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Thank you for making this charity a great success! It's been 10 years for me as a Gaian and now it's time to go.
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              Dear Fellow Gaians:
              xxxxMany of us have wishes great or small and no matter the wish, we become dedicated in making it a reality. Creating The Gaia Wish Foundation® (T.G.W.F.) is that wish made into a reality for me. It was back in May 2012 that this thread was the former home of my Devil Tail quest.
              xxxxAfter completing my quest, I promised to give back to the Gaia community by turning my thread into a charity and I've kept that promise. And since opening, we have felt the overwhelming LOVE from our fellow Gaians! So, with the unfortunate turn of the Gaia economy, we remain committed to sinking gold into your quests. Always remember our motto: Granting wishes one Gaian at a time.

                    With warmest regards,
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                    T.G.W.F. Founder & CEO

        〔 Open Letter 〕l About Us l Executive Board l Supporters l Shining Stars l The Game Room l Affiliates l Credits
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                    The Gaia Wish Foundation® was founded on July 17, 2012 by ICESYS. The inspiration for the creation of the Foundation was birthed out of ICESYS’ Devil Tail quest thread. She was pleasantly surprised with the amount of monetary donations and good luck wishes she received toward her epic quest. With such a display of generosity and support she decided what better way to give back to the Gaian Community than to start a charity. She eventually completed her devil tail quest on November 24, 2012 and made her final preparations to officially launch the Foundation on December 1, 2012.

                    The Foundation is operated by a three-member Executive Board team: The CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and an Executive Assistant. The Consultants are moderators who assist patrons with any questions or concerns. The Foundation’s mission is to help as many Gaians as possible with their own quests without prejudice or favoritism.

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                    Obeying Gaia's ToS applies here
                    Do Not Quote anything on the front page
                    Do Not Beg; we do have a Donation form
                    Do Not PM any of the staff unless where indicated
                    Art theft is a reportable offense, so Don't do it
                    To get respect, give respect
                    Try to limit the amount of quote trees
                    Minimal profanity is encouraged and appreciated
                    Most importantly, have FUN!

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                    Q: Is this a hit and run charity or a stay and hang around for a donation type of charity?
                    A: Short answer: We ARE a Hit and Run. Long Answer: We DON'T DISCRIMINATE, which means donation recipients are selected based on their application and not on how active they are in here.
                    We also give out random donations throughout the community to those who meet our eligibility requirements.

                    Q: I'm lost, how do I apply for a donation?
                    A: Please go to the "Shining Stars" post and you'll find it there. Make sure you are eligible to apply.

                    Q: I'm lost again, how do I find out how old my account is and how many posts I have?
                    A: Simply type in your username in the Search box (located by the Games tab) and click enter. Poof, you'll see your avatar with the join date and number of posts.

                    Q: How many times can I apply for a donation?
                    A: We give one donation per wish, which means if we awarded you a donation toward an item you were questing, you can reapply but with a different quest wish.

                    Q: I applied for a donation but I obtained my item, will you still donate to me?
                    A: Congrats! We will check out any other side quests you have and decide to donate towards those quests.

                    Q: OMG, why did TGWF CFO cancel his donation trade to me?
                    A: You seriously need to read the Shining Stars post as to why we may have cancelled our donation to you. If you think it was done in error, PM one of the staff.

                    Q: Does the Foundation have a guild?
                    A: Yes, but it's not open to the public. We consider the guild the Foundation's headquarters, where it houses the Executive Board's offices. All the internal affairs of the charity are conducted in that guild.
                    In the meantime, you can visit our Gaia website: www.TheGaiaWishFoundation.com

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                    1/14/2013 – Lanzer stops by! (see post)
                    8/10/2014 – Donated more than 75Bill gold today!
                    9/3/2014 – Donated more than 100Bill gold today!
                    11/14/2014 – We are closing. Trying to give away charity funds/items
                    News Archive

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Open Letter l〔 About Us 〕l Executive Board l Supporters l Shining Stars l The Game Room l Affiliates l Credits
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        Name: ICESYS
        Title: Founder & CEO

        Gaia Birthdate: 10/25/2005
        Nickname(s): ICE/ICEY
        Favorite Quote: It doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as you finish. -C.F.T.
        About ICESYS: I've been a part of the Gaian Community for several years. I am a nurse IRL and often busy, but I stay as active as I can on here. As a quester, I know what it feels like to have your quest thread neglected just to be active in charities. So, I plan to take some time to chat with a few of you right in your own quest thread! It's one of the best ways to show support for your quest.

