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Whose avi is better? (See contest section for Avis)

I Aaron I 0.5 50.0% [ 6 ]
rio_kid 0.5 50.0% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 12 ]
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(Thank you Linnea <3 :3)

A simple charity thread. Why? Because I love giving back to people. That, and I've been helped a lot throughout my time here on Gaia, and it's time to start giving back. :3 A little about myself, and this thread.

The Cookie
A few facts about me:
My name is Sara.
I came into the world on June 28th, 1991.
That makes me 18, btw. :3
I love meeting new people, making new friends.
I love giving, which is why I made this thread.
I'm the Queen of Dairy.
That means I work at Dairy Queen, btw.
I've been coming on Gaia for about 3 years.
I took a long break, but now I think I'm back for a while. x3
I'm bad at writing these "About me" sections, so if you want to know anything more, don't be afraid to ask.

The Jar
That would be referring to this thread.
And this section would be referring to the rules/guidelines for this thread.
-Follow all Gaia ToS.
-Be polite and respectful to myself and other members. That means coming back and saying thanks, or something of the sort, if you get donated to. That would be greatly appreciated.
- Do NOT beg for a donation. Do NOT come here just to get a donation, and then leave. Come and chat, make some friends, keep the place alive.
-I'm not guarunteeing that you'll get a donation just for posting in my thread. Some days I'll have guidelines as to who I donate to, some days I might go on a random donating spree. If the funds are low, and I don't get to you, then I'm sorry, but I'll try my best.
-All donations to the charity are greatly appreciated. I just finished my quest for my penguin slippers, thanks to someone who donated them, so I'm putting all my gold into this charity.
-I'd love people that could help out, and become part of the "staff" of this charity. That means helping to run/come up with ideas for contests. Keeping this place clean. Keeping it alive. All the good stuff like that. If you're interested, just go ahead and ask. :3
-NEW RULE Being disrespectful to the staff or myself, in the extreme, will result in you imediately being put on the black list. No warning for that. Unless the staff member started it, then I'll look into the situation personally.
The Staff

C00kie D0h
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The name's Sara, but you can call me Cookie if you want. My "intro" as a person is posted above, so I don't really need to say much else here. Just that a love chatting, so don't be afraid to drop in and chat on one of those lonely nights. After all, if it's a donation you're after, it'd just be nice if you stuck around for a little while, instead of begging and running. :3 That's all I can think of saying for now.


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Hey guys! The names Dreamer, as you can see I'm one of the thread donators, don't come running to me for donations though, I donate when I can, I like random people, not too random though, yeah.
IRL I'm a 15 Year old boy. Thats all I have to say. Yeah, stick around, and surely you'll get a little something from me. 4laugh

panto princess
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I'm panto princess, i'm 18 years young and i'm a performing arts student
I love acting, ice skating and horse riding and i'm a big Katie Price fan.
i love meeting new people and i love gaia! xoxo ^_^


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im coloribbon18, ive been on gaia for more than half a year... and well got addicted to it obviously TT^TT. I tektek a lot of time and hope for peoples to like them ^-^... go to... http://www.tektek.org/avatars/coloribbon18 to see my tekteks. Uhhh... im not so good at saying about myself but im usually always bored... so yea... uhh >.<
and also if u noticed... i like making faces like >.>! -_-|l|... yea xD i also like typing... xD i guess...

I Aaron I
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Hi I'm Aaron,
I love drawing and graphic design, I have been on gaia since 06' and i'm loving every minute of it.
I do however put school work first, because it's more important to me anyways, I try to be on everyday.
But i am busy a lot so just be patient, and drawing art does take a while to make it look good anyways


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Me is Kawaii_Pixels and I is -- years YOUNG! Yes I said YOUNG!Me likes being called Kawaii. Me loves playing games and me is a people person, but if you get on me nerves! STAY AWAY FROM ME! Yes now... that is all!

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Just call me Rio. I'm 19 going to college and a Steelers fan. Video Games, Manga, & movies are my real drugs. You can talk to me about these and we can talk for hours ^^. I once lived in a small island in the pacific and moved to the US for education. Get to know me better by talking to me :3

Staff Positions:
This is where I will explain the different staff positions. If you'd like to join the staff of the charity, just send me a PM with the form below filled out. The colours correspond to what colours their names will be in the above list. :3

Staff Application
[b]Username:[/b] (Your username)
[b]Position:[/b] (What staff position do you want?)
[b]Why:[/b] (Why you'd like to be part of the staff)
[b]About me:[/b] (A little blurb about yourself, like every staff member has beside their avatar in the staff area)

Thread Owner: This is me. I run everything in the thread, and if people don't like how I run things, they can take their posting elsewhere.

Moderator: Try to keep the peace among the thread members. If people are breaking rules, or flaming constantly, you report them to me, and I'll deal with them.

Donator: Someone who is willing to help out in the charity, by donating to people that post in here, if they wish to, and if I can't get to it right at that moment.

