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Welcome to the Cereal Box Charity!

Hello, and welcome to the Cereal box charity!

Have you been questing? do you need some help with your quest? Well you've come to the right place! Here at Cereal Box Charity, we don't have many qualifications, other then you be nice.

  • July 29th, 2008 - thread opened, and first donation given away
  • August 29th, 2008 - thread added to the List of charities. maybe we will see some new faces ?

    Gold for charity :
    Varies day to day

    Goofballs lady is amazing. We should all give her lots of love.

    Endlessly Silenced is back from Vacation! Lets all tackle her !
  • The Rules:

    These are the rules you must follow:
  • 1) Follow the TOS

  • 2) Please post at least 5 times before you apply for a donation. ( Bumps accepted as posts ) ( five posts, then application as the 6th )

  • 3) Somewhere in your application, post the heart emote so i know you read the rules.

  • 4) After you accept your donation, please post at least once more saying thank you for the donation

  • 5) after the heart emote, please post the gonk emote.

  • 6) be sure to invite your friends 3nodding

  • 7) No begging, flaming, spamming.

  • 8 ) Do NOT apply with a mule

  • 9) your account must be at LEAST 2 months old

  • 10) Don't beg. this is a charity, not a place to beg. GOT THAT! good 3nodding
  • Donation Application:

    Here is the donation application you must fill out. If you DO NOT fill it out, you will be given a warning. After one warning, you will not be allowed to apply again for 2 weeks. After two weeks, if you re-apply and do not follow the rules, you WILL be blacklisted !

    [size=20][align=center][color=#8a3db0]I[/color] [color=#072e8b]W[/color][color=#c619a1]O[/color][color=#5d7c1c]U[/color][color=#176c6d]L[/color][color=#0a5cc7]D[/color] [color=#9a87aa]L[/color][color=#2a9752]I[/color][color=#7a5a8f]K[/color][color=#621490]E[/color] [color=#6a1a10]A[/color] [color=#608f31]D[/color][color=#06998d]O[/color][color=#05835c]N[/color][color=#46551b]A[/color][color=#2980b3]T[/color][color=#7c3246]I[/color][color=#44955a]O[/color][color=#0c7476]N[/color] [color=#135a40]![/color][/size][/align]

    [*] Username :
    [*] Item(s) Questing :
    [*] Quest thread? : ( this is NOT required ! )
    [*] How much money do you need? :
    [*] How much money do you have? :
    [*] Why are you questing this item? : ( OPTIONAL ... i'm just curious )
    [*] Anything else you would like to tell me ? :
    [*] how did you find us ?

    White list & Black list

    Pretty self explanitory ... This is the white list and black list. Reason will be listed next to the name for why they made the list.

    White List :

    Lozer_killa : Creator of charity
    Mushy banana paste : co-owner of charity
    Pikatira : Came up with charity name for Lozer_killa
    Kute_kiki1021: for being Lozer's bestest friend ^^
    Endlessly silenced: for keeping this thread alive when it's dead
    Goofballs Lady- For being the amazing ishy she is. Bow to her!

    Black List :

    Nobody yet, Let's keep it that way 3nodding
    Donators and Donatees :

    All donations to the charity should be sent to the charity mule, Cereal Box mule. Please label it as a donation to the charity, or label if you are giving to one of the thread owners quests.

    Donators :

    Musical_mint - 75 tickets
    Ingou - Big ghost sheet, satin hairbow, pink floral apron, jack'd pants 2k6, curly elf shoes , green head fins, leather dress watch, mummy mask , detectives magnifier, purple-blue spiral arm tattoo , spirited 2k7 scarf, blue nosey face tattoo
    icefaireprincess - 100 tickets , neutral starter bed , salad , icecream , flan , blue daffodil - bouquet , red diamond, holly pin , jingle bell earrings, leather dress watch , bulls-eye tee , tiny christmas head-tree + a bunch more items !!! heart
    VeryCherryBerry - 25 grade F fish bait, 4 Grade D fish bait
    kute_kiki08 - 5K
    grey-eyed_athena - 2.5K , triple demon horns , dove white kachina dancer's wings , unicorn horn heart
    WOMG_mulie A.K.A Goofballs lady - approximately 100K, which was the left over money and items from her closing her own charity.

