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Timid Genius

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Hello and welcome to Tea & Cookies forum thread.
This thread is to promote the Tea & Cookies Guild. It is Tea & Cookies
first year together so lets make it a big one! T & C will be
hosting a giveaway in December which will span 14 days and we will
giveaway 2Mill worth of goodies to all you lovely gaians. But the
catch is, you have to be a member of the guild to get in on the
December giveaway.

Tea & Cookies is a re-vamp of Christmas Cheer a 1mill giveaway I
did two years ago, I ended up serverly ill during it though so
Tea & Cookies is alot more organised and has had alot more planning
and money go into it, so it should be smooth sailing. I decided to do
a large giveaway because I like helping people, and I already have
my dream avatar, So why not use the money I make to help others?

But dont worry! we dont expect you to just take us at our word!,
between now and christmas we are going to be hosting item and art
giveaways, thats right thats two months of giveaways that are open
for anyone to join! and i'm not giving too much away but we've got
over 1mill set aside for those two month's prizes. So overall in
the next three months Tea & Cookies will be giving away over
3 mill's worth of items, not to mention the art and some gold
based prizes too ^_^

If you are lucky enough to win one of the prizes then you will be sent
a trade request from this account, the guilds mule with your prize
enclosed. You do not have to put anything in your end of the trade but
if you choose to do so it will be assumed that it is a donation to the guild.

If you wish to join the guild, then please send a trade to this account with
a joining fee of 5K, or items of equal value and a PM saying that
you wish to join the guild. The joining fee is so large because the giveaways
at the guild are to be a on going event so the joining fee is to help buy
better prizes, and so that we know you are serious about joining the guild
and being a active member.

Once you have paid the 5K joining fee you will be sent a invite to join
the guild. The joining fee is non-refundabe, but you do not have to pay again
if you leave the guild and later decide to re-join. So long as our records show
that you did pay the joining fee.

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Timid Genius

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There are new prize's every week, Prizes will be crossed off once they have been won. Why dont you take a look below to see what you can win in the upcoming events.

Upcoming Prizes

1st October - 7th October
User ImageDeath Whisper 1st Gen View Tektek

8th October - 14th October
User ImageWonderland View Tektek

15th October - 21st October
User ImageBunnihiation View Tektek

22nd October - 28th October
User ImageSDPlus #373 Kiva View Tektek

29th October- 4th November
User ImageOwlpocalypse 1st Gen View Tektek

5th November - 11th November
User ImageRussian Winter View Tektek

12th November - 18th November
User ImageBand of Bremen View Tektek

19th November - 25th November
User ImageAlice's Card Tricks View Tektek

26th November - 30th November
User ImageTrilune's Promise View Tektek

Bump Prizes

Bump Prizes can only be won AFTER the weekly prize has been won. You must start from scratch for each prize. You cannot win the first bump prize and then carry on your bump count to get the second one. You must start from 1 again.

***Active means you can BUMP(play)
***UnActive means the BUMP(play) is NOT open


BUMP to 100 win 10k! Only 9 winners

BUMPto 250 win 25k! Only 5 winners

BUMP to 500 win 50k! Only 3 winners

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Timid Genius

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Please note you have to be a member of the guild to post in the guild forums.

Other Guild Events

Tea VS Cookie War
Defend your queen in the Tea VS Cookie war!!

Free Raffle
1st Place Prize: Foxy Flag Gal

Design a Outfit
1st Place Prize: 50K & The winning design will be used in a up-comming top secret project

Secret Santa
Guild based Secret Santa just comment, to be apart of it!.

Birthday Gifts
Post your birthday and recive a gift from the guild on your big day!.