        User Image
        Name: TGWF CFO
        Title: Chief Financial Officer

        Gaia Birthdate: 7/1/2012
        Nickname(s): The CFO/Guy
        Favorite Quote: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will still be among the stars. -Les Brown
        About TGWF CFO: I am the Foundation's financial guy. All donations to this charity will go through me. I will also be the person who initiates the trades to our monthly/weekly Shining Star recipients. I may be a silent presence sometimes, but I'm vital to the success of this Foundation.

        User Image
        Name: TGWF EA
        Title: Executive Assistant

        Gaia Birthdate: 6/15/2012
        Nickname(s): EA/The Assistant
        Favorite Quote: Every calling is great when greatly pursued. -Oliver Wendell Holmes
        About TGWF EA: I am the Foundation's Assistant. I mostly handle the Shining Stars applications among other important things. I pop in once in a while, but I work hard behind-the-scenes. I am a workaholic and proud of it! No, I don't plan to go to Workaholics Anonymous to get help. Don't let my flawless face and adorable smile fool you, I'm all business and no play.

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Open Letter l About Us l〔 Executive Board 〕l Supporters l Shining Stars l The Game Room l Affiliates l Credits
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            Thank you for all the financial support. I have to kindly ask you not to donate to the charity anymore. I have tons of gold and items that I will be dispersing around the community. Please grant me this wish. I appreciate it!

            TGWF CFO is no longer accepting any donations.

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Platinum Donators (10 million or more)
Receives: Thank You gift

augizzle – 800mill
AzuHime – 1.5bill+ (gold & items) • Furutsugus – 15mill • Pain Princess – 800mill (item)
M e ll o M o n s t e r – 3bill • Captain Roselina – 10mill • Zhai Kiada – 1bill
Kwulf – 5bill • The Cat Band Fairy – 20mill • Town_Wanderer – 20mill
ladyrachael79 – 300mill+ (items) • Fearless Crusader – 1bill • Fumahiko – 100bill+ (items)
milk straw – 10bill • Jensen Quackles – 22bill+ (gold & items) • angel allure – 10bill
Sindeyella – 600mill • Eloquent Darling – 75mill • Sexy Fox Samurai – 100mill
ERROR TIME – 40mill • chronocIe – 50mill • Sephiria Dragomir Foo – 1bill
Zhai Kiada – 533mill+ (items) • Ensign Redshirt – 248mill (items) • mn_426 – 100mill
DehHiddenAngel – 62.3mill • ladyrachael79 – 40mill+ (items)
BeckaBaka – 350mill+ (gold and items) • Leonaenae – 55mill+ (items)
S I G A R U – 350mill+ (gold and items) • angel allure – 25mill
Mikkiel – 284mill • Left Bird – 2.5billion+ (gold and items)
Serrinatta – 20mill+ (items) • Private Donator – 35mill+ (gold and items)
Stop Dont Believin – 100mill • Sachie Whitby – 15mill • Grand K – 10mill

Gold Donators (1.01mill - 9.99mill)
Receives: Thank You gift

Me_Many_Cool – 2mill
Pharaohs Assistant – 1mill+ (gold and items) • Lady Kikila – 2.5mill
igakitty – 3mill+ (gold and items) • Ingou – 1.05mill
Ten Million Pages thread – 5.5mill • augizzle – 2mill • A Random Fairy – 2.5mill
ERROR TIME – 1.5mill • 125th – 3mill • Mad Santa Claus – 7mill • UTOPlAN – 8mill
phantomturtle – 2mill+ (full trade) • 2013 TGSNE – 3.3mill+ • Zhai Kiada – 2mill
Hazmatastic – 1.8mill+ (gold and items) • Nazhosh – 2.5mill+ (gold and items)
RoadsDivine – 1.5mill+ (gold and items) • Decembers Rainstorm – 1.979mill
Lacey Cupcake – 1mill • rose9212 – Foe x Foe • Night-Rain7 – 3mill+ (gold and items)
OwlAttitude – 1mill+ in items • M e ll o M o n s t e r – 4mill+ (gold and items)

