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Well, first off, I would appreciate it if you < 3 this thread!
Tips are loved 3nodding
Come in, chat with me, get to know me and have fun ^^

Saturday, 1 October 2011~Opened
Sunday, 2 October 2011~Added side quest
Thursday, 13 October 2011~Art request added
Wednesday, 4 January 2012~A Mini Lotto added
Thursday, 15 November 2012~Back!
Thread edited, and new and improved Mini Lotto added 3nodding

Follow these, and you will be loved.
Mainly basic stuff..
✔Follow Gaia's terms of service.
✔Be respectful to everyone.
✘Don’t try to scam
✘No flaming.
✘Do not quote anything on the front page

...more to come possibly.

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A Little Bit About Me...

My name is –Ignosce et Obliviscere-.
But you may call me Iggy 3nodding

I live in Melbourne, Australia,
hi to all my fellow Australians *waves* c:

The first time I joined Gaia on the 10th of June 2007.
Over the past few years I’ve had several accounts
(cos I dunno why) and been on and off.
It’s only this year that I have stayed and become more active.

You can usually find me on zOMG or working on clan stuff (check out my clan in my signature) 3nodding ,
the Exchange,
and maybe even Friends Chat c:

Well that’s it for now, want to know anymore about me, just ask.

Games I'm playing at the moment:

  • zOMG
  • HoC
  • Perfect World
  • Skyrim (pretty awesome so far!)
  • Assasin's Creed heart

►◄Announcements & Rules►◄About Me►◄The Quest►◄Donators ►◄Art Requests►◄Mini Lotto►◄

About My Quest...

So I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now, back when I was a nub, I just hadn’t gotten the time to do it, hadn't had the chance and most probably forgotten. But its ok now, this is where I will start ^^. I don’t care how long it takes I will reach my dream. I’ve realised that on Gaia, I will not be able to achieve this dream alone and so I’ve set up this thread to maybe get some help from my fellow Gaians and to keep track of my progress. Maybe you can help make my wishes come true!

I absolutely adore plushies and anything cuddly and cute, which is why I’ll be questing for all the plushies I can get. Like I said, I don’t expect to finish this quest anytime soon, it’ll be my long term dream here on Gaia. Here’s the list of toys that I want whee

List edited and improved!

100k less
• Carmine the skunk plushie
• DandiiDooDad Spore
• Elama the Phoenix
• Elemental Spirits
• Lumo the Moga
• Mr. Butterscotch the Third
• mr. Emotion
• Pinky Piglet
• Rawrsaurus Plush
• Sagamate
• Skittles Squirt
• Sweetish the Moga
• Horangi

100k +
• Blue Belle
• Burger the Moga
• Lepus the Moga
• Nodlomu the Dinosaur
• Pink Giant Stuffed Unicorn
• Princess the Piglet
• Rascal the Alley Cat
• Skuzy the Moga
• Sno the Moga
• Yuki the Snow Monkey

1mil +
• Copper Belle
• Golden Belle
• Harayama the Panda
• Kitten Star
• Melchior the Meowl
• Pancake the Bunny
• Siku the White Wolf
• Titus the Lion
• Turtlenie the Moga

10mil +
• Aurora Kitten Star
• Balgeary
• Bom Bom The Bunny Bought 11/01/2013
• Fantasy Kitten Star
• Gremalkin
• Lucky the Cat
• Milk the Cat
• Nochi the Black Wolf
• Sly the Black Fox
• Thea the Unicorn
• Ostara the Ewenicorn

maybe more to come...
Currently Questing
User Image
Thea the Unicorn

►◄Announcements & Rules►◄About Me►◄The Quest►◄Donators ►◄Art Requests►◄Mini Lotto►◄

I love you <3
heart FreiaRose ~ AFK Scarf
heart snuggle-you-to-death ~ 6g and Marshall Companion
heart Shrille ~ Piggy Plushie traded for Grip Messenger Bag
heart Schoolmizugi ~ 25k
heart Motivational ~ 3k
heart oh phantasmagory ~ Bape Cow
heart Arc Angel Of Deth ~ My Little Overseer
heart Jisatsu-Neko ~ Beefee the Moga
heart Anonymous Benefactor ~ Bookish Insect, Momo Sea Monkeys & Rock Puppy
heart Razeasha ~ Orphan's Elephant Doll & Mimzy
heart fairymagic14 ~ 50k
heart Anonymous Benefactor ~ Bento Bunny
heart pam_pam ~ Bento Bunny
heart Anonymous Benefactor ~ Princess the Piglet
heart Charmchi ~ 250k
heart oh phantasmagory ~ Charming the Piglet
heart Jisatsu-Neko ~ Lala the Koala Plushie
heart Handicapped Vajayjay ~ Mu Plushie
heart MizerysChild ~ a very generous handful of plushies 4laugh
heart Milk on my cereal ~ B'day presents: Owlpocalypse, Elemental Spirits, Gilded Aviary, Mushi the Moga, Dewdrops
heart Darkaznstargoddess ~ Gin the Kitty

Hopefully none

►◄Announcements & Rules►◄About Me►◄The Quest►◄Donators ►◄Art Requests►◄Mini Lotto►◄
Art Requests
none right now

►◄Announcements & Rules►◄About Me►◄The Quest►◄Donators ►◄Art Requests►◄Mini Lotto►◄
A Mini Lotto

• This simple, quick and easy lotto will run on a monthly basis.
• A winner will be chosen on the last day of the month, and will be paid out from the pot collected.
• Winner will be determined by a random number I will generate at the end of the month.
• The winner will receive 90% of the jackpot.
• Each ticket costs 50g.
• The more ticket holders, the bigger the pot wink

To purchase tickets, please fill out this form (copy, paste and fill this in your post)
[quote="-Ignosce et Obliviscere-"][/quote]
[size=18][color=salmon]I would like to enter the Mini Lotto please![/color][/size]
[b]Number of Tickets:[/b]

Once I confirm you, please send a trade labelled
"STUFFED lotto" to Miss Obliviscere.
Lotto slots are assigned by your purchase orders.

If for whatever reason, I decide to cancel this lotto
everyone will be 100% refunded.
I promise c:

✔Follow general thread rules
✔No refunds will be given UNLESS I decide to cancel the lotto for any reason.

~Ticket Holders

~The Pot


►◄Announcements & Rules►◄About Me►◄The Quest►◄Donators ►◄Art Requests►◄Mini Lotto►◄

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