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This is NOT a charity

But this IS a poll! Thanks for the gold! 0.66630166986039 66.6% [ 26774 ]
I have a charity to add. 0.057661200009954 5.8% [ 2317 ]
I'm looking for a charity. I'll click one of the links listed. 0.27603713012966 27.6% [ 11092 ]
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URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/t.91193427/
Charity Name: Once Upon a Month
Owner(s): OtherWorldShukumei & Your_Destiny_Awaits
Requirements (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): Each month has a theme, and I give out set items at the end of the month. Applicants must be at least one month old, have 500 posts, and fill out the form correctly after reading the rules.
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I happened to come across the list and noticed that you decided to once again change my charity's name. I had brought this to your attention over a year ago and you made the change per my request.

"The Gaia Wish Foundation" is the name, NOT Gaia Wish Foundation. Why did you make the change then decide to change it back?
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This is NOT a charity.

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Welcome to THE List of Charities.

This is a LIST of charities with generous hearts heart who might help you if you post in their threads and follow their rules.

Even if this is stickied and bumps are not needed, they are a sweet show of support anyway, so please don't flame bumpers.

Please just ignore beggars.
Folks who ask for gold/items here won't get any donations here, and charity owners who see them begging here and ignoring this post will possibly avoid donating to them as well even if they go to their charities, so beggars are really hurting themselves even more than they are annoying.

HINT: Read the first page of posts of any charity you plan to ask for a donation CAREFULLY. If you do not follow the rules of their thread, you will not likely get a donation from them.

Post 1: Introduction and Hints
Post 2: Charities Just for Newbies
Post 3: General Charities A - C
Post 4: General Charities D - F
Post 5: General Charities G - J
Post 6: General Charities K - O
Post 7: General Charities P - S
Post 8: General Charities T - Z
Post 9: Charities with a Difference
Post 10: Charity Guilds
Post 11: Other Links of Interest

Post 12: Form for adding your charity to this list and Temporarily Closed Charities
Post 13: Charity Events and News
Post 14: History of THE List of Charities
Post 15: Earning Gold on Gaia

Like to add my charity Alpha and Omega Charity
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URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/aurora-s-clothes-closet/t.92166093/
Charity Name: Aurora's Clothes Closet
Owner(s): Aurora De Staria
Requirements (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): Account needs to be at least three days old,must have trading pass and must make notice of any donations they have received. I don't really help rich members, since they can be pricey in outfits.
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I've got a charity to add for new users! ^_^

URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/welcoming-gifts-a-charity-for-newbies/t.92598983/
Charity Name: Welcoming Gifts
Owner(s): Raining_Nights
Requirements (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): Simply read the rules and be nice. emotion_bigheart
Hey please can you help me get my dream avi pleasee

The items are here

Orinkage (Cape)

Steel-plated Ninja Band

Gogh Reed (Desert Shoes)

Hyde's Bloodlust (Eyes)


thats the site please help me please donate charity thank you very very much
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URL of Charity: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/konpeito-a-charity-new-announcement/t.91172537/
Charity Name: Konpeito ~ A Charity
Owner(s): Paper Mache Dollfie and ShadowoftheMoon87
Requirements (minimum/maximum number of posts, length on Gaia, length/age of quest thread, etc.): We have no requirements for our basic form. We also have VIP forms for regulars, newbie forms for those new to Gaia and art request forms for those seeking free art.
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Pssssst, hey, pssssst...guess what.. o_o
My forum!!

Come look at my forum, leave comments, tips, bumps, ect... Thank you!
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URL: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/graceful-charity/t.93914243_1/
Owner: xXLovers_Fo_Pain_TakersXx
Name: Graceful Charity

Reason: I have been apart of Gaia sense 2009 and I used to get on once a year and finally I look this year and all the items I worked hard to get back then were worth way more then I bought them so here I am sold some of those items and now I am helping people out the best I can.
im trying to get a demonic spice ._. can anybody hellp?

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