Bronze Donators (500k-1mill)
Receives: Thank You gift

Shadowsilver – 500k+ (gold and items) • iibukii – 750k
jirouu – 600k • poleklaws – 500k • Ollllllllllo – 500k+ (gold and items)
Intoxicated Brutality – 45k + Full Trade • Midnight_Caelum – 500k+ (gold and items)
La Mort Peut Venir – 500k+ (gold and items) • Mini Mei-sama – 300k + bundle item
Mad Santa Claus – 400k + MC Dec '12 • BunilIa – 150k + Coco kitty plushie • Kappuke-Ki-Chu – 500k
M a n i a c a l Giggle – SDSuper+ doll • BloodAngel95 – MC Letter '13 • Sora Icefreeze – 450k

User Image

            ICESYS – 50k • Nikkiquin – 5k • Medikament – 50k • Dayion – 5k • SexWithSocks0n – multiple game items • Private Donator – 30k + various items • Jakovy – 16k • Cute_Kawaii_Kaie – 20k • kitzune113 – 30k • Laliiah – 1k • Shannon2112 – 10k • Kotatsu Hobo – 2.5k + game items • BloodAngel95 – 5k + full trade • peritardis – ticket(x100) • La Mort Peut Venir – 46.8k • HisKittyBoton – 14k • Pharaohs Assistant - items x3 • THE Santa Claus – 100k • Simply Tezi – 113k • Orgasmic Moan – 103k • Noodlepuss – 195k • ZAHRIA – 250k • A Starry Night Quest – 100k • Angel_of_Death1665 – 100k • Sachie Whitby – 150k • cori chama – 100k • Charlaroux – 115k • jazz the dragon ninja – 300k • poleklaws – 350k+ (items) • Private Donator – 184k

Open Letter l About Us l Executive Board l〔 Supporters 〕l Shining Stars l The Game Room l Affiliates l Credits
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Adored Giver

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                      Here at T.G.W.F. we don't discriminate between regulars and non-regulars when giving out donations, which is why we have only ONE application form. We also give out random donations to questers around the community. They receive a special PM from The Assistant alerting them of the incoming donation. There is no limit to the amount and times we make donations each month. Anyone who receives a donation from us is considered a Shining Star!

                      Eligibility to apply/receive a random donation:
                          • Your account must be at least 6 months old AND have at least 600 posts
                          • A quest thread isn’t required but helpful to see your progress and dedication
                          • You must make one quest wish (whether it's big/small or a main/side quest)
                          • If we've already donated to you, you can reapply with a different quest wish

                      How recipients are chosen:
                          We choose eligible applicants based on your dedication toward your own quest. It's important to actively work on your quest after submitting your application. If you're not serious about your quest, we won't be serious about donating to you.

                          IMPORTANT: TGWF CFO will start the trade with donation recipients. The donation you receive is on behalf of The Gaia Wish Foundation®, not him. A simple thank you in the thread or via PM is golden to us and results in the trade being completed. Otherwise, A NO "THANK YOU" = A CANCELLED TRADE!

User Image

                      User Image
                      If you are interested in applying, click to view and PM the application to TGWF EA with the subject line “T.G.W.F. Star Application”
                      Why are you looking? It's closed! stare

                      User Image
                      Click to view the donations we have made to our Shining Stars. You too can be a Star!

