|

The O R A N G E Squeeze -- |Charity Mule|

Sakura Hashi:-
Hello Dearies,

My Gaian name is Sakura Hashi, but my real name is Gail _______ and my birthday is on June 8, 1992. Now you guys how old I am. :] I've been a Gaiaholic since 2OO4, so this makes me a 5 year veteran. Lol! Not really but yeah. My first account was hacked back in 2OO8, so that means Sakura Hashi was my mule. Now, I have few other mules lurking around Gaia. I was the creator of The O R A N G E Squeeze which now turned into a company I would say. I do a lot of things in Gaia and in the real world too, yes I have a life! In the real world, I love to dance and write short stories. I'm a night owl. I still go to school and I work part time in my school. I'm a tutor after school, and when I go home, I quickly turn on my computer and log in to Gaia. >.< In Gaia, I love to roleplay; though, i haven't roleplayed recently. I also love to run my businesses. I have two bump shops that I own, and one co-own. I have a newspaper thread, and a graphics thread. We even have our own guild. Last but not least, my charity thread. BUT, if weren't for Blissful Ambience, I don't think it would still be running. I really want to thank her for her keeping it alive. She really puts a lot of effort and she really donated a lot! She's our MVP! I feel bad for not being around the charity a lot, but I hope things do change so I can be there more often. :]

Thanks Kirsty, and really do mean it!<3
And to the other members who've been in the thread since the beginning!<3

Blissful Ambience:-
My real name is Kirsty. I'm 24years old and I come from England. I am currently working part-time at a local supermarket, and also volunteer at a local Charity shop.
I have been on Gaia since 2005, however that account got hacked gonk But I managed to build myself back up again. I am obsessed with Gaia, I'm on here every day whee I honestly don't think I could live without Gaia. I have a lot of great friends on here and love chatting with everyone. I am now currently the owner of this Charity and love "working" here.
Anything else you want to know, just ask. I am not a very private person, so I don't mind.
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Blissful Ambience
Enchanted Seduction
|the lady starlight|
|Glazed Strawberry|
|II Certified II|

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» Please send all donations The O R A N G E Squeeze. We keep all our funds there smile

|Sakura Hashi| -- 7O,OOOGold
|Dysfunctional Fanpire| -- 1,OOOGold
|Jasmintee| -- Sprout Petals & 5,OOOGold
|Krysalid| -- 1O,OOOGold
|big_yellow_taxi| -- Items & 5,OOOGold
|big_yellow_taxi| -- Items & 5,OOOGold<3 ; That's twice!
|big_yellow_taxi| -- Items & 3,OOO Gold<3; Omg, three times!
|iWaffles Ninja| -- 2,OOO Gold
|big_yellow_taxi| -- 5,OOO Gold<3; FOURTH TIME!
|big_yellow_taxi| -- Items & 5,OOO Gold<3; FIFTH TIME! THANK YOU!
|9119BRE| -- 2O,OOO Gold<3; Thank you so much!
|9119BRE| -- 2O,OOOGold<3; Twice! So Generous!<3
|Hello_Kitty_Princess01| -- 2O,OOOGold<3; Thank You!
|Blissful Ambience| -- 3OO,OOOGold(funds)
|THE Christmas Party| -- 42,1OOGold
|THE Santa Claus| -- 5,OOOGold // The Spring Event
|Bonangrro| -- 3,OOOGold
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1OO,OOOGold(funds)
|Reaper of Heartbreak| -- 2O,OOOGold
|Luna Verto| -- 12O,OOOGold // The Gaia Sponsored Nude Event
|ChimeBell| -- 3,OOOGold
|OmgRee| -- 25,OOOGold, 3 Pancakes, 155 Tokens, 1 Starmony, 1 Secret Butterflies, 1 Turkey Dinner
|Blissful Ambience| -- 16O,4OOGold(funds)
|Spottedteddybears| -- 1,OOOGold
|Blissful Ambience| -- 15O,OOOGold(funds)
|Luna Verto| -- 1OO,OOOGold
|Blissful Ambience| -- 25O,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 3OO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 28O,OOOGold(funds)
|blck_mage7| -- 11 Lace, 42 Mystic Weave, 52 Fan Wood, 35 Fan Edge, 11 Pink Fluff, 10 Thread
|Enchanted Seduction| -- 364,OOOGold // The Gaia Sponsored Nude Event
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|[ Wish.Bone ]| -- 5OO,OOOGold
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|NeuroPsychoL337| -- 28O,OOOGold
|Blissful Ambience| -- 45O,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Ashes_Rose| -- 5OO,OOGold(Helping Hand donation)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|UTOPlAN| -- 25O,OOOGold
|Queen Nami| -- 25,OOOGold
|Qinkie| -- 8OO,OOOGold
| ll k a g a m i ll | -- Little Lucie 3rd Gen, Sweet Lunarian, Heart of Gold, Heart Glasses, The Magician, Fausto's Bottle 11th Gen, Queue Demonique, Corona Austrina, A Fat Cat Hat, Rufus Cosplay, Secret Sparkles, Mint King of Cups.
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 5OO,OOOGold(funds)
|PukeFacedFreak| -- 3,231,OOOGold // The Gaia Sponsored Nude Event gonk heart heart
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Dragtan| -- 12x Double Complete Rainbow
|Charity Mule-Aalyve Wyyre| -- 1OO,OOOGold
|Northeus| -- Runcible Spoon 2nd Gen.
|Blissful Ambience| -- 7OO,OOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 1,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 498,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 12,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 14,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Blissful Ambience| -- 13,75O,OOO,OOOGold(funds)
|Glazed Strawberry| -- 1,OOO,OOO,OOOGold gonk cry heart heart
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|♫ guess ʈhat ʂong ♪|