The Guilds Donation Page
Donate to us, or just hang out and bump biggrin

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Timid Genius

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This event has taken allot of time, gold and effort to organize, so please be polite and abide by the rules. ANYONE who breaks the rules, will be immediately ruled out of the running for the prize that day, If you break GAIA's rules then you will be added to the black list, meaning you cant win any prize's for this event.

wahmbulance Never qoute ANY of the front page posts.
wahmbulance No begging.
wahmbulance No “TaLkInG lIkE tHiS” or with numbers as letters/words.
wahmbulance If you win a event your PM must have the title "Cherrys".
wahmbulance No disrespecting the staff.
wahmbulance No page stretching.
wahmbulance If you dont PM this account with the page number of your winning post then you dont win.
wahmbulance Do not send me a trade request for the winning item.

I have everyright to add and remove rules as i see fit.

If you win a event and your PM is not titled cherry's then I have every right to not award you the prize, as it is there so that I know who has read the rules, and who has not.
If you violate Gaia’s rules the other members of the board have every right to report you. If you are not sure what Gaia’s rules entail please click HERE
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Timid Genius

Death Whisper
User Image

How To Play

User ImageOwlpocalypse 1st Gen View Tektek - Liquidized

User ImageTrilune's Promise View Tektek- Won by Silent Heaven x

End Date: 25th November

If the prize is won before the end date then the next event will not be updated until the end date.

Generate a random number between 1 and 1000
If you generate the number 854 you win Owlpocalypse.
If you generate the number 366 you win Trilune's Promise- Won by Silent Heaven x

PM me with your post page + number if you win.

Good luck everyone!!!

This post will be updated by either the Owner, or Co-owner of the Tea & Cookies Giveaway guild.
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Timid Genius

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Prize Related Questions

Q: If I have already won a prize, can I win another one?
A: Yes, unless you are told otherwise by a member of staff (Daughter Of Grey or Nu Sanniang.

Q: Do we have limit ammount of roles on the die role events?
A: Yes you can only role the Die 3 times per day if two numbers you generate your number between are below 1000, For instance if it said "generate a number between 0-500" then you could only roll 3 times per day.

Q: How do we know you have the items?
A: The prize that is being given away will be show in the "How to Win" area via post action>Display inventory.

Q: I didnt get the Prize I wanted!
A: That isnt my fault, if you were lucky enough to win a prize and it wasnt the prize you wanted then you shouldnt of applied for it, your more than welcome to sell it on the marketplace or donate it to someone eles.

Q: I dont know how to roll the die!
A: Reply to the thread, on the right hand side next the the text box there is a drop down menu titled "post action" select "Roll Dice" and fill in the amount of die, and how many sides D.O,G has said you must roll.

Q: I wasn't allowed on Gaia on the day you gave away the prize I wanted!
A: I'm sorry about that, but I cant make special allowences for people, if you didnt come onto Gaia on the day that the prize was given away then its as simple as you dont get that prize, your more than welcome to try for a different one though.
Contact Nu Sanniang within 48 hours she'll be holding it for you, after that your item will be loss sad

Q: I was the first to complete the challenge for the prize but I still didnt get it why?
A: You might of broken some of the rules disqualifying you from the contest, you would of received a PM saying so.

Q: You havent uploaded todays challange/prize yet?!
A: Sometimes real life is more important than Gaia, We try to stick to the deadlines as closely as possible. If we are late updateing a event please bare with us.

Other Questions:

Q: Can I advertise your thread/Advertise my thread here?
A: Yes you can, just PM this account with your banner details.
Our banner details are under our banner in the last post on the first page.

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Timid Genius

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Links In

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Links Out
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image

User Image

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Timid Genius

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- Officaly Opened the Tea & Cookies Giveaways forum thread. Sent out a guild announcement telling everyone. ~Best of luck to everyone who enters the events!

cute_luna1 won the first prize Death Whisper (1st Gen).

14/10/2012 - PurpleLovr won second week prize Wonderland.

14/10/2012 - Silent Heaven x Won the third week prize Bunnihilation (1st gen)

23/10/2012 1 Today is Daughter Of Grey Birthday! emotion_hug

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