                        May = Starlit Archangel - Shy Gardener • Yuvreenroks - Fairy Ellette • BloodAngel95 - Vivacenote + Wisteria • D1ary_of_the_Vampz - Cloud + The Cosmos • xYuki Hime - 10mill • Smurf village - 10mill • Echo Saphir - 10mill • lVlilky Teacup - 10mill • l3e l3eautiful - 10mill • Akkiarn Revan Kieran - Scarlet Sprite + BuBu Kitty Plushie • Celesaphii - Cerynitian's Blessing • DigiGurl_Rin - 15mill • Gazoontite - 10mill • MonsterBugg16 - Rosamund's Revenge 2nd Gen • awful-ly delirious - Gin the Kitty • morphine needles - 12mill • Therapii - Trilune's Covenant • DarkCoffe - 80mill • Aly-Chan182 - 20mill • Syzygos - 40mill • Kaelel - Checkmate • Yuvreenroks - Cream Dander Bunny Ears • AngelDono - 20mill • Amore Rosea - Digital Rainbow • fIorascope - 30mill

                        June = Amethystophia - 75mill • Schizophrenic Chicken - 100mill • OMG ITS P I N K Y - Year of the Tiger + Superior Form + Western Zodiac • Reiko Akio - Rosamund's Redemption • Sinnto - MC Letter for June 2013 (1.025bill) • Samurai_Zatoichi - 40mill • gayreki - 60mill • 0-HolydeatH-0 - Cool Fallen Star Locks • Fearless Crusader - Golden Dragon • quayla666 - 100mill • Scandinavian Dreams - 100mill • Dat Bunneh-kins - 100mill • such is healy - 100mill • The-annoyed_ninja - Oculus Mythica • winnterglow_ - Dark Halo (1.140bil)

                        July = reginam inferni - 50mill • Lovely Noire - 50mill • P a n t y S n a t c h e r - Long-stem pink rose + Cerise the skunk plushie • vortigaunts - Island Sherbert (90mill) • Starrydance - 100mill • Sexy Fox Samurai - Deep Azure Slinky Split Dress + Pearl and Sapphire Earrings + Necklace • D1ary_of_the_Vampz - 500mill • Lirilei - 325mill •

                        Full Donation List

Open Letter l About Us l Executive Board l Supporters l〔 Shining Stars 〕l The Game Room l Affiliates l Credits
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                  Meet T.G.W.F.'s Family, also known as the "regulars". We didn't choose them, but they chose us. They are the reason why newcomers feel welcome here. We all have lives but they seem to always find their way back in here and pick up where they left off as if they never left at all.

                  User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User ImageUser Image
                  User Image User Image User Image

User Image

                  The below games are mostly open to anybody, with the exception of a few that are exclusive to our regulars. If you have any game ideas, feel free to suggestion some.

                  Race to the Top
                  *This game is open to all

                  User ImageBumping is not allowed (that includes the use of emotes); conversation is necessary to win. With the larger payouts, ICESYS will generate a random number between 1-15 to chose a winner on the winning page. If you bumped your way to that page by talking to yourself, you're automatically disqualified. Cheating gets you Banned!

                  First person on page 515: Pink Magical Giftbox & White Ink || binghu
                  First person on page 620: Pink Magical Giftbox & 6.2K || iPsYcHoTiCxCupcake
                  First person on page 710: Pink Magical Giftbox & 7.1K || binghu
                  First person on page 850: Pink Magical Giftbox & 8.5K || Naja Kaouthia
                  First person on page 920: Pink Magical Giftbox & 9.2K || Diiaamondz
                  RNG person on page 1000: Pink Magical Giftbox & 100K || DarkIing
                  RNG person on page 1130: Pink Magical Giftbox & 113K || Angel_of_Death1665
                  RNG person on page 1200: Pink Magical Giftbox & 120K || kitzune113
                  RNG person on page 1310: Pink Magical Giftbox & 131K || Vayne Exodus
                  RNG person on page 1400: Pink Magical Giftbox & 140K || Koko-sama
                  RNG person on page 1500: Pink Magical Giftbox & 150K || windail1
                  First person on page 1605: Pink Magical Giftbox & 16.5k || Koko-sama
                  First person on page 1720: Pink Magical Giftbox & 17.2k || Koko-sama
                  First person on page 1802: Pink Magical Giftbox & 18k || Quirkily
                  First person on page 1911: Pink Magical Giftbox & 19.1k || DarkIing
                  RNG person on page 2000: Pink Magical Giftbox & MC Dec '12 || Smiling Disillusion
                  RNG person on page 2200: Pink Magical Giftbox & MC Sep '12 || starlight r a n e
                  RNG person on page 2400: Pink Magical Giftbox & Ravenwood Manor 3rd Gen || Marshmallow Whales
                  RNG person on page 2600: Pink Magical Giftbox & Digital Rainbow || Lily Waterleaf
                  RNG person on page 2800: Pink Magical Giftbox & Final Line || Horny Mushrooms

