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          About The Charity

          MOVED HERE

          To the featured quest people: I'll be dividing the last of my gold to help you.
          To the regulars : Remember that I love all of you, You guys get something too (:
          Winner for the Prince Antoine, depachie, for being very active for the past few days.
          winner for the essay writing, Yuki-Kyroche.
          I'll be moving in a few days, so today will be my last day here.
          Tomorrow I'll be on for a while to approve the trades,
          But after that I need to start packing.
          Good luck everyone, I'll miss you all terribly );

          I see you have found yourself in my charity c:
          I welcome you with open arms (;
          I myself was a quester, and I know how hard it is to quest for something huge.
          I help with both big and small quests.
          I wish all of you luck and I hope you guys will achieve your dreams.

          ✖ About the Charity
          ✖ Rules
          ✖ Updates // Announcements
          ✖ How to get a donation
          ✖ Contests
          ✖ Events
          ✖ Donations towards thread.
          ✖ Regulars
          ✖ Blacklist
          ✖ Links in
          ✖ Links out

          So I'll be going, but the charity will still live : D
          But in a different thread, making a new one to be precise.
          Regulars :
          You want to be a co-owner/mod/assistant/whatever?

          Contact Sharpie-Chan. She will be in charge.
          She is very experienced ;D

          PM her the form (:


          Don't worry, she doesn't bite.
          You can ask her any questions.
          Or me, since I'm online right now (:

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XX✖ Familiarize yourself to the TOS
XX✖ Don't be an a**, respect each other (:
XX✖ Say thank you, its rude if you don't.
XX✖ Refrain from chatspeaking, the occasional LOL etc. are fine.
XX✖ Do. Not. Beg. It's annoying.
XX✖ Please don't advertise in my thread. PM to exchange links instead.
XX✖ I don't really mind any adult content. Please don't go overboard.
XX✖ Chat, be friendly and have fun.
XX✖ Do not steal any of my post style / formats / pictures. I made them all myself.

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03.07.2010 Thread Opened !
03.07.2010 Art contest is up. Prize is an Enchanted Book.
03.17.2010 Art Contest is extended, 300 pages reached O:
03.28.2010 Event is up, new contests and prizes : D
03.31.2010 Art Contest ended, congratulations winners !

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XXBasically, I like it when you post.
XXJust do whatever that involves posting.
XXbump / chat / play games / post
XXplease talk if there's people around.
XXThe more you post, the more chance of you to get a donation.
XX(If you're here just to chat / play the games. The form is not needed c: )
XXIf you're questing for a friend, state so in the additional information section.
XXSend the form only once.
XXYou have to pm me the forms (:

          There's 2 forms here.
          One for the Instant Donation. ( ranges from 10k to 30k )
          The other is the Featured Quest Section. Gets a donation every week until quest is finished.


          Requirements for the Instant Donation ;

          • Must have at least 100 posts.
          • At least 2 weeks old

          Form one ( Instant Donation )

          I'm questing something c:

          Username :
          What I'm questing for :
          Progress :
          How long I've been questing it :
          Link to quest thread (optional) :
          Date I joined Gaia :
          Page I first post in the charity :
          Additional information :


          Requirements for the Featured Quest ;

          • Have been active here for at least a week.
          • Quest of 4 mil and below.
          • Nice and talk to everyone here.

          There is only 5 slots for this.

          Form two ( Featured Quest )

          I Have A Super Quest !

          Username :
          What I'm questing for :
          Progress :
          How long I've been questing it :
          Link to quest thread (optional) :
          Date I joined Gaia :
          Page I first post in the charity :
          How long have you been in the charity :
          Why do you think you deserve a slot? :
          How do you usually earn your gold? :


          People I have donated to :