Tekteker: If you like to Tektek, this is the job for you. If you tektek people for gold, all I'll ask is half of the money you get from it for the charity. If you'd like to give more, that'd be great, but it's really to help the charity out. :3

Artists: Are you a good artist? If people have art requests, will you be able to fill them out for a cost? Will you be willing to give some of the gold you get for drawing to the charity? Like the tekteking, all I ask is half of the money earned from it.

That's all I can think of for right now. People can be multiple positions, if they wish. I don't know how this is gonna work, I just thought I'd try it, so bare with me. >w<

Status: Open/Online. 8D

-Grand opening, November 2, 2009, at 3:30am, EST.
-Weekly lottery and Avatar Arena will be up and running soon.
-Contests now up and running.
-Now accepting staff. Just PM me the application if you're interested. 8D
-Not accepting anymore staff right now. @_@

Everybody's favourite part of charity threads, right?
Well, I won't have much to start, but check back often to see if you're missing anything.

Avatar Arena!:
Do you like your avatar? Do you have a spare 1K for a chance to win 1.5x that amount? If so, this contest is for you! Dress your avatar up, and send me a trade for 1K. It'll be easier if you label the trade something to do with the contest, but it's not absolutely needed. Just at the very least tell me that you're entering. We will leave the voting up to the people of the exchange, in a poll form. The first person to get 10 votes wins! Sometimes the battles will be themed, for events and such. And also, the price can be negotiated, as well as how many people in each battle can. Just talk the contest over with the people you're against.

Theme: Open! (everything accepted)
Battle 1:
Winner: rio_kid

Battle 2:
-I Aaron I User Image
-rio_kid User Image

Battle 3:

Weekly Lottery:
Cost/prize: The cost of each ticket is 500g, and the prize for this week is Azraels Trickbox: Blood.
Each person can buy up to 5 tickets. With each ticket, you get to draw a number. You can either choose this number by yourself (only one person for each number) or randomly generate this number. For now, the number will be between 1 and 50. The draw for the winning number will be on Sundays, whenever I get the time. I have work, and other things, so it won't always be at the same time, but it will be on a Sunday EST. There will be 3 randomly generated numbers, and if a winning number isn't pulled in the 3 numbers, then the prize pool will be moved to the next week. Just send me a trade, labelled with the number(s) you want, or let me know which numbers you want, VIA PM or this thread. The numbers will be posted below.

First Person on Page: (The winnings depend on which one it is, and how high the funds are at the time)
-10: panto princess - 2K
-25 Dsis9 - 2K
-50 panto princess - 5k

I'll just start there, and see how things go.

More to come as the thread develops!
Lottery Numbers

Numbers that aren't crossed out are available.

3: panto princess
5: panto princess

11: panto princess
18: coloribbon18

24: panto princess

33: panto princess


Current funds: 260K

(I'll always keep this a little below my own gold value, just incase I feel like I need something small for my avi, but it'll never be much. 25K at the very most. >w< )

If anyone would like to donate to the charity, I'll put your names up here. Anyone in this list can automatically consider themselves part of the white list as well. :3 Oh, and I'll count banners that anyone makes as a donation. I'd really like it if someone could make me one, I'm artistically challenged. >w<

LinneaRidiaHope: A banner heart
DemonDaysAngelWays: A banner heart
No_Ideas: 2K heart
I Aaron I: Banner heart
Padunka: 30K heart heart

I'll be keeping track of donations given out by the charity here. This doesn't include contest winners. They'll most likely be put up in the contest section. When asking for a donation, please use the form below. And as I've stressed already, please don't just fill out the form and leave, hoping that I give you gold. Stay and chat, help out with keeping the thread alive. If you just hit and run beg, you'll probably be ignored.

[b]Username:[/b] (Your username)
[b]Item(s):[/b] (The item(s) that you are questing)
[b]Progress so far:[/b] (How much do you have out of how much the item(s) cost?)
[b]I've been questing for:[/b] (How long have you been questing)
[b]My quest thread:[/b] (A link to your quest thread, if you have one)
If you have an image of your dream avi/item, you can include it too. Don't PM these forms to me, just post them in the thread. Thanks!

Anyways, on with donations!
Kawaii_Pixels: 7K
AUSCHii: 20K
Fighting_dreamer_911: 25K
Xxelegant_duchessxX: 10K
XxDarkxxAngelxX: 20K
LinneaRidiaHope: 20K
bellaterie: 15K
iDemonic Wishes: 10K
Cocobell17: 10K
The Good
(The white list. People who help out, and those such things)
The Bad
(People who have been warned for breaking rules)

The Ugly
(The ignored list. People who have broken several rules, several times, and I don't want posting in the thread anymore)

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User Image

If you'd like to affiliate with this thread, just send me your banner for your thread, or a link. Charity/shops only, please. I don't want to affiliate with Quest threads.

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@DJ: Hey there. :3
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@ C00kie
how are you?
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C00kie D0h
@DJ: Hey there. :3

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