    Donatees :

    Emo-guy3 - 10K
    PochaccoPaws - 5K
    se faire belle - 1K
    Musical_mint - 1K
    Christa_roz_137 - Fausto's bottle
    Jushiro-13th - 1K
    Verycherryberry - 1K
    ida kudo - 1K & 100 tickets
    Matt_Massacre_137 - 1K
    Serlyn - 1K
    i___chuui - 1K
    weeun - 1K
    Kehyeen - 1K
    london_pistol - 1K
    emo paperclip - 1K , Bee movie suit
    iF3TUS - 1K
    Celestial Radiance - 1K + 500 for first post on page 50 !
    Pickles888 - 1K
    Sakura Mitsukaii - 1K
    ingou - 1K
    Grey-eyed Athena - 1K
    7-----chii-----7 - 1K
    Black wounded wings - 1K
    TinyAngelSelphie - 1K
    Ryusaizo - 1K
    crunk-ified - 1K
    scene_luv1000 - 1K
    Abominable Ruffin Monster - 1K
    Kiyomi Katsukawa - 1K
    Delicious poptart - 1K
    P a r a p e n g - 1K
    ( i'm not going to say who to avoid people begging them) - 55K

    uhhh... yeah i lost count, one day i'll update this =P
    Thread staff :

  • Gold Getters: Lozer_killa , Cereal Box mule & Mushy banana paste
  • Bumper : Endlessly Silenced
  • Thread mods : Lozer_killa, Mushy banana paste, Goofballs Lady
  • Advertisers : none
  • Head graphics designer: Diethylamide

  • Can you think of a job you may want? PM me and i'll think about it 3nodding

    If you would like to apply for a job, PM lozer_killa and mushy banana paste with your qualifications. We will then talk about it, and talk about payment
    Thread Regulars :

    These are the regulars in the thread. If i'm not online, feel free to ask them a question. Also, make sure to respect them, because they can put you on the blacklist if need be. They are equivalents of thread mods. Repect their descision.

    The Regulars :

  • Celestial Radiance (missing)
  • Kute_kiki08
  • Youngdemon
  • se faire belle (missing)
  • diethylamide(missing)
  • icefaireprincess (missing)
  • Ryusaizo (missing)
  • Vibrant Soul

    NOTE: these names appear in no special order. everyone here has the same powers as the next. they are all important in this thread.

    If it says they are missing, they have not been around for a while (as far as i know) and will be removed after a while
  • The Contests :

    Page Posting contest !

  • Every First poster on every 50th page will get 500 gold!
  • Every second poster on every 100th page will get 1K !
  • First poster on page 120 gets 2K from Diethylamide !

    Random number contest !
    Pick a random number 1 - 1000

    Get these numbers and win a prize! Note: you can only win the random number contest once

  • get a 69 and win 1K
  • get a 123 and win 500 gold
  • get a 442 and win 500 gold
  • get a 812 and win 1K

    Note : I can NOT win any of these prizes, but the thread staff can !

    Can you think of a contest that should be added? PM me with it, if i use it, you will be rewarded!

    If you win, please PM cereal box mule with the page number, and the contest won. we will check into it ASAP and send you your prize ^.^

    Tektek contest!
    I am looking for a good dream avi on my main, Leaky toilet.
    Tektek me an avatar using the base provided below, and then PM it to me!
    If i choose it for my new dream avi, then you will be awarded 5K
    It's as easy as that!
    Rules: Limit of 1.5 mil. The only must have item is a dark halo (any pose counts)
    I don't care what it looks like, i just want it to look nice.
    User Image
    Note: everyone who enters will recieve AT LEAST 500 gold for trying.
    Depending on my funds at the time, this may be raised up to 1K
  • Banners :

    User Image

    User Image

    User Image
    Affiliates :

    User Image
    Quests of the Owners

    Lozer_Killa's quest:

    User Image

    Mushy banana paste's quest:

    User Image *

    Note: i'm guessing on how much she has right now
    Ignore the post above this.

    These are the real quests.

    Leaky toilet's quest:

    User Image
    Total Value: 8,004,762 Gold
    After Exclusions: 7,149,180 Gold
    [Item Information]

    Item List:
    Alruna Doll
    Nitemare Scarf
    Demonic Pendant
    Rufus Cosplay
    Scarification tattoo
    CoCo Kitty Plushie
    Nitemare Headband
    Dark Halo
    Dark Ice

    You can believe mushy banana paste's quest heart
    Hey all americans...

    Telemarketers can now call your cell phone to try to sell you stuff and whatnot...

    they are making the list of cell phone numbers public.

    Want to make sure you don't get calls?

    Call 1-800-382-1222

    Just warning everyone i know 3nodding

    : cuts giant red ribbon with a giant scissors :

    This charity is now OPEN!

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