                  RNG person on page 3000: Pink Magical Giftbox & Band of Bremen 3rd Gen || jazz the dragon ninja
                  First person on page 3100: Pink Magical Giftbox & 100k || Horny Mushrooms
                  First person on page 3200: Pink Magical Giftbox & 200k || BloodAngel95
                  First person on page 3300: Pink Magical Giftbox & 300 mill || Fall Out Bouy
                  First person on page 3400: Pink Magical Giftbox & 400 mill ||
                  First person on page 3500: Pink Magical Giftbox & 500 mill ||
                  First person on page 3600: Pink Magical Giftbox & 600 mill ||

                  Spot the Mascot
                  *This game is exclusive to Regulars

                  User Image
                  This is Dreamer
                  (Click to view larger image)

                  Dreamer is one of the most rarest creatures in all of Gaia. She comes out of hibernation once in a blue moon. Even though she's shy, she is very friendly. If you see her out and about, catch her quick by quoting her. The first person to quote her will be granted 1 bill.

                  Lucky Number 7
                  *This game is exclusive to Regulars

                  This is a Random Number Generator (RNG) game, in which the player must generate a random number between 1-1000. We are a chatting thread and hardly engage in bumping. Therefore, you must generate a number while engaging in conversation. Nobody to talk to in the thread? Then, you are allowed a maximum of two bumps (which includes using emotes) per day. We will be checking. If you have gotten any of the winning numbers, PM ICESYS with the page number. After she confirms, you will receive your prize. Once you have won a prize you are not allowed to play for the additional prizes; this is to give others a chance to win. If someone wins a prize, it means the prize is no longer available to be won again.

                  Winning numbers: 7, 77, & 777

                  7 - User Image - WON by Angel_of_Death1665
                  77 - User Image
                  777 - User Image

                  Guess That Item
                  *This game is open to all

                  User Image

                  How to Play
                  Your goal is to quote TGWF EA and ask questions about a particular Gaia-related item that can only be answered with a yes or no response. Whoever correctly guesses the item gets to keep it.

                  You are allowed to ask a maximum of 2 questions in a row. You would need to wait until someone else asks a question before you can resume. However, you are only allowed 3 guesses/questions per day.

                  Every question that results in a "yes" answer gets you 2 points and questions that results in a "no" gets you 1 point. This point system is for us to choose the runner-up. If you have zero points but guesses the item correctly, you will still win that item.

                  **If you would like a clue, it'll cost you 5k and that clue will be PM'd to you. Trade must be sent to TGWF CFO.

                  But, wait there is a Twist!
                  Before we trade the item to the winner, he or she has a choice to either keep the item or risk it for our mystery prize. That mystery prize may be of lower or higher value than the guessed item and it may be pure gold or an item.

                  If the winner wants to keep their winning prize, the mystery prize will automatically go to the runner-up (according to our point system).

                  If the winner wants to risk their prize and choose the mystery prize, then the runner-up will receive the guessed item.

                  See current Questions & Answers

                  Item correctly guessed: User Image
                  Winner: bluekatz1012000 - chose mystery item: User Image
                  Runner-up: Inhercompany - receives guessed item

                  March Madness Giveaway
                  *All birthday guests welcomed

                  Today, March 12th, is my real life birthday! heart How old am I? That really shouldn't be hard to figure out when you read my profile. Anyways, I was contemplating if I should do something on Gaia or not until an epiphany came to me when I saw the newest March Sealed Advanced Chance item announcement. I decided to do a giveaway on my birthday and beyond - hey why not. So, I will be giving out one March-related item per day from March 12th-March 31st to a random person of my choosing. That is 20 gifts in 20 days, totaling more than 2.5mill gold!