» The Regulars who guess the song right will get the prize.
» You may only participate once per week/per song.
» Send via PM to Blissful Ambience ;Must have name of song & artist.
» Prize: 1,OOOGold towards their Quest

"Whatever I do
To watching the grey skies bloom "

|Ω тek тek Contest Ω|
» End Date: Submissions end ... Voting ends ..
» Gaian with the best тek тek, as voted for by public, wins.
» NO cost limits; Must go by theme (: arrow ..
» Send via PM to Blissful Ambience
» Prize: 4,OOOGold towards their Quest

|↔ Page Breakers ↔|
» First person to post on P.3OOO will get 5,OOO gold towards their quest.
» First person to post on P.3O5O will get 5,OOO gold towards their quest.
» First person to post on P.31OO will get 5,OOO gold towards their quest.
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→ Auction is open to Charity Regulars ONLY

2x Sealed Letters for August
(2 winners, one letter per winner)

Auction Ends: 8pm BST 15th August
Bid Increments: Eg. 1OOg, or whatever you wish.

» All proceeds will go towards the Charity.

What's the time in London?

Fortnightly Photo Event
→ Photo Event is open to Charity Regulars ONLY

This Photo Event is purely for fun, it's not a competition. It's also completely optional.
From the 1st to the 14th and 16th to the last day of the month, Regulars will be requested to take a photo of a specific item or an item from a specific theme.
Regulars have two weeks to find the item/subject and take a photo of it and post it here in the thread. All Regulars who do post a photo shall receive 10k for doing so. You may take more than one photo if you wish, however you will only receive one 10k.
Any form of camera is allowed(Eg, Mobile phone camera, digital camera, webcam etc). You may also add effects to the photo if you wish. To prove you have taken the photo yourself and not taken the image off Google, you shall need to include a little hand-written sign/post-it in the photo. Any requirements for the "proof" shall be stated in the Photo Event.

All photos must obey Gaia T&C's
Although not required, if you do take a photo directly of someone make sure you get their permission!

Current Photo
Subject/Theme: ~~
Running date: ~~
Proof requirements: ~~

Photo Event Collection

Current Event
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Thanks to Love Force for making this

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Thanks to Sunamicoro for making this

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Thanks to fluffeers for making this
[url=http://tinyurl.com/2cmnh9t/][IMG]http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l603/itszMaheax3/Banners/200x40 Banners/theorangesqueezecharitythread.png[/IMG][/url]
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»PM The O R A N G E Squeeze with Banner Code.

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