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Will you participate in the Easter egg creativity contest?

Sure! 0.68888888888889 68.9% [ 31 ]
No... I have no creativity... 0.31111111111111 31.1% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
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+++++++++++++++++++++++User Image27/O2/2O1O thread is open
+++++++++++++++++++++++User ImageO1/O3/2O1O Make an easter egg contest! See the third to last post for details! RiG prizes!

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User ImageDonations will be given out to how we see fit. Please do not beg.
User ImageTake all drama out of the thread.
User ImagePeople who flame anyone/thing in the thread will be hosed down, escorted out, and be served to a mod on a stick.
User ImageDO. NOT. CHEAT. ON. THE. CONTESTS. I'm tech savvy, you can't get ANYTHING past me.
User ImageDO NOT SEND ME A PM BEGGING FOR GOLD. seriously people.
User ImageIf you are questing for something, keep it in your signature. Don't come in screaming it.
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User ImageHello! I'm Miki, the owner of this charity!
I made this charity because I was inspired by some of my kind friends who also
own charities! Since I've joined Gaia, I received donations ranging from 250k, all
the way to 5gg, and I thought: 'Why don't I help give back what other generous
gaians' gave to me?'
The idea for this charity has been brewing for awhile in my
head, and now that I finally have the funds for one, I decided to open one!

I will not stop donating until I have given at least triple of the donations I received
in my time here since 03 on Gaia.

more than triple accomplished <3

Thank you Gaia for all those wonderful years, this is my final goodbye before I leave.

I want to thank everyone who inspired me to do this and I want to say thanks for reading as well ~<3

from Miki and the Moderating Team

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Let's meet our lovely moderators! These are people you should respect ALL the time.

Nerd Love Syndrome: For starters, yes I am a crazy, random, Taylor Lautner lovin' thirteen year old. Don't like it? Too bad. I can be a real b***h at times, so don't make me mad, and we'll get along! I can be really insane sometimes, so don't say I didn't warn you... I like rock and alternative music, some of my fave. bands are Nickelback, Evanescence, and Flyleaf. Kudos if you like them, too! Don't be scared off by my craziness~ I don't bite... hard.

K9prettygirl: I'm a fun, free spirited teenager, I see things differently.
I'm random at times, and usually really nice.
Oh! And I'm a huge animal lover.
Pictures of K9prettygirl ::

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Every 10 OR 20 pages, I will give away 10k! Just be the first poster on the page! ^_^

Grandmaster Artimis pg10
Lol Herpes: pg30
Da-cookiemonster499: pg50
-x-ZairaLucinada: pg60

Draw or photograph something creative you did with an egg! Any format of art or photography will be accepted.
The winner will be decided through the us and be posted here for others' enjoyment!
Entries due by the 27th
1st place: (the RiG of that month) 2nd: 30k 3rd: 10k

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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++/User Image
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Donations are small amounts of gold that are given away
to people whom our team deems worthy.

Amaya Lynn
x - M A C Y

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User Image
Donators are the kinda people who keep our funds up
by donating small bounties to share with others!

K9prettygirl - 22k
Amaya Lynn - 2k
Clessie - 7.5k
The Deadly Punk Spirit - 1.7k
Ai Hime17x__X - 5k

BlueBlythe - 100k!!!!! gonk heart
Oniiii - Lovecharm
PunkHuynhLova - 5k
Silence Aoi - 20k

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User Image
These are amazing people that helped me through this thread
and probably are regulars too.
Kinda like mini mods. 8DDD

Shevriano Kiasanta
Lol Herpes
-x- ZairaLucinasda

These are the people that failed to read the rules and spammed
the thread with begging and trolling to receive a donation.

Something Sharp: Page Stretching/Spamming (congrats... the FIRST day in thread too...)

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