          Kaara-chan13 // Keen Incisions // Phantomoftherepublic // Fritz 2point0 // Mibelle26 // x - Jazzi // xxL Arc En Cielxx // trapezoids // iScwuffy // diinoosaauur // ii P o i s o n SHROOM_ // Renuo // Officer Nasty o_O // I dorki cookii monster I // xi---Murasaki // II-Soul Nomad-II // Miu Eskridge // Your Favourite Smiley // HarleyQuinn222 // Valshe // Mr Vendor // Flying Mermaid Princess // l_l u n a r l e m u r_r // Hana_Kimi_luv // Houkito // LiddleOh Me x3 // R a ii n b o W Lo v r // 7hearts // Hair Song // Sister Shank // HunnieBunches // pokemonfan Maximus // One Bad Cookie // xX Monster Slayer Xx // I-Undying Love-I // l-leaven // Piinky Ponk // Sharpie-Chan // ii_Hina Ichigo_ii // Yulvina80 // pincurls // Stiletto Hell // I kiss cookies // I love Ricky-boo // nymphet D O L L Y // PrincessOfJazz // MentalNightmare // choki_xxcool // Ayoo Sexii Chick // P a t s e h h x3 // Voeu // s u n g m i - s s h i // XxdeathrainxX // moonlite dreamer // Sexii_Danny // Erotic Petals // FairyDance // Assassin_Hobo_6142 // TRACEE STARR // IciaMoon // Demon Myaiku Kuraitani // [oO P i N k I s H Oo] // Rosechiixo // Uke_of_Legend // X-ShatteredDreamForever-X // Christy FTW // iiiLucky // Zoraika // KinaMorii // Rare Cat Food Tears // Mischievous Devil // mestupmarionette // Duhlicious // -l- T o r i -l- // MrsMcCoy // Heavenly Dose // xmonsterrkiddo // THYSTAR // figments // x P a n d a B e a r z x3 // Princess Goldfish // iSillie // Melosaur // iiR a w rAngel x3 // iCool Beans // Bani-san // Alice in Wonderbread // Your Special Stalker // 120Angel021 // Yuuna Bell // WTFlamingo // M a d a m C h e s h i r e // Rain-at-2PM // Abscured_Misc // i E s t h e rr // Madame Jay // aqple // C H E R R Y L U L L A B Y // da wolf spirit // j a r y n a // Grandmaster valentine // starmote // kahealuny // The_Waive // depachie // prettymoonangel //


          Gaians accepted for the Featured Quest Section.

          - Erotic Petals [[ Currently questing : Fallen Wish 532,OOOgg // 755,OOOgg ]] Full Quest Here

          - Sharpie-Chan [[ Currently questing : Demonic Anklets ; 69,OOOgg // 207,OOOgg ]] Full Quest Here

          - Rare Cat Food Tears [[ Currently questing : Bitter Porridge ; 172,OOOgg // 1,8OO,OOOgg ]]

          - 120Angel021 [[ Currently questing : Kottan Bell 7th Gen ; 1O1,OOOgg // 355,OOOgg ]]

          - starmote [[ Currently questing : Fuzzy Penguin Slippers ; 543,OOOgg // 3,5OO,OOO ]]

          - Alysst De [[ Currently questing : Kottan Bell ; 66,OOOgg // 38O,OOOgg ]]

          - dreamless.nightmare [[ Currently questing : Kottan Bell Reunion ; 106,OOOgg // 43O,OOOgg ]]

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Bump Contest
Bump 150 times gets 10k.
When you're done, PM me your starting page and your last page.
Don't try to cheat.
Will immediately be blacklisted if attempted.
You can try as many times as you want. Everyone can play and still get the same prize (:
If someone is trying to cheat, please report it immediately to me.

Page Contests
First to page 2500 wins 15k

The Most Active Contest !
Post, post, post.
The more you post, the more chances of you winning.
This contest will be held until next month, May 12th.
1st prize is a Prince Antoine
2nd will be 400k.
3rd will be 300k

For Events

Randomly Giving
Yes, I posted this in the poll already.
This is for the people who have helped moved the thread, making it a very huge success.
Not just regulars, but people just bumping for the heck of it ;
or playing the games, or simply chatting.
This is not just for the latest pages, I will go through past pages.

Take out a pen & paper and squeeze your creativity.
Writing Contest

Write a long / short story that has something to do with an anniversary.
ANY anniversary, in real life too. Birthdays are counted.
Sad stories that are touching, funny stories that made me LOLed
PS : I'm a sucker for love stories (not the ultra sickly romantic one for adults, I'm a teenager >.< )
Anything that you think I might enjoy.
PM me entries. Contest ends when I have 10 entries
And check for typos please.

Entries so far : Seven

Prize : 300k

Finish the phrase : D

AN ANNIVERSARY IS _________________
Fill in the blank with more than 2 words.
No limit of how many words.
It could be your own opinion of what an anniversary means or a joke that you think I might get ;D

Prize = 50k
Contest ends whenever I feel like it.

Win an argument !
PM me why a pirate / ninja is better than the other.
The funniest answer wins : D

Prize 20k

          Donations made toward the thread.

          trapezoids - plasma gear <33333
          D e v i i - C h a n - 12 items & 3OOg <33333
          A Gift From Gaia Charity - 50k <33333
          Sharpie-Chan - 50k <33333
          Art by Kiisaki - Art <3
          Art By Sharpie-Chan - Colored Art <3
          Deveranda - 2OO,OOOgg <3333
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Arranged alphabetically.

Alysst De
Erotic Petals
Flying Mermaid Princess

More will be added as soon as I check the pages (:
I forgot some though sweatdrop
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User Image

          Made by Alysst De <333


          Opened : D

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