                  March Madness Items:
                  (x2)User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image
                  User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, User Image, (x2)User Image, User Image

                  12th - March '13 Advanced Chance/DarkIing
                  13 - Spring Nymph/Hotau
                  14 - Thank You Letter for March '09/starlight r a n e
                  15 - Monthly Collectible Letter for March '13/Quirkily
                  16 - Sapphire Plume/BloodAngel95
                  17 - Wonderland/TheBlackCatLentheritia
                  18 - Thank You Letter for March '10/TwinCancer
                  19 - Mochi the Puppy/mimiru_002
                  20 - Fortuna/angel_baby_4
                  21 - Demonbow/Horny Mushrooms
                  22 - March '13 Advanced Chance/Angel_of_Death1665
                  23 - RoRo Robo-Puppy/Madame Lee
                  24 - Spirit Falcon/Mini Mei-sama
                  25 - Fallen King/Smiling Disillusion
                  26 - Thank You Letter for March '08/MoonlightGuy99
                  27 - Mythic Hair/Neon_diamondz
                  28 - Monthly Collectible Letter for March '13/jazz the dragon ninja
                  29 - Monthly Collectible Letter for March '11/Ayasha Hiroshi
                  30 - Thank You Letter for March '07/xNightTimeStarx
                  31st - Kiki Kitty Plushie/Koko-sama

                  Please note these gifts are on behalf of ICESYS and not TGWF since the two accounts never mix funds/items.

                  Mad Santa's Giveaway
                  *Anyone on the Naughty or Nice List

                  Mad Santa's Gift Giving Bonanza

                  For two days only, December 24th and 25th, I, Mad Santa Claus, has chosen T.G.W.F. to donate 15 mill+ in gold and prizes to active patrons in this thread. I don't care how long you've been on Gaia, how many post counts you have, or if this is your first visit to the Foundation. I don't even care if you're on someone's Naughty or Nice List. All you are required to do is stick around and chat. I will be lurking and deciding who will be victims of my gift giving madness. Muuuhhaaa!
                                                              User Image

                                                              Break down of what's in Mad Santa's big red sack:
                                                                    6 mill in pure
                                                                    Final Line x4
                                                                    Culinary Coliseum x4
                                                                    Digital Rainbow
                                                                    Turkish Raqs Sharqi
                                                                    Mineiro Scroll 3rd Gen.
                                                                    Kira Kira Alla Marcia

                  2013 Victims of Mad Santa:
                  December 24th:
                  Horny Mushrooms - 200k • Lily Waterleaf - 300k • Akemi Mio - 350k • BloodAngel95 - Final Line • Sharima - 150k • mimiru_002 - 200k

                  December 25th:
                  Zhai Kiada - 500k • Horny Mushrooms - Culinary Coliseum • BloodAngel95 - 400k • Artsy Kittyn - 100k + Kira Kira Alla Marcia • Lily Waterleaf - Digital Rainbow • Virtual Silence - 150k • Akemi Mio - Final Line • Your Demonic Servant - 200k • peritardis - 500k • DogLoverAtHeart - 150k + Turkish Raqs Sharqi • jazz the dragon ninja - 100k + Culinary Coliseum • ChiibiiMoo - Culinary Coliseum • ICESYS - 1.5mil

Open Letter l About Us l Executive Board l Supporters l Shining Stars l〔 The Game Room 〕l Affiliates l Credits
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                                  User Image
                            User Image

                            User Image
                            [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/charity-quests/at-60/t.79617769/][img]http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w495/gaiaonline05/Toy Box/200x40_zps59efd024.gif[/img][/url]

                            User Image

                            How to affiliate:
                                1. PM TGWF EA your banner code with the subject "Affiliates". Do not post it in the thread.
                                2. The Assistant will respond with "Approved"
                                3. We will add your banner
                                4. You have 24 hours from The Assistant's response to link us.
                            • Your banner must be 200x40
                            • Threads with no postings in the last 3 months are considered inactive and will be removed.
                            • If you're active and have removed our banner, we will also un-affiliate.

                                  User Image

                                  User Image
                                      User Image User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image
                                      User Image User Image User Image
                                      User Image

Open Letter l About Us l Executive Board l Supporters l Shining Stars l The Game Room l〔 Affiliates 〕l Credits
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User Image

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